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China EPC Contractor

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and is a prominent form of contracting agreement in the construction industry. The engineering and construction contractor will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to their clients. Companies that deliver EPC Projects are commonly referred to as EPC Contractors.

In China there are big EPC contractors, normally as national companies. And there are so many small EPC contractors in different industrial areas, they are sub-contractors and suppliers to those big EPC contractors.

Now is going to consortium with those smaller Chinese EPC contractors to compete in the world market for projects by uniting the competitiveness from each party to provide better contracting services to our clients around the world.

Advantages from

1.       We have been in the consulting market for big Chinese EPC contractor for more than 15 years; well experience in the details of EPC contracting services and business, esp. in the foreign market; this is a weak point of the Chinese equipment producer, with our help, they can export as project contractors to the world market.

2.       We have been in the equipment and spare part supply business for more than 12 years, with business connections with partners from the world, esp. those from China market. Most of the Chinese partners are manufacturers of equipment and spare parts for big EPC projects and also operation and maintenance business.

3.       We have business partnership with engineering companies, who will do the engineering for our EPC contracting 

Advantage of the Chinese Small EPC contractors:

1.       They are very competitive in the equipment, esp. those Chinese equipment manufacturers, who can make world level quality equipment and spare parts, and then can supply whole lines of equipment in a EPC contracting project.

2.       They have been sub-contractors to those big China EPC contractors, and also having accumulated experience needed for the EPC contract.

Only through our consortium of consulting, engineering, and equipment and construction, can we provide competitive and good qualify of EPC contracting services to our clients.

What EPC contracting projects will be our main target?

1.       Projects can be any types with EPC contract amount less than 50 million USD;

2.       They project contract should be awarded through mutual negotiation, not public tendering. (those are for big EPC contractors market);

3.       The fund of the projects should be ready.

Here is a sample quotation on the enquiry:

Inlet Steam Pressure : 9.8 MPa
Steam Temperature : 540 Deg C
Capacity  : 20 MW (Gross)
Exhaust Steam Pressure : 0.17 Bar (a)
Feed Water Temperature : 130 deg C
With One Deaerator , L.P. Heater & H.P. Heater


 Items    Steam Turbine 
 Turbine mode    N20-9.8  
 Inlet pressure(MPa(a))   9.8+1.96-2.94 
 Inlet temperature(℃?/FONT>   540+10-15 
 Inlet flow(t/h?/FONT>   76  
 Exhaust pressure(MPa(a))   0.017  
 Feed water temperature (℃?/FONT>   130  
 Condenser    Air cooler  
 Turbine rated speed(r/min?/FONT>   3000  
 Generator rated speed(r/min?/FONT>   3000  
 Power factor of generator    0.8  
 Output voltage of generator (Kv)    11  
 Exciter    Brushless  
 Heat rate(KJ/kw.h?/FONT>   11113.6  
 Steam rate (kg/kwh)    3.794  
 Output power(Kw?/FONT>   20034.2  
 Serial No.   Scope of supply   Included(V?/FONT>Not included?/FONT>×?/FONT> 
 1    Turbine     
 1.1    From inlet steam flanges of quick closed valve to exhaust, including mating flanges and bolts and nuts, the rear and frontbearing pedestal of turbine and anchor bolts.    Y
 1.2    Barring gear    Y
 1.3    Gland cooler and steam trap with all accessories, gland pressure regulator (including valve body and actuators).    Y
 1.4    Coupling: coupling and accessories between a turbine and a generator.   Y
 1.5    Integrated oil system (Main oil pump is centrifugal type and shaft driven, the material of oil tank is carbon steel. The material of entire lube oil supply & return piping is SS304L.)  
 Main oil tank includes electro-heat device and level gauge with local display and remote function.  
 One AC Auxiliary oil pump (includes base, anchor bolt assembly)   Y
 /TD>  One AC emergencyoil pump(includes base, anchor bolt assembly)    Y
 /TD>  One DC emergency oil pump (includes base, anchor bolt assembly)   Y
 /TD>  Two Jacking oil pumps (including base and anchor bolt assembly), one use and one standby.   Y
 One Oil ejector    Y
 Dual 100% duty oil cooler   Y
 Dual oil filter, one is for lube oil and the other is for governing oil.   Y
 /TD>  All valves in the oil system all pipelines and fittings in the inlet and return pipelines above the operating platform, including expansion joints, sight glass window, and etc.    Y
 One 100% duty AC motor driven vapor extractor  Y
 1.6    Two water filters, one is for oil cooler and the other one is for generator  Y
 1.7    Wedged pad iron,flat pad ironfor steam turbine installation   Y
 1.8    Steam turbine body sealing pipe, drainage pipe and accessories.    Y
 1.9    All equipment interfaces are provided with matching flange, connection bolt and gasket (metal wound gasket is required for PN2.5 and above).  Y
 1.10    Acoustic enclosure   Y
 1.11    Provide thermal insulationspecification and design  Y
 1.12    Attached documents   Y
 1.13    Spare parts and special tools    
 2    Generator     
 2.1    Generator stator (including stator, end cover, bottom cover, air scoop and fixing screws.Stator and bottom plate fixing screw, locating pin, adjusting  gasket, etc.  Y
 2.2    Generator rotor (including shaft extension key, lock nut, fastening screw, etc.).   Y
 2.3    Generator front bearing and rear bearing with bearing insulation components.  Y
 2.4    Anchor bolts and nuts for base plate, fixing screw, gasket, locating pin, etc.  Y
 2.5    RTDs forthe statorand air inlet and outletof air cooler, temperature gauge for air inlet and outlet of generator.  
 2.6    Brushless Excitation system   Y
 2.7    The oil return temperature of the front and rear bearing forthe generator is PT100.The temperature of bearing bush is detected by PT100. 
 2.8    Air cooler (including cooling water inlet and outlet valve), air filter.  Y
 2.9    Spare parts for generator   Y
 3    Control system   Y
 3.1    WoodWard505governor  Y
 3.2    TSI used BENTLEY 3500  Y
 3.3    Local instrument board  Y


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