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China Electric Motor

Our producer of electric motor has been in for more than 55 years in China. It is top three for medium and small electric motor in China and products have been exported to world areas Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia for years.

The voltage ranges from 380 to 10kv, and the power ranges from 110kw to 6,000kw.

We can provide: 

1. Series low voltage three asynchronous motors

2. Series pole changing multi speed low voltage three phase asynchronous motors

3. Series medium sized high voltage three phase asynchronous motors

4. series medium sized 10kv high voltage three asynchronous motors(450-63- 1-kv)

5. Series medium sized high voltage vertical type three asynchronous motors(355-630 6kv and 450-630 10kv)

6.Lower voltage series variable frequency regulating speed three phase asynchronous induction motors (up to 10kv)

7. Series compact type three phase cage induction motors (355-560, 450-560, 10kv)

8. Series of high voltage three phase asynchronous motor for coal grinder, air blower, and water pump

9. Series medium high voltage internal feedback variable speed three phase asynchronous motors up to 10kv

10  Series of large sized high voltage three phase asynchronous motors 6kv, 10kv.

These series motor have advantages of excellent material to be adopted, precise processing, high efficiency, low noise, small liberation and high reliability and convenient for mounting and maintenance.

The power grade, electric property, mounting dimension and tolerance are coincident with China GB755, IEC34-1 and JG/T 10391-2002 etc.

The series of motor can be used for: compressor, ventilator, water pump, cut machine, transporting machine and can be widely used in mining, machine industry, petroleum chemistry industry, power, coal, rolling mill, winder, cracker, belt conveyer. 

For more about each type of our motors ,please provide your requirements and we will design and offer to your demands with catalogue.

- Quotation and specification for 2000kw alternator 22/8 2013
- Technical specification and offer for the low speed 2500kw DC Motor 21/8 2013
- Technical data and quotation of Synchronous electric motor TDMK 800-36 26/12 2012
- Quotation on heavy duty three phase induction motor 26/2 2009
- reference of 4000kw to 8000kw electric motor 24/2 2009
- 8350kw electric motor quotation 19/2 2009

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