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Diesel Generator Proposal

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As strategy, we are supplying you the TOP Producers equipment with most attractive price to the world thanks to our reputation and experience. Now we are choosing MTU Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Volvo Diesel Generator sets and Their Spare Parts with shortest delivery Time and lowest Price from our one of consortium members. If you have enquiries for diesel generator sets of power projects by these DG sets, please send to:

We also provide value added services: EPC contracting and financing for eqiupments of projects.

News: We are now contracting the Diesel generator power plant in two phases: one is 95mw, another is 105mw, which are constructed to replace Saudi Arabia Electrical company鈥檚 hfo diesel generator plant. In this project we act as EPC contractor and financing facilitator.

New Sample Quotation list: we can offer further discount on the following quotation ever since Dec. 22nd, 2011. 


Genset model


Engine brand\Model    

Generator brand\Model

FOB unit price in USD


















































































1. Above is preliminary quotation for your inquire, the difference with other supplier maybe caused by different scope of supply.

2.The ocean freight is a estimate price, the final price depend on your final order.

3. Accessory: battery, elbow, flange, expansion joint, muffler, brochures, some, fuel pipe, etc.

4. Delivery:  Cummins and MTU: 45 days, Perkins 60days after down payment received.

5. Payment: 30% by T/T, balance be paid by T/T  before delivery, the details will be confirm after negotiation

6. Warranty: one year or 1000hr(whichever is earlier) from delivery. We promised that the diesel generator are certified and warranted brand New diesel generator, not refurbished or aftermarket diesel generator.

Introduction of Benz MTU Diesel Engine

I. Introduction of MTU Company and Suzhou MTU Company 
Headquarter in Germany Friedrichshafen, as a member of Daimler-Chrysler Group; MTU Company is a global group company of design and manufacturing. As the supplier of land, marine and railway propulsion system as well as generation equipment, their products include the high performance diesel of the power range of 35kw~9,000kw, turbocharging engine of output power 44,800kw as well as the power unit combined with diesels and turbo-charging engines. MTU has the production base in Germany, USA and China, with the global sales of 15.3 billion EUR in 2005. As the complete equipment supplier, MTU also provides their products with electronic monitoring system.
Founded at Suzhou Industrial Garden in 1996, MTU Engineering GER , , is a wholly owned enterprise invested by Asia MTU headquarters in Singapore. As a MTU service center in China, MTU company owns the complete training and maintenance workshop to provide service to all customers in China. In order to meet the requirements of MTU diesel package in China, , MTU company, , , , , moved to the new plant at No. 9 Longyun road in Suzhou Industrial Garden in March, 2006. This new plant is the third production base o, , , , , f MTU Group, which mainly manufactures MTU2000 series engines. The new plant has been equipped with the engine test-bed controlled by modern computer, environmental sp, ray-paint room. And e, , xcellent quality control department as well as MTU German technicians. Moreover, the new plant assembled the engines strictly according to MTU production and quality of high standards.
2. MTU engine features
Excellent Technology
For the basic application, the diesel engine can be used as military, marine and motor as well as inland use. Germany Benz is widely used among military, marine and motor, especially the military, taking up 80% market. The Benz engines are widely used in nuclear-powered military, i.e., tank, naval vessels, etc. Moreover, the engines are also widely used in marine and automobile range, with a higher market share. German Benz used to have no interest in land diesel engine and put less energy into the market. Recently, the younger鈥攖he new blood of Benz high-level have done a careful investigation in the fourth market鈥攊nland diesel generator set market. After the investigation, they found the quality demand very huge but without much technical requirements. So after the careful demonstration, German Benz made decisions finally, that is, get the market share of inland diesel generator set be increased to 25% within five years all over the world. OUR PRODUCER Company has been authorized as the OEM factory by German Benz.
German Benz diesel engines are divided into three series, that is 183 series of 113KW~488KW, 2000 series of 515KW~882KW and 4000 series of 1060KW~2300KW. The 183 series diesel engines is actually the automobile engine from Germany Benz motors, while the Benz automobile engine has been much mature for decades. Moreover, the performance and advantages are much better than the requirements of inland diesel engines (The difference is the governor. The automobile engine is to increase throttle to increase the engine speed, that is, increase the speed of motor, while the engine mounted on generator set is the constant speed of 1500r/min. when the load is increased, the throttle is increased automatically.).
What鈥檚 more, MTU2000 series and MTU4000series is the most advanced diesel engines at present, which is the advanced design and equipped with the unique electronic management system鈥擜DEC. The ADEC system, similar to the electronic injection on the car (one cylinder to one electronic injection pump), changed the definition of traditional high-pressure fuel pump. ADEC electronic management system is equivalent to the industrial computer installed on the Benz 2000 series and 4000 series engines. And many sensors are connected to computer via many cables, while the module of computers is solidified before delivery to ensure the optimum electronic injection quantity of fuel injection pressure, fuel injection quantity, fuel injection angle start and close of fuel injection under various environments and operating conditions.
Superficially, the electronic management system has two obvious advantages. Firstly, it makes the Benz diesel engine become the engine of lowest fuel consumption in the world. The fuel consumption of diesel engine has a bottleneck, which is 200g\Kw.h, while the Benz 2000 series and 4000 series diesel engines broke through this bottleneck, which is 197g\Kw.h. Secondly, it makes the first overhaul time of Benz diesel engine reach 24,000 ~ 30,000 hours, the engine of longest first overhaul, equivalent to 10 times of domestic engine and 2~5 times of other imported engine.   
The electronic management system has two obvious advantages above mentioned, but Benz designed the electronic management system without consideration to the purpose above mentioned. The Benz designed the electronic management system for two purposes. Firstly, to interface with operating platform. The modern intelligent building is popular now, with elevator, central air-conditioner, fire and water cooled set, communication, standby genset and distribution system installed in different floors. To optimize management, the definition of control platform must be introduced, that is to control, monitor and operate the equipment above-mentioned in the same platform. Secondly, the advancing design (50 years in advance). German Benz engine designed the electronic management system to change the traditional mechanical definition, and the digital definition is introduced to prevent the waste of the repeat purchase of genset. As Benz 2000 series and 4000 series diesel engines adopted the electronic management system鈥擬DEC, the malfunction is digital display, and can recognize the present malfunction, monthly function and yearly malfunction. That the investigation of fault diagnosis, fault analysis and fault reasons can be checked by digital fault display of electronic management system. Moreover, the electronic management system has the function of 鈥淏lack Box鈥?on airplane, that is to say, once the genset is started, 386 parameters will be recorded in electronic management system automatically, including fault parameters and fault problems, then it will recognize the reasons and positions. And these data will be recorded automatically once the genst is started, these data can only be read, not able to be modified.
One start-up success rate
As the most important performance parameter of emergency standby units, one start-up success rate of Benz has reached 99%.
To achieve such excellent parameter, Benz mainly has three guaranties:
鈼嘍iesel engine with stable performance: The quality of MTU diesel engine guarantees the totally reliable power supply.
鈼嘐xcellent performance generator. Although the manufacturing technology is very mature, with small differences among many brands, MTU diesel engine gensets won鈥檛 reduce the requirements in order to guarantee the quality. All sets are installed with world class generator brand products (such as France Leroysomer, USA Marathon)
鈼嘢trict selection of auxiliary parts: However it is control module or storage battery, OUR PRODUCER all undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process, selects quality guaranteed famous products, such as selection of UK Deepsea imported module as control module
Intelligent maintenance system
With the short uses time of emergency standby sets and consideration to economic benefit of investment, the users don鈥檛 put too much technical maintenance strength, and the maintenance personnel are not so professional, which makes the field workers in helpless situation once the set breaks down..
MTU diesel generator sets introduced the advanced intelligent maintenance system of the world about this kind of phenomenon. All kinds of monitoring sensors are set on key parts to monitor all conditions, containing water temperature, water pressure, water level, oil pressure, oil temperature, speed, inlet & exhaust gas temperature and pressure as well as cylinder temperature and pressure. At the same time compared data to standard value, if the data exceeds the set point, the set will give the alarm signal and give the malfunction codes meanwhile, convenient and rapid to find the occurring components and reasons for malfunction. The simple malfunction could be removed according to maintenance manual, while the special malfunction could be related to after-sales service, who can remove the malfunction with high efficiency in the shortest time.
Low exhaust emissions
As MTU diesel generator sets furthest optimizes the exhaust fuel characteristics, the exhaust emissions are reduced to the lowest level, which are good for the relative higher environmental protection engineering requirement as real estate industry. The low exhaust emissions reduce the relative burden of environmental protection engineering, saving cost for users.
Protection and commitment of after-sales service
   The after-sales service is very important for emergency standby generator sets under emergency conditions.
As the OEM of MTU diesel generator sets in China, OUR PRODUCER can provide:
鈼嘒uarantee of products quality: Every part of MTU engine is all directly imported from MTU. The whole process and product process could get the effective certificates.
鈼嘒uarantee of spare parts supply: The spare parts, provided by OUR PRODUCER, are all imported from manufacturer with machines. The warehouse has enough spare parts in stock, with good quality and favorable price.
鈼嘝owerful technology strength: The after-sales service department is a technical elite troop with plenty of professional engineers, a large repair force and powerful technical strength. We also have many electrical & mechanical maintenance engineers and maintenance technicians, providing advanced test instruments, monitoring instruments and special tools, with the after-sales service personnel receiving MTU special training and winning the maintenance certificate of MTU
鈼嘇dvanced technology: OUR PRODUCER has added the microcomputer control and modern communication technology into diesel generator set control system, coming into the comprehensive power plant auxiliary system. Scores of technicians deal with kinds of technical information day and night, follow the most advanced technology and design of the world as well as develop the new products.
The 24-hour service to customers, the service engineers can carry out the examination and repair of W5 on the spot, provide assistance to removing the malfunction of machine and electricity. There are 3000 spare parts in the warehouse, ensuring the maintenance of the set in the shortest time of each place in China.
鈼嘊e responsible for training two personnel of management and operation.
鈼嘡esponsible for the installation, connections as well as commissioning of equipment freely.
鈼嘝rovide the original equipment manufacturing parts in favorable price through the entire year.
鈼嘥he operation malfunction caused by the quality problems within warranty period, we provide free maintenance; while over of the warranty period, we regular carry out the maintenance and life-long maintenance.

MTU4000 series diesel generating sets

       MTU4000 series diesel generating sets, the ADEC the use of advanced electronic management system, the first to use advanced common-rail injection technology, the electronic management system under the control of the precise, more accurate spraying, burning more fully, lower fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, the first overhaul Up to 30,000 hours over time.

 Maintenance maintenance-friendly: water-cooled 4-stroke 90 掳 V-cylinder arrangement, the turbo in the cold, wet can be used for cylinder, a cylinder, dry exhaust Manifold, easy to maintain;

 Intelligence operation: the use of advanced MDEC / ADEC electronic management system can provide accurate digital electronic speed control function, the key body parts Set up data acquisition, failure to achieve self-diagnosis and automatic, intelligent unit operation, CAN bus technology; 

 High operating reliability: The three-part structure of aluminum Detroit Pistons top the use of wear-resistant cast iron ring, the valve seat Ring structure, long life, Detroit injection cooling, an effective solution to the cooling cooling, more reliable operation of generating units;

 Energy conservation and environmental protection: a unique electronically controlled fuel pump monomer, with cylinder direct injection, is superior to the German TA Luft emissions standards, electronic intelligence management, Lower fuel consumption, the first to break through 200 g / kWh bottlenecks;

 Excellent performance: operational stability and vibration of small, fuel consumption rates, oil consumption rate is low and long operating life, overhaul a long time and low noise.

MTU 4000 series diesel generating sets technical data

                                Frequency 50Hz                              Engine model                         Data

Model                      Prime power       Standby power                                                   

ZBM1300P/1450S     1300kW                1450kW                12V4000G23                             

ZBM1460P/1620S      1460kW              1620kW                 12V4000G63                             

ZBM1650P/1800S     1650kW               1800kW                 16V4000G23                           

ZBM1800P/2000S     1800kW               2000kW                 16V4000G63                           

ZBF1080P                1080kW               /                           12V4000G23R                         

ZBF1300P/1450S      1300kW               1450kW                 12V4000G23                           

ZBF1460P/1620S      1460kW               1620kW                 12V4000G63                           

ZBF1670P/1830S      1670kW,              1830kW                 16V4000G23                           

ZBF1800P/2000S      1800kW                2000kW                16V4000G63                           

ZBL2000P/2200S       2000kW               2200kW                20V4000G23                             

ZBL2200P/2400S       2200kW              2400kW                 20V4000G63                             

ZBL2400P/2640S       2400kW              2640kW                 20V4000G63L                            

60HZ is also available.

 MTU2000 series diesel generating sets

       MTU 2000 series diesel generating units, using advanced ADEC electronic management system, and electronic intelligence management, lower fuel consumption, the first to break through 200 g / kWh bottlenecks, the first overhaul of time in more than 24,000 hours.

 Maintenance maintenance-friendly: water-cooled 4-stroke 90 掳 V-cylinder arrangement, the turbo in the cold, wet can be used for cylinder, a cylinder, dry exhaust Manifold, easy to maintain;

 Intelligence operation: the use of advanced  ADEC electronic management system can provide accurate digital electronic speed control function, the key body parts Set up data acquisition, failure to achieve self-diagnosis and automatic, intelligent unit operation, CAN bus technology;

 High operating reliability: The three-part structure of aluminum Detroit Pistons top the use of wear-resistant cast iron ring, the valve seat Ring structure, long life, Detroit injection cooling, an effective solution to the cooling cooling, more reliable operation of generating units;

 Energy conservation and environmental protection: a unique electronically controlled fuel pump monomer, with cylinder direct injection, is superior to the German TA Luft emissions standards, electronic intelligence management, Lower fuel consumption, the first to break through 200 g / kWh bottlenecks;

 performance: operational stability and vibration of small, fuel consumption rates, oil consumption rate is low and long operating life, overhaul a long time and low noise.

          MTU 2000 series diesel generating sets technical data

                                Frequency 50Hz                              Engine model                         Data

Model                      Prime power       Standby power                                                   

ZGBM520P/570S      520kW                  570kW                  12V2000G25                             

ZGBM640P/700S       640kW                700kW                   12V2000G65                             

ZGBM720P/800S      720kW                 800kW                   16V2000G25                           

ZGBM800P/880S      800kW                 880kW                   16V2000G65                           

ZGBM910P/1000S     910kW                 1000kW                 18V2000G65                           

ZGBF520P/570S       520kW                 570kW                   12V2000G25                           

ZGBF640P/700S       640kW                 700kW                   12V2000G65                           

ZGBF720P/800S       720kW                 800kW                   16V2000G25                           

ZGBF728P/800S       800kW                 880kW,                 16V2000G65                           

ZGBF800P/880S       910kW                 1000kW                 18V2000G65                             

60HZ is also available

Introduction of Cummins Engine
I. Introduction of Cummins Company
Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, (USA) Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations. Cummins has more than 41,000 employees worldwide, with sales 14.3 billion dollars, rising by 10%, which includes the joint venture of sales 20.95 billion dollars, rising by 12%, 880,000 engines per year with net income 755,000,000 dollars. Cummins is a US Fortune 500 company and named of 鈥淎merica鈥榮 Most Respected Companies鈥?in 2008 and 2009, the only diesel engine company in the ranking list.
In accordance with the operating idea of 鈥淢aking people鈥檚 lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins鈥? Cummins is devoted to creating the optimum values for stakeholders involved shareholders, customers, employees, community and environment. In April, 2005, Cummins is recognized as 鈥淭op Corporate Citizen in the US鈥?(ranked first) by Business Ethics Magazine,  which is the sixth consecutive year Cummins for 1000 in this large U.S. listed companies survey on the implementation of civic responsibility in the top (in 2004 ranked second).
For its outstanding performance, Cummins ranked the nation鈥檚 top fifty list of 鈥淏usiness Week鈥?
Former chairman, J. Irwin Miller, visited China in 1975. He was one of the earliest American business leaders seeking business opportunities in China.
In 1979, Cummins in China鈥檚 first office was established in Beijing. In 1981, Cummins and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group signed the license agreement, becoming one of the earliest foreign-invested enterprises to localize production in China. From then on, Cummins has been devoted to cooperating with large enterprises in China, such as Dongfeng Automobile Company.
As the largest foreign investor of China engine industry for investing 140 million dollars, Cummins owns eight joint venture and wholly owned manufacturing enterprises in China, producing engine, turbocharger, filter, exhaust system, generator, generator set, etc. Eight Cummins series among fourteen series of Cummins engines have been produced in accordance with strict quality standards for production in China.
In the aftermarket support area, Cummins has 10 regional service centers and over 250 authorized dealers across the mainland to support an engine population of more than one million units.
Cummins鈥?confidence in China鈥檚 continued economic development led it to relocate its regional headquarters to Beijing in 1997 to manage business operations in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia. Cummins was one of the earliest foreign enterprises to establish its regional headquarters in China鈥檚 capital city.
China has become one of Cummins fastest-growing geographical markets. Our consolidated and unconsolidated sales in China exceeded $1 billion for two years, taking up over 10% of Cummins鈥?global business.
Cummins has become an integral part of the Chinese engine industry through 30 years鈥?development, which has made contributions to the modernization of engine industry by joint venture, wholly owned manufacturing and technical transformation.
Chongqing Cummins
Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd is a joint venture with USA Cummins Company, mainly manufacturing the world leading diesel engines of NH銆並銆丮11 series of high-speed and heavy power, diesel generator set and marine power generator set, imported from USA Cummins. With power ranges of 145锛?343kW,the products are widely used in power regions, e.g., heavy lorry, passenger car, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, generator set, vessel and railway vehicles, whose leading economy, power, reliability and durability as well as environmental safety are widely welcomed by customers both home and abroad.
The technology of Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd and USA Cummins Company developed synchronously, having passed through international quality certificate ISO9001锛?000 issued by France BVQI. The company has been rated fifty top Chongqing industrial enterprises for the eleventh consecutive year for their enhanced product quality, extensive market shares and strong comprehensive strength.
Dongfeng Cummins
Founded in June, 1996, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd is combined with Dongfeng Automobile Company and USA Cummins Company in the share ratio of 50:50. In February, 2003, the company had become a new joint venture integrated with Diesel Engine Branch Company of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd, Cummins (Xiangfan) Processing Company of Cummins wholly owned and C series engine joint venture of Dongfeng and Cummins by capital increase. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd has registered capital of over 100 million dollars after expansion, with Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd and Cummins Company separately holding 50% shares.
    Cummins is a leading company in product development, design, manufacturing and sales of diesel and CNG engines in the world. Dongfeng Cummins will get strong support from Cummins鈥?global manufacturing process in product development, manufacturing, quality and management to enhance the competition about enterprise and products. Meanwhile, the imported products from joint ventures will get Cummins after-sales service support.
Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd will annually manufacture 130,000 engines by integrating and optimizing the existing production resources. What鈥檚 more, the company will gradually realize the synchronous development with, the European and American market in product development, so as to enhance the technical levels of China heavy & medium diesels by leaps and bounds through introduction of rolling technology. Meanwhile, Dongfeng Cummins Company will establish their technical center to meet different customer鈥檚 all, -round, multi-level demands wit, h regards to China鈥檚 national conditions on the basis of imported electronically controlled platform.
The types of products are mainly B and C series engines (mechanical fuel system) of 3.9L (60-140HP), 5.9L (160-230HP), 8.3L (220-325HP), able to satisfy European 1 and 2 vehicle emission regulations and the first emission standard of off-highway vehicles. Moreover, the company will begin to manufacture wholly electronically controlled diesels from 3.9L to 9L of B,C and L series with power range of 100-450KW, which can meet European 3 and 4 vehicle emission regulations and the second and third emission standards of European and American off-highway vehicles standards, synchronize with the European and U.S. markets in technology.
With an area of 26.23 hectares, that is about 270,300 square meters, the mid-term aims of the company are the first in the engine quality of domestic industry, the first in engine (same power range) sales of domestic industry, the first in engine (same power range) market share of domestic industry, the first in engine additional values of domestic industry and the first in engine spare parts supporting resources of domestic industry. The company logo of 鈥淢aking people鈥檚 life better by unleashing Cummins power鈥?has become the common pursuit of company staff.
II. Features of Cummins engine
1. Four stroke turbocharged engine, turbocharged and turbocharger intercooling technology, with improvement of power and economy.
2. Integrated and mesh structural design, spare parts less than other similar engines by 25%, low fault rate and maintenance cost, less maintenance hours.
3. Unique Cummins PT fuel system (injection pressure more than 100MPa), high-efficient fuel supply system and inlet system, four valves per cylinder, direct injection, sufficient combustion, low pollutant emissions, reliable, environmental protection, fuel-saving, satisfied for varied emission standards.
4. High power density and light weight.
5. The new manufacturing process creates the perfect cylinder geometric structure, reducing the lube oil consumption.
6. Soft system with engine capacity able to meet requirements of load performance.
7. The larger main journal diameter, connecting rod journal diameter and bearing supporting area.
8. The cylinder of alloy cast iron for its high strength and rigidity; the whole structure of the balance of distortion forge and crankshaft quenching fillet are operated stably with high strength and reliability.
Features of reasonable strength, compact and simple structure, less number of spare parts, light weight, high efficiency, energy-saving, etc.
鈶?Adopted the design of several components together to reduce the numbers of spare parts, increase the universality of spare parts and save more complicated spare parts, e.g., water pump housing, oil pump cover, water pump inlet, oil cooler cover are integrated in cylinder, while air intake manifold, thermostat, small circulating pipe with cooling water, fuel filter base are integrated in cylinder cover.
鈶?Four kinds of non-inlays for B series engine, that is not inlay liner, not inlay valve guide pipe, not inlay valve retainer and not inlay cam gear cover bushing (except the first), but all retained inlaid space.
The wholly inlaid structure is adopted for C series engines.
鈶?More aluminum casting and stamping parts with light weight.
  For example: Aluminum casting includes gear house, flywheel housing, inlet pipe cover, valve chamber cover, oil cooler, etc.
   Stamping parts includes oil pan, tappet chamber cover, gear house cover, etc.
鈶?Reduce the numbers and varieties of spare parts.
   E.g., the total gearsof gear house are 6 (including three gears of driven oil pump and air compressor)
       The plastic nozzles are used for cooled piston (one for each cylinder of B series engines and two for each cylinder of C series engines), without further simplification.
鈶?Widely adopted accessory assembly with simple structure and high universality.
   Rotor-type oil pump, stamping impeller and integrated bearing type water pump,
   Plate-fin oil cooler, rotating combined oil filter, 
   Rotating fuel filter, perforated pipe oil header
   As work strength and performance grade have bigger difference between turbo-charged and natural aspirated,
鈶?Rich dimensions of key accessory with enough stocks.
鈶?Plenty of optional parts are designed in order to meet the demands of varied uses.
For example, the oil filler are installed on bottom, front and side,
  Oil pan has three kinds of front oil sump, middle oil sump and back oil sump.
  The lubricating oil dipsticks are installed on front, middle and back.
  The air compressor, hydraulic pump and air conditioner can be selected.
  The start-up equipment with low temperature and H.P. oil pump can be selected.

Chongqing Cummins Series Generating Sets

                Chongqing Cummins Unit Series

 Cummins N-series, K series of four-stroke water-cooled diesel engines for industrial use; compact, power, reliable performance; control system operating voltage: 24VDV; rotation with a diesel, oil filters, dry air filter, electronic speed control system; engine and generator to achieve a soft sexual connection.

 A world-renowned brands: Marathon, Stanford, Lilaisenma or Leroysomer; equipped with solid-state voltage regulator AVR; brushless self-encouragement, single-bearing; must Margin levels for the H-class; level of security for the IP21-23; super short-circuit affordability.

 Three remote control functions with the high-tech intelligent control systems, liquid crystal display unit of the performance parameters, a power outage automatically activate the function, full-featured e-protection.

 , According to the ambient temperature  40 鈩? The overall design, all rotating parts are equipped with safety shields.

,  Excellent performance: operational stability and vibration of small, fuel consumption rates, oil consumption rate is low and long operating life, overhaul a long time and low noise.

Chongqing Cummins series diesel generating sets technical data

                             Frequency 50HZ                         Engine model                     data

Model                   Prime power    Standby power                                            

ZCF200P               200kW              220kW            , &n, bsp;   NT855-GA                            

ZCF230P               230kW              260kW                NTA855-G1A                        

ZCF250P               250kW              270kW                NTA855-G1B                        

ZCF280P               280kW              310kW                NTA855-G2A              


ZCF310P                    310kW                340kW                    NTAA855-G7                        

ZCF360P               360kW              400kW                KTA19-G3                            

ZCF400P               400kW              450kW                KTA19-G4                            

ZCF450P               450kW              500kW                KTAA19-G5                          

ZCF500P               500kW              550kW                KTAA19-G6A                        

ZCF600P               600kW              660kW                KTA38-G2                            

ZCF728P               728kW              800kW                KTA38-G2A                          

ZCF800P               800kW              880kW                KTA38-G5                            

ZCF900P               900kW              1000kW              KTA38-G9                            

ZCF1000P             1000kW            1100kW              KTA38-G9A                          

ZCM200P              200kW              211kW                NT855-GA                            

ZCM230P              230kW              248kW                NTA855-G1A                        

ZCM250P              250kW              258kW                NTA855-G1B                        

ZCM280P              280kW              290kW                NTA855-G2A                        

ZCM310P              310kW              328kW                NTAA855-G7                        

ZCM360P              360kW              370kW                KTA19-G3                            

ZCM400P              400kW              410kW                KTA19-G4                            

ZCM450P              450kW              485kW                KTAA19-G5                          

ZCM500P              500kW              550kW                KTAA19-G6A                        

ZCM600P              600kW              660kW                KTA38-G2                            

ZCM728P              728kW              760kW                KTA38-G2A                          

ZCM800P              800kW             880kW                 KTA38-G5

ZCM900P              900kW             1000kW               KTA38-G9                                    

ZCM1000P            1000kW             1090kW              KTA38-G9A                                  

Dongfeng Cummins Series Generating Sets

               Dongfeng Cummins Unit Series generating sets 

 Cummins 4BT, 6BT, 6CT series of four-stroke water-cooled diesel engines for industrial use; compact, power, reliable performance; control system of work. Voltage: 24VDV; rotation with a diesel, oil filters, dry air filter, electronic speed control system is the engine and generator Is a flexible connectivity.

 A world-renowned brands: Marathon, Stanford, Lilaisenma or Leroysomer; equipped with solid-state voltage regulator AVR; brushless self-encouragement, single-bearing; must Margin levels for the H-class; level of security for the IP21-23; super short-circuit affordability.

 Three remote control functions with the high-tech intelligent control systems, liquid crystal display unit of the performance parameters, a power outage automatically activate the function, full-featured e -protection.

  路 According to the ambient temperature 40 鈩? The overall design, all rotating parts are equipped with safety shields.

               Dongfeng Cummins series diesel generating sets technical data

                                Frequency 50Hz                              Engine model                         data

Model                      Prime power       Standby power                                                   

ZCF20P                    20kW                   22kW                    4B3.9-G2                                  

ZCF30P                    30kW                   34kW                    4BT3.9-G2                                

ZCF42P                    42kW                   46kW                    4BTA3.9-G2                            

ZCF80P                    80kW                   88kW                    4BT5.9-G2                              

ZCF90P                    90kW                   100kW                   6BTA5.9-G2                            

ZCF100P                  100kW                 110kW                   6BTAA5.9-G2                          

ZCF140P                  140kW                 160kW                   6CTA8.3-G2                            

ZCF160P                  160kW                 176kW                   6CTAA8.3-G3                          

ZCF200P                  200kW                 220kW                   6LTAA8.9-G4                          

ZCM20P                   20kW                   22kW                    4B3.9-G2                                  

ZCM30P                   30kW                   32kW                    4BT3.9-G2                                

ZCM42P                   40kW                   46kW                    4BTA3.9-G2                              

ZCM80P                   80kW                   88kW                    4BT5.9-G2                                

ZCM90P                   90kW                   99kW                    6BTA5.9-G2                              

ZCM100P                 100kW                 106kW                   6BTAA5.9-G2                            

ZCM140P                 140kW                 146kW                   6CTA8.3-G2                              

ZCM160P                 160kW                 169kW                   6CTAA8.3-G3                            

ZCM200P                 200kW                 211kW                   6LTAA8.9-G4                            

Introduction of UK Perkins Diesel Engine
I. Introduction of UK Perkins Company
UK Perkins Company is one of three major engines manufacturing that has more than 70 years production history.
II. Features of UK Perkins engines
Independent direct fuel injection system, low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions (electro-injection engine up to Europe 鈪?standard), stable performance, excellent power-weight ratio, small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple installation and maintenance, plenty of spare parts and timely technical support.
Structure and features of Perkins diesel engines
Rated speed of 1500rpm, four strokes, fan cooling radiator, turbocharger, inter-cooling air intake, in line with ISO 3046 standard.
Compact structure, high power, high reliability.
Low installation and maintenance costs, long operation period.
Diesel driven charging generator.
Excellent damping performance: Based on computer simulation to optimize the design of the damping system
Advanced control system: The design based on the reliability of the whole monitoring system control strategy.
Environmental protection: The diesel generator set of energy-saving and low-emission.
Low noises: The exhaust silencing system for each generator set.
Features of Perkins 4000 series diesel engines
Permit a wide temperature range without amendment
One-to one cylinder, four valves
Independent direct fuel injection system to ensure the optimum fuel atomization and rapid economic efficient combustion
Electric speed regulation
Advantages compared to products of the same type
Reliability: Computer analysis of the development of the whole cast with the crankcase of the high-strength cast
iron cylinder block provides a solid support of crankshaft to reduce weight. In addition, excellent computer design
of the crankshaft, the engine has a power reserve of sufficient security, adequate to meet 50% of over-speed.
Scientific and technological content:
1. Phosphide-treated valve guides and the protection of the valve seat ring handled, can also be replaced after
long time use, reducing the overall cost.
2. The friction part after s special salt-path treatment enhanced the engine part鈥檚 abrasion resistance,
extending the lifetime.
3. Each engine must pass 16,000 highest detection performance measurement processes to ensure its high-quality.
Economy: Low fuel and oil consumption, so lower operating costs, fuel consumption as low as 200~210 g/kWh.
Price: The performance-to-price of Perkins genset is very high, much lower than imported genset, some types similar to domestic products.

PERKINS series diesel generating sets

   Perkins diesel generating set rated speed 1500rpm, four-stroke, water cooling fan, turbo, in the cold air, with ISO3046 standards, compact, power, high reliability and low cost of installation and maintenance costs, work Long cycle.

 Excellent damping performance: computer-based simulation of the dynamic damping system optimized.

 Advanced control system: Based on the reliability of the entire design of the monitoring system control strategy.

 Environmental protecting, energy-saving and low-emission diesel generating units.

 Low-noise: customerized muffler exhaust system.

 Excellent performance: operational stability and vibration of small, fuel consumption rates, oil consumption rate is low and long operating life, overhaul a long time and low noise.

                  UK. Perkins series diesel generating sets technical data

                                 Frequency 50Hz               Engine model           Data


Model                       Prime power                                                                                   Standby power

ZIPM6P/6.8S             6kW                                   6.8kW                     403D-11G                

ZIPM8.6P/10S               8.6kW                           10kW                        403D-15G               

ZIPM16P/17.6S           16kW                               17.6kW                      404D-22G               

ZIPM24P/25S             24kW                               25kW                         1103A-33G              

ZIPM36P/40S             36kW                               40kW                         1103A-33TG1          

ZIPM48P/50S            48kW                                50kW                         1103A-33TG2          

ZIPM72P/80S            72kW                                 80kW                        1006TG1A               

ZIPM80P/88S            80kW                                88kW                         1006TG2A               

ZIPM110P/120S         110kW                              120kW                       1006TAG                 

ZIPM120P/124S         120kW                              124kW                       1006TAG2               

ZIPM140P/148S         140kW                              148kW                       1106C-E66TAG4      

ZIPM160P/176S         160kW                              176kW                       1306C-E87TAG3      

ZIPM180P/188S         180kW                              188kW                       1306C-E87TAG4      

ZIPM200P/220S         200kW                              220kW                       1306C-E87TAG6      

ZIPM280P/300S         280kW                              300kW                       2206C-E13TAG2      

ZIPM320P/336S         320kW                              336kW                       2206C-E13TAG3      

ZIPM360P/400S         360kW                              400kW                       2506C-E15TAG1      

ZIPM400P/410S         400kW                       &, nbsp;, ;      410kW                       2506C-E15TAG2      

ZIPM520P/570S         520kW                              570kW                       2806A-E18TAG2      

ZIPM630P/700S         630kW                              700kW                       4006C-23TAG3A      

ZIPM720P/770S         720kW                              770kW                       4008TAG1A             

ZIPM800, P/880S&n, bsp;        800kW                              880kW                       4008TAG2A             

ZIPM1000P/1100S     1000kW                            1100kW                     4012-46TWG2A       

ZIPM1200P/1310S     1200kW                            1310kW                     4012-46TAG2A        

ZIPM1350P/1450S     1350kW                      &nbs, p;     1450kW                      4012-46TAG3A  

ZIPM1480P/1600S     1480kW                             1600kW                     4016TAG1A                             

ZIPM1650P/1800S     1650kW                             1800kW                      4016TAG2A 

ZIPM1350P/1450S     1350kW                             1450kW                        4016TWG2 

ZIPM1400P/1520S     1400kW                             1520kW                        4016TAG  

ZIPM1480P/1600S    1480kW                              1600kW                       4016TAG1A  

ZIPM1650P/1800S    1650kW                              1800kW                       4016TAG2A 

Introduction of Doosan Engines
I. Introduction of South Korea鈥檚 Doosan Corporation
II. Features of Doosan engines
Reliability: Compact diesel structure, beautiful appearance, in-line cylinder or V-type arrangement, small loss of power, reliable operation, low failure rate, prime used or standby found to be s, uitable.
Scientific and technological content: Doosan engines are widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, vessels and engineering machinery, recognized by users for its small size, light w, eight, strong capability of sudden load, low noises, GAV electric speed regulation, etc.
Economy: Generally fuel consumption is in the rate of 202-212 g/kwh.
Maintenance and accessory support: Doosan Company has established the engine maintenance and accessory center in Shanghai, providing sufficient original accessories and maintenance service. What鈥檚 more, the OEM plants by special training have special after-sales service and spare parts.
Price: The performance-to-price of Doosan genset is very high, much lower than imported genset, some types similar to domestic prod, ucts.
Structure and features of Doosan engines
Rated speed of 1500rpm, four strokes, fan cooling radiator, turbocharger, inter-cooling air intake, in line with ISO 3046 standard, compact structure, high power, and high reliability.
Durability, low noises, excellent emissions, fine cold start performance, low installation and maintenance costs, long operation period.
24V DC electro-start motor, diesel driven charging generator.
GAC electric speed regulating system.
Rotating fuel filter, air filter.
Be able to maintain performance under ambient temperature of 40鈩?and altitude of 1000m; cooling system being used in tropical zone (to 50鈩?.
Low operation costs, high output power ensuring0锝烇紜2% output power.
Turbocharger and intercooler:
The turbocharger of water cooling type controlled by compressed air provides the excellent aspirated air and combustion performance. By providing sufficient air, the smoke can be discharged in under-speed area.
Air filter:
The new air filtration system not only makes engine room clean via air circulation in air pipe, but also extends oil changing period to 500h and reduces oil consumption.
Fuel filter:
Enhance filtration function and engine durability via the centrifugal type.
Fuel system
The double injected pipes meeting for IOM standard and fireproof are adopted in order to prevent the rubber hose thermalization and explosion.
Senior specifications to improve contents for V-type engines:
Fuel line: The oil-water separator can remove the moisture and foreign bodies to protect precision accessories in fuel system, ensuring its durability. The duplex fuel filters can prevent the performance reduction and engine failure for absence, of , fuel, sup, ply,, and also extend the changing period of fuel filter.
Ventilating filter system: The ventilating filters equipped with special caps can make the oil minimum of gas, prevent the reduction of durability and power caused by turbocharger and intercooler, as well as change the installation position to ensure the maintenance space.
The specified piston rings can enhance the durability and life time of engines.
Regulating panel: Improve the performance of electro-regulating panel and increase the heat capacity and control ability to maintain the stable performance of electro-regulating panel in harsh environments. The electro-regulating panel can be used in case of engine commissioning: Matching operation to shorten commissioning time. The GAC electro-regulating panel can carry out the full inspection in actual load conditions, minimize the spread of quality and remove the possibility of errors.
Start motor: Expand the gear shaft for a long time trying to start or inconsistent with the surrounding parts of the impact of increasing the strength of the shaft.

Doosan series of diesel generating sets 

 Adapt piston  cooling system, with temperature control of cylinder and the combustion chamber, engine running more smoothly, small vibration.

 Application of the latest jet technology and air compression technology, combustion properties, and low fuel consumption.

 The use of bushings and replacement of the cylinder valve seat, conduits, increase the resistance of the engine.

  Small size, light weight, sudden-load capability and low noise, economic and reliable.

               Doosan series diesel generating sets technical data

                                Frequency 50Hz                              Engine model                         Data

Model                      Prime power       Standby power                                                   

ZDF64P                   64KW                  70KW                   D1146                                      

ZDF90P                   90KW                  100KW                  D1146T                                     

ZDF130P                  130KW                145KW                  P086TI-I                                    

ZDF155P                  155KW                170KW                  P086TI                                      

ZDF188S                  /                          188KW                  /                                               

ZDF210P                  210KW                230KW                  P126TI                                      

ZDF250P                  250KW                265KW                  P126TI-II                                   

ZDF300P                  /                          300KW                  P158LE-I                                   

ZDF300S                  300KW                320KW                  /                                               

ZDF320P                  320KW                360KW                  P158LE                                    

ZDF360P                  360KW                400KW                  P180LE                                    

ZDF400P                  400KW                450KW                  P180LE                                    

ZDF465P                  465KW                500KW                  P222LE-I                                   

ZDF480P                  480KW                520KW                  P222LE                                    

ZDF500P                  500KW                550KW                  P222LE-S                                 

ZDF600S                  /                          600KW                  P222LE-II                                  

ZDM64P                   64KW                  70KW                   D1146                                      

ZDM90P                   90KW                  100KW                  D1146T                                     

ZDM130P                 130KW                145KW                  P086TI-I                                    

ZDM155P                 1, 55KW,              170KW                 P086TI                                                                

ZDM188P                188KW                 188KW                  /                                               

ZDM200P                 200KW                220KW                  P126TI                                      

ZDM250P                 250                     265KW                  P126TI-II                                   

ZDM300P                 300KW                320KW                  P158LE-I                                   

ZDM300S                 /                          300KW                  /                                                

ZDM320P                    320KW                  360KW                      P158LE                                     

ZDM350P                   350KW                  370KW                   P180LE                                          

ZDM400P                   400KW                  450KW                   P180LE                                          

ZDM465P                   465KW                  500KW                   P222LE-I                                         

ZDM480P                   480KW                  520KW                   P222LE                                          

ZDM500P                   500KW                  550KW                   P222LE-S                                       

ZDM600S                   /                           600KW                   P222LE-II                                        

MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Doosan diesel generator spare parts:
We also supply full lines of GE gas turbine gensets, MTU, Perkins, Volvo, Doosan, Cummins DG sets and their related spare parts from our world supply chain tanks to our close cooperation with famous suppliers and their Joint Ventures or licensees. So quality and warranty assured. If you have these enquiries, please send us their spare parts name and part numbers.
If you have enquiries for all types of diesel generator sets or heavy fuel oil diesel generator sets, please contact the followings, in order to offer your our special discount, you are suggested to provide detailed technical/commercial/financial documents or requirements for your projects.
And here is the market list price of our MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Doosan diesel generator, we can offer as much as 25-30% of the listed price discount on the attached quotation list.
When you are asking for our quotation for these Cummins, MTU, Perkins, Doosan, Volvo diesel generator sets or power plants, please provide the basic information listed or fill in questionnaire you can ask for from us by send us email:
Please fill following question first and then I can offer my quote to you:
1)    Altitude (m above Sea Level)
2)    Maximum Ambient Temp. (C degree)   
3)    Relative Humidity at Maximum Ambient (%) 
4)    proposed DG Voltage requirement (0.4/ 6.3 / 11.5/13.8 kV/others)
5)    proposed DG frequency requirement(50/60HZ)
6)    PARALLEL OPERATION Between proposed DG Sets  (Yes / No )
7)    Required delivery time?
yang chun lin
Questions and Answers:
I am based in xxx and looking to buy a Generator with capacity 350 KVA. Please send me the best option you can offer.
A: the offer is about 25000USD FOB China port for the Cummins genset of NTA855-G2A.
Tks for the quote. It will be used in xxx  for a metal crushing project. Is this a silence type Gene? What is the delivery period? As I am planning to buy the metal crushers also from China, I can ship all together.
A: It鈥檚 an open type, not silence type. The sound-proof container is about $7,680, the dimension is 4.8m*1.4m*2.3m, delivery time is about 30-45 days which will be confirmed before sign contract.
MTU16V4000G23 plus Marathon MX-1800-4 alternator and common base is about $319,000
If you wish to know more on our MAN and other brands of HFO diesel generator sets and marine engine from 1mw to 10mw per unit, please visit:

  List of MTU Cummins PERKINS diesel generator

  Leroysomer Siemens, Marathon Generator

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