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E-book of Steps on How to Applying  Financing from China 

(English Version)

If you want to know how to successfully attract and secure the funding you need for your project’s survival then you simply cannot afford to miss the Ebook in English with only 50USD, the book edited by experienced editors you could not get it from anywhere else! No financing no projects. Before your reading of the book, you never thinking of that you can also get Chinese government loans, China finance or credit loans for your projects or you as agent to earn million USD commission as others have achieved during the past.

Or for private business, you can read from this ebook on how to choose the right suppliers with top quality and lower price from China and then apply deferred L/C, lowered advance payment to increase your payment and credit efficiency.

why should you buy this booklet on China Exim bank financing: this ebook is edited by our partner of Leda Greenpower Beijing, who is highly experienced in the consulting on power projects and their financing from Exim bank for concessionary loan and commercial loan. And the most important is that Leda Greenpower also has been providing consulting service to our most famous Chinese power EPC contractor and their projects are with highest possibility to be financed by Exim bank and supported by Chinese government department. This is the only available English version of book on Chinese Exim bank financing and EPC contracting from China with practical experience. If you buy it, it well help you get the financing from Exim bank of China, and well deserve the money you paid.

Many big projects are financed and contracted by Famous Chinese EPC: we are please to inform you during the last five years we have handled many power projects in billions USD as EPC with financing from China, mainly from China Eximbank, here is a partial list of projects financed and contracted by Chinese EPC, although they added by newly contracted, for example, now six more projects are to be signed with financing from Eximbank. And here you can find another partner as famous Chinese EPC has finished so many projects each in the range of 100 million to 1.5 billion USD with financing from China Eximbank, most of the listed reference are through our Chinese financing with commercial or concessionary loan or financing.

Financing guide is edited by our consortium member and partners: Now we are cooperating with professional power consulting company LEDA GREENPOWER BEIJING editing them in Word file for you to download upon our practical and successful experience in helping our foreign employers, consultants, agents to get financing from China. They have practical experience of handling EPC contracting and financing for billions USD projects and fully supported by Famous China EPC.

Valuable guidance for employer, agent and financing facilitator: if you are employer or IPP for power projects, it will be very easy to help you get your dreamed financing at most available preferential terms on interest rates, grace period, maturity, and it will make your project come into reality through the Chinese financing. As a facilitator or agent, you will get step by step guide on applying Exim bank financing from China, choosing the most suitable and experienced EPC from China, and your coordinated projects will be signed with financing from China against guarantee, and you will be secured with a exclusive agency agreement for your commission or benefits. with the help of the financing booklet, financing from seems very easy and comfortable to work with the EPC and financing banks. You will be able to get your payment in the level of millions USD or over 100-3000 million USD financing for your projects from China.

Here the main content of the booklet on financing on your projects, including power projects:

This e-book is in Word format, with main contents are listed as:

Steps on Applying Project Financing from China and How Choose Right EPC and Suppliers

By Leda Greenpower Beijing Trading and Engineering Ltd.

1... Which bank to get the financing. 5

1.1.     The Export-Import Bank of China. 6

1.1.1.      Mission of Eximbank. 7

1.1.2.      Business Scope of Eximbank. 7

1.1.3.      2008 yearly loan quota of Eximbank. 8

1.2.     China Development Bank. 8

1.2.1.      Steadily promoting international cooperation and supporting the implementation of the state’s "go global" strategy  10

1.2.2.      Loans terms of CDB. 11

1.3.     Which bank should be the priority bank for financing your projects. 11

1.3.1.      Export Buyer’s Credit 12

1.3.2.      Preliminary Terms of Soft loan and Commercial Loan. 18

2... Famous Chinese EPC is your important financing facilitator 19

2.1.     Which industry Eximbank supports as priority. 19

2.2.     Main business of Chinese companies. 20

2.3.     Why EPC is the key to help you getting financing. 21

2.3.1.      EPC is supported by Eximbank policy. 22

2.3.2.      EPC has well established business relationship with Eximbank. 22

2.3.3.      EPC has the full ability to supply documents required by Eximbank. 22

2.3.4.      EPC can be experienced financing facilitator 23

2.3.5.      EPC has financial strength. 24

2.3.6.      EPC is the main contractor 29

2.4.     How to identify the right EPC as your partner for financed Projects. 29

2.4.1.      Years in the specific business. 29

2.4.2.      Company’s English name. 30

2.4.3.      Location of the office. 30,

2.4.4.      Why Famous EPC does not Attend Public Tenders. 31

2.4.5.      Asking them questions on Eximbank financing. 31

2.5.     Steps to work with EPC?. 32

2.5.1.      Where to Start?. 32

2.5.2.      MOU between agent and Chinese EPC. 35

2.5.3.      provided more detailed information by agent to Chinese EPC. 36

2.5.4.      issue letter of intent from EPC to your employer 36

2.5.5.      employer reply with LOI/sign MOU with EPC. 37

2.5.6.      employer provides more detailed technical & commercial documents, 37

2.5.7.      EPC designs technical & commercial documents. 38

2.5.8.      Agency agreement between EPC and agent 38

2.5.9.      EPC Contract signed between EPC and employer 39

3... How the EPC assess projects. 39

3.1.     Why Chinese EPC or supplier is slow to response?. 39

3.2.     Chinese EPC judges by commitment and readiness. 40

4... How Eximbank assess projects. 40

4.1.     Eximbank assessment on soft loan projects: 41

4.1.1.      Project Criteria. 41

4.1.2.      Qualification for Chinese Contractor/Exporter 41

4.1.3.      Application Documents. 42

4.2.     Why should you pay down payment earlier?. 42

5... What Alternative to Sovereign Guarantee?  43

5.1.     Natural Resources as payback replacing sovereign guarantee. 44

5.1.1.      Chinese companies sign $6 billion Congo deal 45

5.2.     Nations Without Official Diplomatic Relation with China. 46

6.   Who Should You Contact in your Sponsor’s Nation, and Their Functions  46

7... How to get your payment from the project as agent 47

8... The Role of the SinoSure in foreign financing  48

8.1.     Introduction of Sinosure. 48

8.2.     Medium- and long-term export credit insurance. 48

8.3.     Sinosure’s insurance cost 49

9... What are the common mistakes you might commit?  49

9.1.   Only public tender information: 49

9.2.     Only project conception: 49,

9.3.     Seeking Signing agreement at very earlier stage: 50

9.4.     Vendoring information around: 50

9.5.     Mistaking bank guarantee as sovereign guarantee, did not confirm the sovereign guarante: 51

9.6.     Contacting non famous Chinese EPCs. 52

9.7.     Working with lower level of government departments: 52

9.8.     LOI letter not signed by Minister of Finance. 52

10.              Important Document Samples or Formats for applying with EPC and Eximbank. 52

10.1.      Sample Memorandum of Understanding. 52


10.3.      Additional 10 billion USD Concessionary Loan at low rate from China for 2009  57

6.1.1.      General Introduction of the additional concessionary loan. 58

6.1.2.      Procedure for Application: 58

6.1.3.      What should you and we do?. 59

10.4.      Sample Letter of Intent for Applying Soft Loan from China Eximbank. 60


10.6.      15% FIRST INSTALMENT ON EPC CONTRACT to be financed by Eximbank  64

10.7.      Documents Further Needed By Eximbank for Soft Loan Application. 65

10.8.      Reissue the Application Letter for the Soft Loan in the Updated Standard Format Required by EXIMBANK.. 66

10.9.      Loan Proposal for Preferential Buyer Credit Loan. 67

10.10.    Basic Check List for Power Projects. 68



10.11.    More Soft Loan during 4th Egypt And China Prepare For FOCAC Inter-Ministerial Summit 76

10.12.    China has promised to give Africa $ 10 billion (?SPAN lang=EN-US> 6 billion) in concessional loans  78

10.13.    Letter for documents required for Soft loan and more Soft loans for next three years on Nov.13 2009. 80

10.14.    International Cooperation of China Eximbank with other banks. 81

10.15.    Support Letter from Ministry of Finance to China Exim bank for 84mw hfo power plant project 81

10.16.    Important Links. 82


Successful Story or Reference on China Financing from Reading the e-Book:

Now please read what the readers say about the booklet and their benefits from the booklet, and all these story will definitely prove you that your payment will be well paid off.

I was referred to this power industry website by Google search as the most professional and English website from China, and I read and download the booklet, and found how to contact and communicate with famous Chinese EPC contractors, and how to let them guide us to get the financing step by step. Now we have signed EPC contracts with the recommended Chinese EPC contractor, the contractor is really a financing facilitator for us to get the financing from Eximbank. Thanks for Leda for compiling such a booklet, which can not available anywhere else.

Sri Lanka, Ken. 

The booklet of how to get soft loan financing from China has helped us sign two power plant EPC contracts, one is 103 million USD, another is 153 million USD within a period of three months after I bought it and read it and followed it step by step. The two projects are of GE gas turbine power plants, one is of 2x42mw, another is of 3x42mw with GE PG6581B as the main gas turbines. If you have projects in power plant over 50mw of any kinds of plants, please contact us at, we will help you too by using the booklet. Followed in this page is details on the booklet and procedures of buying it online.

Yang chun lin

Special Adviser for famous Chinese Power Project EPCs

We just signed 850, 890, 1200, 100, 153 million power plant EPC contracts by using the guidance from the booklet of Steps on how to applying financing from China.

Mr. Bai

Project Manager of Famous Chinese EPC.

Before I read the booklet, i had thought that Chinese financing banks required Chinese to be minor share holder of our project. After I downloaded and srutinzed it, I was informed that only 85% of the equipments should be from China. Now we are talking 2x150mw power plant project with famous Chinese EPC recommanded by the booklet.

Charles, Fl, USA.

As soon as I downloaded it, I found the answer why I got the wrong EPC and Supplier, a lot of trouble should have been avoided. Last year we dealt a 25 million USD diesel generator business with two Chinese supplier, and we had very bad stories with the small supplier. Now I can use the assessment standard to choose the suitable and quality Chinese EPC or suppliers.

Malikon, Pakista

I read it and am well informed on steps on how to applying the financing from our government by asking them issue sovereign guarantee, and now our project of 150 million USD gas turibne plant can utilize Chinese Eximbank conccessionay loan of 2.5% wit hmaturity of 20-25 years, with the help of the EPC and agent. thanks a lot.

Kenny, Lagos, Nigeria

Last year we talked a 450mw power plant project with finanicng from developed nation;s bank, but one year later, nothing happened, until one day, I read this booklet, I changed my financing agent and turned to Chinese EPC, they are helped us to get the financing from China for our 450mw project.

After contacting the EPC now we are talking with Chinese about 700 million USD project.

Silva, Indonesia.

The booklet guides me to commit to the famous Chinese EPC, now we are talking a 3300T/p cement plant project with financing from C, hina.

Aben, Iran.

I am a agent on commission base, and our principal needs financing, due ot culture and policy difference, I always found it hard to understand the Chinese financing and EPC conditions, after referring  this booklet on financing on projects, things seemed much easier, and th, e good news is that we are now talking with famous Chinese EPC for our 2x200mw power plant project with financing from China Eximbannk.

Anthony, Honduras

I red with great interest you booklet regarding the process of getting a loan from a Chinese bank(EXIMBANK) for a project involving a Chinese EPC. It has provided me the information I have been looking for a very long time. The world is shifting to the East and the Africans are getting more aware of that fact. As the booklet by Leda has mentioned it quite rightfully, most of the Chinese EPC and even Chinese banks have been operational not more than 30 years, at the most. Plus the Chinese have their very special way of doing business (Guangxi), which is extremely difficult to crack by the African people who are more familiar with western behavior as they Africans) have been colonized for centuries by Europe. You might be much more aware of the procedure of getting a loan than anybody outside China as mentioned in the book. After i red the financing book, I am even able to bring to the Africans ideas in solving many of their current problems, which will make them think" Why didn’t we thought of that before??".

However, I still have the very strong feeling of being still in need of some guidance from you.

Makpolo, Congoness in HK

Before I bought and read the book on China finance, I always took the wrong routine to contact China Eximbank, but none really provided too much valuable information, esp. in English, , about how to get China Eximbank Finance on our project. Now i foolowed the road in book, and choose to contact the famous EPC contractors, they are really great help to get our projects contracted and financed from Eximbank by soft loan or commercial loan.

Awal Musav, Nigeria

There a lot of readers who have read the booklet by Leda Greenpower, and now starting EPC contracting and financing with Chinese EPC with the guidance from the booklet. it really helps.

The following log is derived from our account, which reflects the actual transaction for this ebook.

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Benefits of Buying the Booklet

1. You will be surprised that applying soft loan or commercial loan from China is not as difficult as you once imaged, widening your scope of financing.

2. You will know the practice and steps of how to contact your power projects or other projects EPC contractor for project financing.

3. With only 50USD, you will have the possibility to get millions of USD payment for agents or consultants of project financing

4. W ith 50USD you , will get famous Chinese EPC support in both project EPC contract and project financing if you are employer

5. You can easily judge if your projects is feasible for applying project financing from China, or if your high profile friends can facilitate your soft loan dream. It guides where to start for billions of USD projects financing.

6. You will know how to contact the key persons in your country for project, ct financing from China, saving a lot of valuable time.

7. You will get timely support after your buying of the booklet for both your project financing and questions from the booklet free of charge, these replied will be provided timely by experts in the projects epc and financing fields.

8. There are people who have got millions of payments for themselves after learning from the book, and people got their terriblly needed financing for their projects after reading this book and do as it tells, but their investment is only 50USD.

Performance guaranteed on purchasing the book on China finance and loans:

If you are not satisfied to our Booklet, you can ask us to refund 100% of your payment we received from you.

How to pay and download the booklet: Paypal, T/T Transfer.

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