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       8x 4.1mw MAN 9L32/40 hfo power plant proposal  
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       3mw-9mw MAN 18V32/40 HFO Diesel generator  
       6 units 5.5mw MAN 12V32/40 hfo diesel plant  
       3x3.5mw MAN 8L 32/40 hfo diesel generator plant  
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Diesel Generator Proposal

Power Plant Proposal
Required Information for Power Plant Project design and quotation

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Top Equipments from China, EPC and Financing will add our comprehensive competitiveness

China Power Contractor

is a power project consortium supported by China’s TOP even the Best EPC contractors, Financing and loan banks, world famous power equipments suppliers and power project service suppliers, designers, and consulting teams, it has become your final and ultimate sources when you are seeking power equipments, EPC contractors, financing and loan and spare parts for your power projects or other machinery and electrical equipments related infrastructure projects. This is our Strategy. 

You need to download the ebook on EPC and financing from China, it has already helped sign billions USD projects with financing from China. You can visit a list of our EPC+Financing Ebook Buyer

Another important notice: we are offering financing support for buyers by accepting 10%-30% advance payment, balance payment paid by Deferred L/C ONE or TWO Years for all equipments or materials, if needed, please contact: 



Why does China-power-contractor act as promoter of China’s top suppliers

We have been asking by many of our foreign partners to provide them the USA or Western European brand, even when our partners are of the top suppliers to world standards. We asked these buyers why, they told us they have terrible experience with Chinese equipments and services. And we found out that due to Chinese producers are weak in brands and promotion in the world market, and even top suppliers could not distiguish themselves from others, then the only choose to the foreign buyers is to choose the lowest price suppliers, finally they will get  bad quality and ruin Chinese brands.

When present you the best suppliers for machinery and electrical equipments and contractors from our consortium, you will low risks of business procurement from China and get the best quality with lowest quotation. 

How can we offer you top equipments with lowest quotation

Thanks to our experience and reputation, these partners will provide top quality of equipments/services but discounted price to us, then we can offer to you. All these top producers are sub contractors to China's largest EPC and financing contractors (only top equipment producers have the chance to be qualified subcontractors to our top EPC and financing projects over 100 millions USD per contract), and they are very close to us. So representing top producers and offering lowest price/best services is another scope of our business.

How do we hand-pick the best and top sub contractors or producers

1. the sub contractor or producer should be shortlisted by Chinese famous EPCs as their qualified suppliers, and have been in active business supply to these famous EPCs for the last three years as top EPC’s sub contractor in the world market.

2. having experience to supply to foreign market with good word of mouth.

3. meeting our strictly selection standards, and having cooperation agreements with us: best quality with lowest price.

4. with good after sale services: warranty, supervision, operation and maintenance, spare parts supply, technical assistance.

Steps to cooperate with our Top equipments and contractors

1. China-power-contractor identify top suppliers contractors from China, including famous foreign brands in China.

2. We sign agreement with these suppliers/producers/contractors to obligate them to quote us best quality, lowest price. (if our quotation is not to this standard, you can report to us, we assure you this point.)

3. When you send us your enquiries on equipments, projects and services, we will choose the right supplier/producer/contractor to work on your enquiries to our agreement, experience, influence and reputation with them, then we will optimize the quotation and proposals to you.

4. When you are committed to our team or show us your readiness and serious, we will choose our supplier to supply for single equipment, EPC for projects, and financing banks for financing proposals depending on each specific enquiries.

5. When business has been settled on terms, our suppliers/contractors/producers will sign contracts with you.

After Sale Services and Warranty

You can report to us any equipments/projects with any Chinese companies, we will use our channels to help you.

For any business closed through us, we will continue to provide our services to let all the services, spare parts, supervision, warranty to be fulfilled by our consrotium members. If there are some misdoing, non-honor to contracts, and cheating by our members, please report to us.

Partial list of  Top or Best Supplier or Contractor from China within our consortium

China' s largest EPC and financing contractor

China's largest power EPC in foreign market

China's largest transmission/distribution contractor

China's first EPC of geothermal plant in foreign nation

MAN or Hyundai HFO set from China licensee

From GE JV

MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Cat, Mitsubishi OEM diesel generator sets and original spare parts

China's only English ebook on EPC and financing

the world 3rd largest bit producer

China' s Largest bulldozer producer

Hyundai licensee in China


Benz chassis heavy truck and truck head, trailer China's top bus and coach producers Most famous heavy steel plate producer for oil/gas, power, vessel, chemistry, building industry largest steam turbine, boiler, generator and spare pars producers

For more are inside the website about Quality and top supplier of power projects related projects, it is worthy you efforts to spend more time to dig this English website. You can search power related topics by filling KEYWORDS in the search field at right up corner  or the Google Search form for rich information and data on power projects, equipments and financing, spare parts.

China heavy machinery and equipment for power generation, transmission and engineering

As strategy of our company is to consortium with top/best Chinese equipments supplier to the world market.  We act as supplier, EPC contractor and also financing facilitator by integrating our Chinese top/best equipments including from Chinese Joint Ventures with world famous  brands such as GE, MAN, MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Siemens.

EPC services including: engineering, procurement and construction, commissioning, training, spare parts supply and even operation and maintenance.

Financing support including: help our big projects apply Eximbank financing against EPC or purchase order, advance payment, and sovereign guarantee or bank guarantee. If some project or procurements can not meet our Eximbank China requirements, we as EPC/supplier can offer deferred L/C, or buyer’s credit and other solution to your specific financing demands.

Now we are contracting with our Top/Best diesel generator, heavy fuel diesel generator, gas turbine generator producers or gas engine generator sets to supply to the market, and other machinery and electrical equipments..

New China has beening investing heavily in its machinery and electric machinery and equipments ever since its establishment in 1949.  In China every five there is a Five Year Plan for national economical development. During the First five plan period, Chinese heavy industry was very poor and could only produce simple and poor quality equipments. It was then that the former Soviet Union had helped China to establish its industry. And the simple equipments were designed to Soviet Union standard. They helped us a lot. And most of them were invested by the government.

During the Planned Economy stage, every industry had a ministry to manage it. The machinery and electric industry was managed by the Ministry of Machinery and Electric Industry, now it turned into Sinomach. Our company is a subsidiary of Sinomach. During that time, every company or econmical body was managed and invested by the Ministry. It was good and benefitial for Old China when its foundation of industry was very poor and could not compete with the advanced players. It is the old system that protected our China’s newbies in heavy machinery and electric sections.

Every company was designated to act or provide one kind of service or product, as work chain. For example, our company could only provide or contract in the world markets. Others could only produce transformer or diesel generator. So it has been more than 20 years, Chinacables has beening work with our other producers, designers and financing units as consortium memeber to compete in the world market. Chinacables acts as prime bidder and epc contractor.

For more than 50 years' of development, our Chinese manufacturers and producers can offer high quality equipments thanks to its self innovation and technology transferring from the global players. Due to it manufacturing facility and lower costs, China equipment is very attractive. With so many well educted technicians and engineers China can provide qualified engineers to work at our project site located in other countries to provide installation, commissioning, and after sale services, including oepration and maintenace at lower labour costs.

As a leading China power generation and transmission turnkey or EPC contractor and supplier , we can provide whole set of equipments for power plant and transmission projects to the world market.

  • Turbines: steam turbine, gas turbine, water turbine, wind turbine of proven China technology. All producers are at the top position as producers in China.

  • Generator: turbine generator, turbo generator, alternator for power generation by China producer. from 20mw to 1000mw

  • Diesel generator set: capacity over 1MW or 1000KW to 2MW diesel generator set, generation set, diesel electric generator, prime diesel generator, standby diesel generator from China

  • Used diesel generator set: from 2MW to 12MW per units from world famous suppliers such as GMT/Wartsila, Caterpillar, Sulzer, Man, MTU, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Zgoda Sulzer, Halberstadt, Pielstick, Perkins, MWM, MAN-Mirless-Black Stone or famous China producers.

  • Transformer: China high capacity of MVA high voltage of KV transformer of both oil immersed or dry transformer. The have been installed even in Germany power plant.

  • Geothermal heat pump: China geothermal heating pumps for heating and cooling, water source heating pump.

  • Gas engine generator set: designed by China and European companies.

  • Other equipments are breaker, switchgear, cable, wire, valve, pump, boiler, cooling tower.

  • Construction Equipments as bulldozer, crawler, crane, all terrain or truck mounted crane and so on in the power plant construction and erection site.


  Gas turbine & spare parts
- 10mw Chinese gas turbine combined cycle power 13/5 2021
- GE Frame 9E gas turbine stock parts 17/1 2020
- stage nozzle 756E812G008 spare parts 10/4 2019
- SGT400 METAL O RING RW22315/4 14/3 2019
- Siemens SGT-400 Spare Parts THRUST RING 70061398 14/3 2019
- Siemens SGT-400 Spare Parts PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 14/3 2019
- Siemens SGT-400 Spare Parts 14/3 2019
- Upgrading performance and operation hours for gas turbine generator sets 10/6 2014
- Spare Parts for Flender Graffenstaden AUXILIARY LOAD GEARBOXES TYPE AA51-AA30-AA36 VF63-TRL65 24/4 2014
- unused Siemens gas turbine generator sets for sale SGT 400, SGT 500, SGT 700, SGT 800 22/4 2014

  HFO Diesel generator & Marine HFO Engine
- Series N210 diesel engine 12/12 2018
- 8MW Gas Power station quotation details Caterpillar G3520E 10/8 2015
- Quotation for Caterpillar 12CM43 10MW HFO Based Power Station 3/6 2015
- Quotation of MAN 18V32/40 HFO Power Plant 100MW 25/5 2015
- 2x1.5mva containerized MAN HFO diesel generator sets 10/6 2014
- Offer for 3x3MW Diesel-engine power plant 10/6 2014
- 20 units of 20 MAN 9L21/31 containerized hfo power project data 8/4 2014
- HFO 5% sulphur content power plant needing desulphurization system 8/4 2014
- Proposal of 120MW Diesel Generator Set Power Plant 26/3 2014
- Configuration Analysis sheet for 60MW HFO Power Plant 18/3 2014

  MTU Cummins Perkins Volvo Diesel Generator
- DOOSAN DAEWOO SERIES Diesel Engine Generator set model list 19/11 2014
- VOLVO SERIES Diesel Engine Generator set model list 19/11 2014
- DEUTZ SERIES Diesel Engine Generator set model list 19/11 2014
- CUMMINS SERIES Diesel Engine Generator set model list 19/11 2014
- PERKINS SERIES Diesel Engine Generator set model list 19/11 2014
- 2506C-E15TAG1 Perkins engine with Marothon alternator 11/10 2014
- 5901700016 635A07701/1 SOLENOID VALVE MTU Spare Parts 12/8 2014
- Quotation for CUMMINS PERKINS Volvo DG Genset 10/6 2014
- Quotation on CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-G2 diesel gensets 10/6 2014
- Quotation on Perkins 560KW 3012TAG2A spare parts 16000-20000 running hour 7/5 2014

  Spare Parts for Steam Turbine Power Plants
- LM 2500 Base SAC - Spare Parts List OVH 21/12 2017
- CGT102 GTG SYSTEM SPARES 21/12 2017

  Power Plant Generator
- 10 MW Siemens (2006) make Condensing STG Set, 14/10 2019
- quotation for gas engine generator of 12V190-600kW or 16V190-1000kW 11/4 2013
- TFW and TF Series Medium speed or Low Speed 200KW to 10MW AC Synchronous Generator Reference list 16/3 2012
- TFW and TF Series Middle or Low Speed AC Synchronous Generator Technical Data and Quotation 15/3 2012
- 2500KW TFW2500-8/1430 Quotation on alternator 30/11 2011
- 5 MW TFW1500-40/3250 Quotation on alternator 16/11 2011
- Quotation on alternator for SULZER GMT6ZAL40S 3230 KVA hfo engine 14/3 2011
- Quotation on 1.5mw 2mw alternators generator with low speed of 125rpm or 150rpm 21/9 2010
- Quotation on alternator TFW1500-40/3250 1500KW 415V 19/9 2010
- Technical Engine Data 20V4000 G23 Water charge air cooling 50 Hz - 1.500/min Fuel optimized 17/9 2010

  Steam Turbine
- Specification and quotation on 12.5mw steam turbine generator set 14/9 2012
- XJ Steam Turbine Earth fault relay quotations 9/8 2012
- Commercial terms for steam turbine 9/6 2009
- Quotation on 12mw condensing Steam Turbine Generator sets 12/3 2009
- Sample technical require document steam turbine 19/9 2008
- Sample technical requirement document for boiler 19/9 2008
- 2x135mw used coal fired power plant for sale 18/9 2008
- 2x137.5mw Used Coal Fired Power Plant 18/9 2008
- 20MW steam turbine generator quotation 8/9 2008

- 130t/h CFB Steam Boiler ASME code Circulating Fluidized Bed for Petroleum Coke 10/1 2012
- new boiler for 66mw coal fired power plant 25/11 2008

  Hydro Turbine
- Bulb type hydro power plant reference list 14/1 2009
- 4x7.1mw bulb turbine hydro power plant specification 14/1 2009
- Kaplan Hydroelectric Generating Set reference 12/12 2008
- hydro turbine generator quality control 10/10 2008
- hydro turbine generator equipments and tests 10/10 2008
- hydro power plant design partner 8/10 2008
- achievement of hydro turbine plant from China 11/9 2008
- technical clarification and schedule of 12mw hydro 29/8 2008
- Quotation/specification of electric 2x12MW hydro 18/8 2008
- Quotation on hydraulic mechanical 2x12MW Plant 18/8 2008

  Engineering Machinery
- Quotation for mini excavator & mechanical road sweeper 11/3 2014
- Quotation and specification for Mixer truck 2534B 27/9 2013
- Quotation and specifications for tractor 2642GSZ 22/8 2013
- Quotation and specifications for Dump Truck 2534GKZ 22/8 2013
- Quotation on Bulldozers for Cambodia forest logging SD6 SD7 SD8 22/8 2013
- Quotation and specifications for Hook Arm Garbage Truck 4X2 800+1450 20/8 2013
- Quotation and specifications for Dump Truck 6X4 3800+1450 20/8 2013
- FOTON INTER-CITY BUS BJ6120 Specification and Offer 9/6 2013
- Quotation and technical specification of Chinese Famous Vehicle off-road SUV 007 BJ6466WJB1 12/4 2013
- Quotation and technical specification of Chinese Famous Vehicle off-road SUV LUBA BJ2032CJE4 12/4 2013

- Quotation on Single Phase and 3 Phase PRE-PAID METER 5/7 2013
- IEC standard 1-35kv power cables and Steel tape armoured XLPE/PVC ACSR Aerial cables wires 9/4 2013
- Submarine Cable Optical Fiber composite submarine Cable Sales References 27/12 2012
- Electric Cable VV32 Quotation 16/11 2011
- 300mmsq 3core 33kv ELPE armoured cable quotation 28/10 2011
- 11kV-XLPE Cable Cold Shrink Accessory 2/6 2011
- Quotation on Marine electric cable to meet your preliminary demand of 3X70 SQMM 25/2 2011
- Power Cable wire armored 7x95sq mm of CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC 25/2 2011
- LV Cable, 4Cx185mm2,CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC, rated 1KV, service voltage 380V 8/2 2010
- 4C x 300 mm2 0.6/1 kV PVC Insulated and PVC sheathed and armoured 8/2 2010

  New Building Cargo Ships vessel Finance from China
- 21m FRP trawler fishing boat 20/8 2013

  Dual Fuel Engine Generator
- Dual Fuel Generator 21/30 Diesel oil HFO Natural gas 9/8 2013
- Dual Fuel Generator 30/38 Diesel oil HFO Natural gas 9/8 2013
- Dual Fuel Generator 32/38 Diesel oil HFO Natural gas 9/8 2013
- Dual Fuel Generator 33(34)/45 Diesel oil HFO Natural gas 9/8 2013

  Electric Motor
- Quotation and specification for 2000kw alternator 22/8 2013
- Technical specification and offer for the low speed 2500kw DC Motor 21/8 2013
- Technical data and quotation of Synchronous electric motor TDMK 800-36 26/12 2012
- Quotation on heavy duty three phase induction motor 26/2 2009
- reference of 4000kw to 8000kw electric motor 24/2 2009
- 8350kw electric motor quotation 19/2 2009

  China Famous Equipments for Power Plant
- Quotation on DIGITAL BATTERY ANALYZER SC-100 7/5 2013

  MTU Deutz MWM Diesel gas engine for marine land
- X59407500020 INJECTOR MTU 12V4000G63 Spare Parts 23/9 2015
- X53507500012 INJECTOR MTU 18V2000G65 Spare Parts 23/9 2015
- 12048142 Stopping mechanism Deutz MWM Diesel Engine TBD620V8 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- E000-23121 Regulator DUETZ MWM Diesel Engine TBD234V6 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- DLE500EA Converter DUETZ MWM Diesel Engine TBD234V6 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- 4.0690.64.2.0803 Impeller DUETZ MWM Diesel Engine TBD234V6 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- 12302251 Shaft DUETZ MWM Diesel Engine TBD620V8 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- 12302252 Impeller DUETZ MWM Diesel Engine TBD620V8 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- 1203 8784 Actuator Deutz MWM Diesel Engine TBD620V8 Spare Parts 17/9 2015
- Shaped Gasket DUETZ Diesel Generator TBD234V6 Spare Parts 17/9 2015

  Transformer in MVA
- Quotation of Porcelain Insulator for 205MVAR Shunt Reactor at 33KV system 3/9 2013
- Quotation on Current Transformers for Afghanistan 2/9 2013
- Quotation on Single Phase Single Phase Whole Current Energy (kWh) Meter 10 (40) A 7/5 2013
- Quotation for 33 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZW34-40.5 7/5 2013
- ABB 4000 KVA distribution transformer quoted price and technology parameter 4/6 2012
- Here is another quotation for transformer from producer with ABB related technicians 26/4 2012
- Quoted of Step-UP-transformer: 60 (ONAN)/75 (ONAF) MVA 1/2 2011
- bronze copper welding machine for transformer generator and motor 25/2 2009

  Wind Turbine Generator
- 10kw wind turbine genset Quotation 7/1 2013
- 600kw, 780kw wind turbine genset quotation 1/8 2007

- Quotation of drill bits 3190804007-CSI 3/3 2013
- Quotation of drill bits 3190804002-CSI 3/3 2013
- LiLG for Oil Gas Drill Bit Downhole Motor 28/12 2012
- Quotation of Rock Bits 5 7/8'' IADC 517 M 26/12 2012
- insert bit milled tooth bit PDC bit quotation 13/11 2012
- Kingdream drilling bits of PDC Bits,insert bit and milled tooth bit 7/11 2012
- Kingdream drilling bits of insert bit and milled tooth bit 29/10 2012
- technical data for Kingdream bit of IADC 1-1-5, IADC 1-1-7 29/10 2012
- Kingdream Bit of insert bit, milled tooth bit, PDC bit 29/10 2012
- Kingdream bit of 3-cones milled tooth bit 29/10 2012

- circulation drill rig quotation and technical parameter 9/8 2012
- Offshore drilling platform 28/4 2011
- Oil field special purpose equipment 28/4 2011
- Workover rig 28/4 2011
- truck-mounted drilling rig 28/4 2011
- land drilling rig 28/4 2011


- High-class metal products of famouse producer 28/4 2013
- Introduction of metallic bellows expansion joints and fabric expansion joints 24/4 2013
- The introduction of high-quality mental hose 11/4 2013
- TG product list of heavy plate and steel pipe 29/3 2013
- SEAMLESS STEEL PIPE of famoouse producer 29/3 2013
- The product specification and information of heavy plate 25/3 2013
- Manufacture process of heavy steel plate 25/3 2013
- XG’S all kinds of certificates of heavy plates 20/3 2013
- XG's development, process, mechanical and chemical testing system of heavy plate 18/3 2013
- Introduction of pressure vessel heavy plates 18/3 2013

  China Largest Steam Turbine Producer
- Shengdong gas engine generator set spare parts list 15/9 2017
- We can offer Good Quality Generator Manufacturer from our power equipments consortium 10/12 2013
- Transfer Unloading Used Oil Tank Boost Pump With Motor Quoted 4/1 2013
- Looking for capable agent to promote Best Power Equipments from Harbin Electric 18/10 2012
- Best Price for 200mw to 1000mw/unit steam turbine generator sets from Best China producer 5/9 2012

- Steam turbine generator spare parts quotation 9/11 2012

  Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor
- Atlas Copco Air Compressor HL8-4S Parts BUFFER SEAL 1320701518 10/9 2013
- Screw type Air compressor Model and type MSC160-11 18/9 2012
- quotation and technical specification on Ingersoll-Rand air Compressor 14/9 2012

- Farm machinery equipment quotation and parameters 24/10 2012

- Wide Slot Saw Blank 4/5 2013
- Saw Blank with key-holes 4/5 2013
- Sawblade Narrow Slot Saw Blank 4/5 2013
- Sawblade Multiple Saw Blank 4/5 2013
- Sawblade FOR CUTTING STEELS 17/1 2013
- Sawblade FOR Laser-welding Saw Blank 17/1 2013

  Pump and pump parts
- Impeller for Main CW Pump P#76LKXA-27-0103 Model 76LKXA-27 5/3 2014
- SULZER EMERGENCY BFW PUMPS O-ring EPDM 104943017370 10/9 2013
- China famous Pump for HFO LFO and Lube Oil Unloading & Transferring System 7/5 2013
- Introduction of DT series desulfurization pumps 7/4 2013
- Introduction of FAF series of foam pump 7/4 2013
- Introduction of WN Series Pumps 7/4 2013
- Introduction of FG Series Pumps 7/4 2013
- Introduction of ZGB Series Pumps 7/4 2013
- Introduction of FSP(R) Series Pumps 7/4 2013

- Hydraulic Edible Oil Press Machine 26/8 2020
Hydraulic Edible Oil Press Machine

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