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The Largest China Engineering and Contracting Group Company From China in Heavy Machinery and Electric Industry
SINOMACH has possessed major enterprises in China's machinery industry specialized in large-scale projects contracting, complete sets of equipment providing, projects designing and constructing, machinery and equipment R & D and manufacturing, as well as internal and international trading. Service contracts of SINOMACH cover such diverse fields as industry, agriculture, communications and transportation, energy, building, light industry, automobile, ship-building, mining, metallurgy, and aerospace industries.
SINOMACH's main business strategy & objectives focus on:
Contracting large-scale projects by supplying complete sets of turn-key equipment for both domestic and world markets. (Core business for SINOMACH.)
Carrying out project feasibility studies, project prospect and design.
Supervision & management of projects.
Providing technical consultation for construction projects at home and abroad.
Attaching importance to developing and manufacturing of high-end technology and complicated equipment.
Commercializing the science and technology achievements & innovations.
Putting electromechanical equipment priority in import and export business on internal and international trade.
Automobile service business.
SINOMACH has concentrated its efforts on exploring business cooperation with new markets in the world. It has set up service and information networks worldwide and its business has extended to more than 140 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Oceania.
With its solid expertise foundation, rich pool of professional personnel, readily available funding and grants, and an up-to-date management mechanism, SINOMACH has become one of the largest contractors for international projects, and one of the largest traders for imports and exports. It is the strongest commercialization base for product research and development in the machinery sector and houses the most powerful workforce for the sector's engineering prospect and design and construction. For many mispelled years successively, SINOMACH has been listed by the US ENR as the first fifty of "The Top 225 International Contractors""and the first one hundred of  "The Top 200 International Design Firms".
SINOMACH is dedicated to becoming a multi-national group company, incorporating manufacture, trade, scientific research and finance into one entity, taking people as foundation, market as guidance, innovation as power and engineering contract as the main body; Additionally, combining domestic & foreign trades and high-tech products development and manufacture as its two wings through everlasting pursuit of scientific management and diversification of capital structure. /FONT>
Large-scale projects contracting and complete sets of equipment providing are the core business for SINOMACH. Over a period of many years,SINOMACH has completed nearly 1000 turn-key projects and complete sets of equipment,and accumulated a wealth of experience. Main business strategy & objectives focus on:
Power Engineering:
SINOMACH remains in a stable position as the No 1 company within China related to the exportation of power stations. Its total exported & installed capacity reaches up to 10 million KW, contributing more than 70% of China's exported power generating plant. SINOMACH achieved many “No.1s?among all Chinese exporters.
Metallurgy and Mining Engineering:
SINOMACH has provided complete mining & steel plants to Baosteel, Ansteel, and many other large-sized steel mills, & coal mining operations, covering excavation, sorting and conveying both domestically and overseas.
Complete Plants of Large Plate Continuous Casters
1580mm Hot Strip Mill Line installed at Baosteel
120T converter for Jinan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation
 Petro-Chemical & General-Purpose Engineering, 
SINOMACH has provided complete sets of oil field equipment and off shore oil drilling platforms to Daqing, Shengli and many other oil fields. It also has installed more than 30 complete sets of oil refining equipment in oil refineries.
Drilling equipment for export
350Nm3/h air separation equipment and 400Nm3/h O2 and N2 liquefactions device put into operation in the Philippines
Hydrocraking reactor, Zhen Hai Petroleum Chemical
Industrial Engineering:
SINOMACH is powerful, with rich experience in the field of industrial engineering. it undertook a great number of large-scale projects and has been awarded hundreds of prizes from the state, provinces and ministries.
Project for SGM Dongyue Automobile Co., Ltd
SGMW Wuling Painting Shop Project
Communications and Transportation Engineering:
SINOMACH has successfully undertaken & accomplished numerous projects concerning the building of various types of bridges, railways, subways, roads & shipyard construction, for both domestic and overseas clients.
The Philippines Railway Project
The Myitkyina Bridge in Myanmar
Rollingstock project in Turkumanistan
Subway electric & ventilation project in Iran
Thanlwin Bridge in Myanmar
Complete facilities of Guangzhou Huangpu Xinsha Coal and Mineral Dock
Complete equipment for loading and unloading at the Qinhuangdao Coal Terminal
Shipbuilding Engineering:
SINOMACH is very capable in ship design, manufacture and contract. It has exported large amounts of ships, tens of thousands DWT to Europe and Southeast Asian area, and overall contracted numerous shipyards overseas.
The Thilawa Shipyard in Myanmar
30,000 DWT cargo vessel for Cyprus
4,800 DWT multi-purpose cargo vessel for Germany
19,000 DWT chemical carrier for Italy
50,000 DWT bulk carriers exported to Denmark and Greece
Telecommunication Engineering:
Telecommunication is a new field & industry with strong prospects for SINOMACH. In recent years, it has contracted to modernize the national communication systems in Bangladesh and Nigeria.
Telephone exchange system installed in Bangladesh
Digital Telecommunication System Around all 58 District Headquarters of Bangladesh

Environmental Protection Engineering:

In recent years SINOMACH has been involved in a large number of environmental protection projects and equipment supply both domestically and overseas. Environmental protection projects include urban sewage treatment, garbage disposal & management, environment observation, and the re-structuring & re-equipping of companies with extremely poor environmental histories and records.
Sewage Treatment Works in Chengdu
Biomass Power Plant located at Nanhai,Guangzhou
Pretreatment works for Shanghai sewage project
Beijing Gaobeidian Sewage Treatment Plant
Agricultural Engineering:
SINOMACH has undertaken many agricultural engineering projects including irrigation systems, pumping stations and water distribution projects in China and other countries.
The water supply project in Venezuela
Equipment of the Sondos Pumping Station arriving at Sudan Port
Pumping station project in Bangladesh
Irrigation project in Philippines
Light Industry and Textile Engineering:
SINOMACH has achieved gratifying successes in the light and textile industries. It has completed dozens of turn-key sugar refineries and textile mills in overseas markets.
Sarlingyi Spinning and Weaving Factory in Myanmar
Thai Melon Textile Mill in Thailand
Sugar mill in Vietnam
Yong Seik Sugar Mill in Myanmar
Reconstruction-on-new-site project of Chongqing Cigarette Factory
Building Materials Engineering:
Cement Plant in Vietnam
Luoyang Float Glass Factory
Float Glass Factory in Indonesia

kyaukse Township Cement Plant in Myanma


Since 2001,SINOMACH has been listed as No. 50 on the "The Top 225 International Contractors".
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