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Diesel Generator Proposal

Power Plant Proposal
Required Information for Power Plant Project design and quotation

Home > Equipments > HFO Diesel generator & Marine HFO Engine > Sample Diesel Power Plant Proposal 9x2mw


9x2MW HFO Diesel Power Plant Project Design Specifications
Aug. 2006
China National Electrical Wire&Cable Imp./Exp. Corp.

1.      General
1.1    Design input
1.2    Project brief
1.3    DG set configuration
1.4    Standard & code
2.      Design Fundament
2.1    Civil Work
2.2    Fuel
2.3    Cooling Water
2.4    Electrical
2.5    Instrument & Control system
2.6    General Plan
3.      General Arrangement
3.1    Main building
3.2    Radiator
3.3    Oil storage
3.4    Separator and pump room
4.      System Specification
4.1    DG System
4.2    Governor system for DG
4.3    Oil storage
4.4    Fuel Circuit System
4.5    Lube Oil Circuit System
4.6    Starting Air Circuit System
4.7    Cooling Water Circuit System
4.8    Intake air and ventilation system
4.9    Exhaust gas and environmental impact mitigatory system
4.10 Steam System
4.11 Water soften system for exhaust gas boiler
4.12 Oil and water waste disposal system
4.13 Electrical System
4.13.1    H.V. system
4.13.2    L.V. system          L.V. power source for power plant          Emergency generator          DC panel
4.13.3    Control system          DG          Central control panel
4.13.4    Protection system          Diesel engine          DG electricity system
4.13.5    Lighting system
4.13.6    Fire fighting system
4.13.7    Earthing and lighting strike protection
5.      Main equipments specifications
5.1    Diesel engine
5.2    Alternator
5.3    Heavy fuel oil separator module
5.4    Lube oil separator module
5.5    Exhaust Gas Boiler
5.6    Air compressor
5.7    Air Receiver
5.8    Diesel Generator
5.9    Radiator
5.10 S9-800/6.6/0.4 Power transformer
5.11 Heavy Fuel Oil storage
5.12 Diesel Oil Storage
5.13 Buffer HFO Tank:
5.14 Daily Heavy Fuel Oil Tank
5.15 Daily Diesel Oil Tank
5.16 Sludge Oil Tank
5.17 Common Circulating & Booster module
5.18 Pre Oil Pump
5.19 HFO transfer pump
5.20 Diesel Oil transfer pump
5.21 Lube oil Cooler
5.22 10 ton double girder bridge crane
5.23 Axial-flow fan
5.24 Station batteries and battery charger panel
5.25 Oily water separator
5.26 Axial-flow fan
6.      Drawings
6.1    Layout for 9X2MW HFO power plant
6.2    1000 m3 oil storage
6.3    50 m3 oil storage
6.4    Steam heater (30m2)
6.5    Steam heater (6.5m2)
6.6    Fuel system
6.7    HFO separator module
6.8     Common circulating & booster module
6.9     Lube oil system
6.10 Lube oil separator module
6.11 Boiler and silencer arrangement
6.12 Exhaust gas boiler
6.13 Steam and water recycle system
6.14 Starting air system
6.15 Oily water treatment system
6.16 Oily water separator
6.17 Single line drawing for power plant
6.18 Generator switchgear
6.19 DC Panel

1. General
1.1    Design input
The buyer requires the following demands:
a.      Provide with a guaranteed power availability and fuel usage rate.
b.      380 cSt fuel will be used.
c.       The engines will meet emission standards for Senegal now and into the foreseeable future.
d.      Max Load, 13.5 MW + plant parasitic
e.      Output 6.6KV 50 HZ
f.        HFO N + 1 Design as above
g.      Turnkey price including fuel farm.
h.      30 Days fuel reserves
i.         Radiator Cooling (sealed system)
j.         Hard loads will be 4000KW mill starts, on soft start gear, standard gold mine use.
k.       10 + year life
l.         500 KW (continuous rated) units for operation of camps etc during maintenance/shutdown periods. 2 required for Sabodala. These do not have to be HFO.
m.     Maximum demand per 1519 EL 001 Rev B: 11542kW, average power over one year: 87197MWh/year
1.2    Project brief
At the requirement of the Buyer, the Seller will build a 9x2MW HFO diesel generator Power Plant for Buyer in  Senegal, operating with HFO.
The power plant consists of 9 sets of diesel generators with capacity of 2000KW per set.
1.3     DG set configuration
The specification outlines the scope of supply for each DG set;
The DG set is driven by diesel engine model G8300ZD8 manufactured by NingBo ZhongCe Group which is the largest middle speed engine manufacturer in China;
The engine will use heavy fuel oil as fuel.
1.4     Standard & code
The design is according to the Chinese standard & code, in line with ISO/IEC standard. The project is designed under the merit of “advanced technology, highly efficiency, safety, economy and practicality?
The installation and the commissioning should be in line with the above standard & code.
2.      Design Fundament
2.1 Civil work:
The main building, control room and pump house above the ground all adopt steel structure. The under ground portion are reinforced concrete structure.
2.2 Fuel:
DO (Diesel Oil) / HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) is the main fuel. The HFO need to be heated by the steam that supplied by steam exhaust gas boiler.
2.3 Cooling water:
There is not enough water supply at Sabodala Gold mining. Radiator for each generator is arranged in power plant, and the condensation water from the exhaust gas boiler will be recycled.
2.4 Electrical:
All outgoing panels to customer’s workshop are not included in the scope of delivery.
One 800kVA station transformer is used to supply 400V source for the power plant.
One 400KW diesel generator is supplied as power when the whole power plant is stopped.
2.5 Instrument & control:
Adopt central control system in the control room. All measure and control for generators can be carried out in control room. Others such as oil storages, pumps, lube oil separators, boosters and radiators will be operated on site, and all alarm signals will be shown in control room.
2.6 General plan:
According to the basic layout for the mine factory supplied by the buyer, the seller designs the power plan. The plan will be compact to decrease the project investment & cost and the construction period. At the same time, the transmission distance of steam, fuel and power will be shortened.
3. General arrangement:
3.1 Main building
The main building will be arranged in 2 lines:
The first line (Control room) is for the electrical control room, switchgear room, water soften treatment room and air compressor, air receiver. The second floor is for steam exhaust gas boilers and silencers, boiler is hypaethral layout. The distance of the columniation is 6 m; the span is 8 m, length is 66M and height is 5 m;
The second line (Generator hall) is for DG, lube oil tank, lube oil separator, booster, etc, the span is 18m, length is 66m; there is a traveling double girder crane (10t) in the room.
a.      Control room
The total area of control room is 528 square meters with length of 66m, width of 8m and height of 5 m. The roof of the control room is of reinforced concrete construction, and is flat roof that is convenient for installing equipments on it. One silencer and its bracket with weight of 1.2 ton are arranged for each generator, total is 9 sets, and total weight for 9 silencers is 10.8 tons. An exhaust gas boiler with weight of 8 tons is arranged for every three generators, total is 3 boilers, and total weight for 3 boilers is 24 tons. For each boiler, girder for bearing the weight shall be arranged.
Inside the control room, there are HV switchgear room, LV control room, water soften treatment room and air compressor room. All HV and LV cables will be connected to switchgears or control panels through cable channels in the control room.
Double deck sound insulation glazing with length of 1800 mm, width of 1500 mm, and thickness of 8 mm is installed on the control room wall facing to the alternator end of the generator. The bottom of glazing shall be 800 mm above the ground.
Ventilation for the control room adopts air conditioner.
b.      Generator hall
The total area of steel construction main building is 1188 square meters with length of 66 m, width of 18m. The distance of the columniation is 6 m. A 10 tons double girder bridge crane with span of 16.5 m is installed in the generator hall. The installing height of columniation for crane railway is 7 m, and its total height is 9.6m. The maximum height of the main building is 12.8 m.
Main equipments in generator hall:
a.      9 sets of 2MW generators
Model: 2000GF1-3A; Rated power: 2000kW; Rated speed: 600r/min; Weight for each generator: 42 tons including diesel engine 22.5 tons, alternator 16 tons and engine frame base 2.8 tons.
b.      One set of 400kW emergency diesel generator
Model: 400GF; Rated power: 400kW; Rated speed: 1000r/min; Total weight: 8.5 tons
c.       1 set of fuel booster module
Weight for the fuel booster module; 2.3 tons.
d.      3 sets of lube oil separator modules
Weight for each lube oil separator module: 400kg.
3.2 Radiator
9 outdoor radiators are arranged beside the main building.
3.3 Oil storage
Total area for oil storage is 1254 square meters with length of 66 m and width of 19 m. The following oil storages are arranged:
a.      Two heavy fuel oil storages with volume of 1000 cubic meters, storage diameter of 11.5 m, height of 10.5 m, dry weight of about 80 tons and total weight of 1080 tons for each oil storage. The intensity of foundation shall be fully considered.
b.      One diesel oil storage with volume of 300 cubic meters, storage diameter of 7.6m, height of 8 m and total weight of 350 tons. The intensity of foundation shall be fully considered.
c.       Two buffer heavy fuel oil tanks with volume of 100 cubic meters, storage diameter of 5.73 m, height of 5 m and total weight of 120 tons.
d.      One daily HFO tank, one daily DO tank and one sludge oil tank with volume of 50 cubic meters, storage diameter of 3.82 m, height of 4.5 m and total weight of 55 tons for each oil tank.
Fireproofing wall with height of 1.6 m is arranged around the oil storage, earthing for avoiding thunder-strike shall be considered for the oil storage.
3.4 Separator and pump room
The total area of separator and pump room is 104 square meters with length of 13 m, width of 8 m, and height of 5 m.
Main equipments in the separator and pump room:
a.      One set of separator double module with weight of 3500 kgs;
b.      Two HFO transfer pumps and DO transfer pumps
4. System specifications:
4.1.     DG system:
According to the power capacity 18MW, the project plan configures 9 units of diesel engines and generators.
Rating of the D.G. set 
Under above mentioned site conditions
       Rating at       Alternator       Rating at
       engine         efficiency       alternator
       crankshaft                     terminal(MCR)
       KWm             ( % )        KWe         KVA(0.8 pf)
Nominal        2206            90.7         2000      2500
Note : COP rating will be 90 % of MCR
4.1.1.      2MW diesel engine:
Technical particulars for the diesel engine are as follows:
Number of cylinders                8
Arrangement of cylinders           In Line
Bore (mm) X Stroke (mm)           300 X 380
Type                                            4-stroke, direct injection, turbocharger, after cooler
Rotational speed                        600 RPM
Mean effective pressure            20.5 Bar
at rated power & speed
Mean piston speed                  7.6 m/sec.
Rotation seen from flywheel        Clockwise.
Swept volume per cylinder         26.875 litres
Combustion chamber volume        2.067 litres
Compression ratio                   13:1
Max. combustion pressure         130 bar
(at rated power/speed)
The engine should be capable of accepting a sudden load as per the guidelines in ISO-8528-5-1993(e). As per this standard, the maximum sudden load increase stages are
         Baseload %     Sudden load   increase to %
1st Stage          0%          40                40%
2nd Stage             40%         30                  70%
3rd Stage       70%         20                  90%
4th Stage       90%         10                  100%
During each of the above-mentioned stages of sudden loading, the transient speed drop will be restricted to a maximum value of 10% of the rated speed. 
4.1.2.      Alternator
The Alternator is self-excited, brush-less type in two bearing construction with single shaft extension and IP 23 enclosure. The alternator is fitted with bearing temperature detectors.


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