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Power Generation
     Big Power Plant Projects  
     GE Gas Turbine Power Plant Project  
       3x42mw gas turbine plant proposal  
     15MW Heat recovery plant GE 6B Gas Turbine Plant  
     200mw Coal Fired Plant  
     600mw ultra super critical power plant  
     1500mw GE gas turbine plant  
     3x750mw Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant  
     360000 M3/D Sea Water Desalination  
     geothermal power plant  
       Work Scope  
       Design Data  
       Steam Turbine  
       Cooling System  
       Water System  
       Instrumentation Auto.  
     Diesel power Plant  
     waste heat recovery power plant  
       4.5MW Waste heat recovery 2500t/d Cement Line  
       7.5MW Waste heat recovery 2x2500t/d Cement Line  
       9MW Waste heat recovery 5000t/d Cement Line  
       18MW Waste heat recovery 2x5000t/d Cement Line  
       Technical Proposal of 9MW Recovery Plant  
       Power Plant Connection and Main Equipments  
       Main Equipment Recovery Plant  
       Power Plant Construction Schedule  
       China Reference List waste heat Plants  
       Preliminary Proposal for Cement Plant  
     Thermal Power proposal  
     Questionnaire for Gas/HFO/Liquid Fuel Power Plant  
     Power project reference  
       Thermal plant List  
       Foreign Small plant  
       Reference of Sinomach  
       Diesel generator plant list   
       waste heat recovery power plant list  
       Gas Turbine Power plant Reference  
     Indicative quotation of 2x50MW coal fired plant  
     Estimated Quotation for Plant  
     China large scaled industry power project  
     Gas Engine Generator power plant  
       Proposal quotation of 2x2.6mw gas engine generator  
       500kw-5200kw gas engine generator series  
       500kw-5500kw Gas-Duel fuel diesel Generator  
     China top conveyor belt for power, mining, port  

Diesel Generator Proposal

Power Plant Proposal
Required Information for Power Plant Project design and quotation

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China Number ONE EPC or Turnkey Contractor for Power Plant Projects

You need to download the ebook on EPC and financing from China, it has already helped sign billions USD projects with financing from China. You can visit a list of our EPC+Financing Ebook Buyer

New developlment for our power plant projects, we have been moving to bigger power plant projects with financing arranged by us from our China Eximbank of soft loan or commercial loan or buyer's credit against sovereign guarantee or commercial guarantee, and we should be exclusive EPC contractor for these projects through negotiation. So if you are agents or employers, please contact us for details or refer to more details information on big EPC contracted project financing.

We are main contractor, EPC contractor, or turnkey contractor for thermal power plant from China. The thermal power plant can be of fossil fuel as coal and natural gas or even biomass, hydro power and other HFO. Our main business scope is with the thermal power plant capacity from 50MW to 2000MW. And the equipments as steam turbine, gas turbine, generator, and boiler and services as design, installation, commissioning and O&M are from China's top 5 producers and suppliers when you are working with our China' NUMBER ONE EPC, so our EPC contracting is satisfactory and competitive, when compared with our competitors from the world.

We have draw our more than 30 years of experience from power generation market, and with full support from Chinese government, top equipments producers and service providers. One during the last two month in 2009, we have contracted several power generation projects as main EPC, with cooperation from major equipment suppliers as GE JV in China, Harbin, Dongfang for boiler and steam turbine and generator, these are respectively 850, 890, 1200, 260 million USD coal fired, gas fired power projects, now they are under the process of constructing or evaluating by the EPC or Exim bank for soft loan against sovereign or commercial guarantee

We are a main contractor of power generation, transmission and distribution in the developing nations such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Middle Asia, Southern America and African Continent.

Our power and electricity plant  projects range mainly from medium capacity of 50mw to well over 2000 megawatts. The power fuel can be fossil fuel (gas, coal, oil), geothermal, hydro, and green energy sources for energy. we also provide turnkey project for standby power plant as diesel generator sets, such as MAN HFO diesel generator plants made in China under license.

Nowadays, industrial plants are one of the main consumption of energy and emission of waste gas resulting energy waste and gas exhaust, so we cooperated with our equipment manufacturers and designers, developed waste heat recovery power plant for industries such as cement plant, steel works, refinery and other heavy energy consumption and waste emission industrial plants. 

We highly welcome power producers from utility developers, industrial self-supplied or captive power producers, to contact us for proponent and planning of medium to large sized power plants.

During Chinese central planning times, only state-owned-enterprises were authorized to cooperate or do business with foreign companies, so these privileged companies including Chinacables, CNACIO, Sinomach, CMEC owning import and export licenses have been doing business with their foreign counterparts for years. All the main equipment producers and consulting companies from China are affiliated to the Ministry of Machinery and Electrical Industry, which is now corporate as Sinomach, the largest machinery group in China with 75% of share of the delivered power projects or equipment from China to the world. The Chinese manufacturers could only produce equipments according to orders offered by State Owned Foreign business companies such as Chinacables, CMEC.

Although China has entered new times of market economy, theoretically all the Chinese companies are allowed to do foreign business. But our major EPCs have accumulated much more experience and expertise in foreign oriented business than our newly authorized Chinese contractor or equipment suppliers. But in order to upgrade our international competitiveness and to offer our clients higher quality and wider scale of services, we are uniting all our main equipment manufacturers from China who have cooperated with for years or even decades to setup consortium called China-Power-Consortium to bid the power plants projects in the our targeted areas. Number one China EPC acts in the China-Power-Consortium as the leading or prime  member or main contractor. Combining the strengths and experience of each of these companies from China under one Group allows us to  provide both services and critical equipments that are designed and manufactured by China suppliers.

Planning a new power plant requires a significant amount of planning to insure the investment receives of the sponsors or investors maximum economic rewards. By the term "main contractor or turnkey," this means we take the lead in the project development process, which includes;

  • Engineering (including engineering & economic feasibility studies, project design, air quality and site permitting requirements, etc.)

FEED (Front End Engineering Design)

FEED (Front End Engineering Design) means Basic Engineering which is conducted after completion of Conceptual Design or Feasibility Study. At this stage, before start of E.P.C (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), various studies take place to figure out technical issues and estimate rough investment cost. This work is normally contracted to EPC Contractor such as Chiyoda, as an optional contract or through bidding. The product of the activity is called “FEED Package?which amounts up to dozens of files and will be the basis of bidding for EPC Contract.

It is important to reflect client’s intentions and project specific requirements in to the FEED Package without fail, in order to avoid significant change during EPC Phase. The FEED Work takes about 1 year in case of large sized project such as LNG plant. As it is essential to maintain close communication with client, it became a common practice that client stations at Contractor’s office during the work execution.

We have our own feasibility study and design team working with us from China for our clients, so that we can verify and assess the exact investment volume for the planned projects according to China's equipment and service. In the study report and design we will provide detailed projects planning and proposal from very aspects, such as environmental, economic, governing policy, technical and commercial factors in an earlier stage so to avoid the risks which can be avoided or assessed. And we also provide measures and proposal to solve these problems through our expertise and even support from Chinese Government.

  •  Procurement :As earlier as the feasibility study or planning stage, we always invite our China equipments suppliers or subcontractors to join us so that they can provide the most feasible main equipments from China, such as turbine, generator, boiler and other key thermal or electrical equipments. This earlier participation of our suppliers could reduce the time period from whole power plant projects, avoid the tedious and time consuming revisal of the initial proposal, lower the total price of the power plant  projects, or even help the sponsors to be clearly visible to the hidden risks.

We have been working with thousands of suppliers for decades ever from the Chinese planning economy era when we were affiliated to the same governing Ministry of Machinery and Electrical, and through our efforts and close cooperation in the world market, we have achieved a lot of successful projects, which have won the praise and word of mouth from our customers. We always know how to hand-pick the most suitable suppliers for most advanced projects or shoestring buget power project no matter it is of several megawatt or hundreds of megawatt.

  • Construction, Equipment erection and Project Management

Our Chinese supervisors and consultants will be available at the power plant sites to work face to face with all the staff from suppliers and employers and other sides.

Even though we have the ability to undertake the civil engineering subcontracts, we suggest that the civil engineering tasks be contracted by a local civil engineering subcontractor for the sake to reduce the total investment from the sponsors. We can provide all the power plantAll the equipments erection and installation and commissioning are our full responsibility.

  • Project Inspection, Testing and Commissioning

Even at the planning phase we would invite our clients to manufacturers workshop to inspect the manufacturing facility and samples, they can go the workshop whenever they want in China. We call this as workshop INSPECTION.

The clients can test and exam all the equipment' parts, material and machining tools or even the testing instrument or meters. All the equipments parts for the power plant are designed, machined and tested to most popular international standard or their equivalent standards for power plant. The final testing results will abide to Supporting documents according to QA/QC standards.

After completion, we will undertake a test on completion.

We will carry out the commissioning of the Power Plant in accordance with the program to be submitted to and approved by the Employer and also in accordance with the provisions of the QA/QC program.

As soon as is the unit operation tests are successful completed the performance tests can be started.  We also conduct guaranteed performance and plant availability test to make sure the plant achieve ideal performance.
          * Project Funding/Financing
          * Power Purchase Agreements/Energy Service Agreements
          * Qualifying Facilities Application and Permitting
          * Long-Term Service Agreements

We usually design and construct the power plant for the operation life span of 20-30 year on normal performance which is the same in China. Sufficient consumable spares and essential replacement parts will be provided to cover the event of breakdown which would affect the operation on safety of the power plant during test and commissioning and life span of the whole power plants.

We also can provide daily operation management services and maintenance the power plant

Now lets come to the individual tasks or jobs of every consortium member. Chinacables as the main contractor has signed agreement with each consortium member for the power generation project in our market areas. Each member has been in its own business for years or even 50 years, most of them are main players in their respective professional area. For example Chinacables and CMEC have been main contractor or supplier in foreign electricity projects for more than 30 years with hundreds of successful credentials.

EPC contractor

In the China-Power-Consortium, EPC contractor acts as main contractor or EPC contractor representing the consortium to contact with our clients for all the power generation business from planning to final maintenance of the power station. And it will bear all the liability and responsibility of the contract signed by our clients and EPC contractor.

EPC contractor's main task and assignment in this consortium:

1.  Initial business contact and coordination with our clients as power producers and subcontractors;

2.  applying license for foreign projects with Chinese government;

3.  contract signing with power producers;

4.   all the financial issues including payment, bank or performance guarantee, arrangement of government preferential soft loans, buyer's or seller's credit  to power producers; And hand pick the equipments and products demanded in the contracts and procure the around the world, most of them from China.

5.   coordinating with all the sub-contractors for plant design, and their equipment procurement; hand-pick the best suitable equipment from the points of our clients;

6.   site equipment erection and commissioning;

7.   after takeover guarantee and spare part supplier;

8.   operation and maintenance.

All of our consortium members have cooperated with us for years or even decades, most of them are the formers subsidiaries of Ministry of Machinery and Electrical Industry. This consortium has completed more than 30% of the whole Chinese thermal power plants EPC contracts. We can provide the most advanced equipments such turbine, boiler, generator and transformer. For detailed information on these main equipments of power plant, please refer to our equipments supplying section.

Credential and reference Lists:

As being introduced, EPC contractor has been a key player from China in the world electricity transmission and distribution industry for decades. During recent years when electricity demand is booming, EPC contractor integrated all its experience and expertise in the electricity industry, especially in the world market, to setup a specialized department fully oriented to the power plant projects in the world market. It has contracted as main contractor or subcontractor in the power generation, transmission and distribution in more than 300 projects.

Here is a example of project information which is needed for us to review:

Project Description
This is a Thermal Power Project with an estimated power generation capability of 625 MW. The Power is going to be generated using indigenous Coal which is being procured via a signed agreement for supply linkage with Coal xxx. The project is expected to be located near the town of xxx and is situated approximately 18 km from the coal mines where coal is going to be supplied to this project. The nearest connect point of the xxx state power grid is located approximately 10 km from the project site. The connection between the project and the grid has to be made as a part of the project and is likely to cost approximately INR 5-7 Lacs per km. 
Project - Present Status 
Activity Present Status Comments
Co-operation MoU with State Government of xxx
Active and signed as per standard Timeframe for completion is by April 2011.industry terms. Working to enter into the fnal Agreement.
Timeframe for completion is by April 2011
Long Term Coal Linkage Agreement Submitted. considered, approved and signed with Coal xxx Limited for quantities required for generation of 600 MW of power.
Terms are provided in the Letter of Association. Bank Guarantee (BG) of INR 20 Cr provided based on the LoA.
Water Allocation Permission granted; Deposit of Commitment charges amounting to INR 5 Lacs has been paid. Company is currently working to enter into a final agreement with the State Dept of Water Resources, Govt of Chhattisgarh.
Timeframe for completion is by April 2011
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Not done Up to 25% of generated capacity can be part of the PPA with the state govt; balance can be used for Merchant Trade.
Project Cost & Financial Closure Completed. Estimated cost of project is INR 2600 Cr. Consortium ofxxx Banks has sanctioned a debt of INR 2180 Cr with promoters' equity of INR 520 Cr using a DE Ratio of 4:1.
Promoters have currently spent INR 75 Crtowards project related expenses as part of their equity towards the overall project cost.
Land Acquisition Out of a total requirement of 550 Acres, 50% of land has been acquired;
This activity is expected to be completed by June 2011
Environmental Clearance ToR and Public Hearing processes completed and approved. Environmental Impact Assessment report has been submitted and final clearance is expected
by March 2011.
State and Central Govt to work jointly and issue the EC certificate.
Expected Project Construction Timeframe 27 months duration with work starting immediately after receiving Environmental Clearance Certificate.
Technical Project Consultants NOT APPOINTED.
Project Technology and Equipment NOT DECIDED.
Promoters' Intent Looking for immediate Full Exit upon getting fair value.
Considering joint equity partners as nextoption.

  Big Power Plant Projects
- CMEC signed total 900mw coal fired power projects in Sri Lanka 27/11 2009

  GE Gas Turbine Power Plant Project

  15MW Heat recovery plant GE 6B Gas Turbine Plant

  200mw Coal Fired Plant

  600mw ultra super critical power plant

  1500mw GE gas turbine plant

  3x750mw Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant

  360000 M3/D Sea Water Desalination

  geothermal power plant
- pump YX3--315L1--2/160KW 14/10 2019
- quotation for our 2x3mw in Africa geothermal power station and scope of supply 6/6 2014

  Diesel power Plant

  waste heat recovery power plant
- Quotation on 15MW waste heat recovery power plant for 6500TPD cement plant 5/6 2013
- Inquiry sheet for Cement Heat Recovery Power Plant 19/11 2008
- Site Inspection Cement Heat Recovery Power plant 27/10 2008
- Sample inquiry on cement Heat recovery plant 23/10 2008
- Srew Expanding heat recovery generator set 22/9 2008
- proposal 50mw coal fired heat recovery plant 22/8 2008
- 15mw Heat Recovery Plant for 5400T/D Cement 30/7 2008

  Thermal Power proposal
- Used Steam Turbine Plants from China 3/6 2008
- Quotation for 2X50MW Thermal Power Plant 15/11 2006
- Quotation for 2X50MW Thermal Power Plant 15/11 2006
- Sample Quotation of thermal plant 2x50mw 15/11 2006

  Questionnaire for Gas/HFO/Liquid Fuel Power Plant


  Power project reference

  Indicative quotation of 2x50MW coal fired plant

  Estimated Quotation for Plant

  China large scaled industry power project
- Technical proposal and Offer for 2X12MW Coal Fired Steam Power Plant 10/10 2013
- Offer for 12MW Pakistan Coal Fired Steam Power Plant 22/8 2013


  Gas Engine Generator power plant
- 6 x 2MW 11kV Gas Fired Containerised CAT Generator set 6/6 2014
- CAT BIOGAS GENERATOR G3508A G3512A G3516A 15/5 2014
- Quotation for CAT G3516H on 6 x 2MW 11kV Gas Fired Containerised Generator Unit 15/5 2014
- Technical Proposal and Offer of 600kW Gas Engine Generator Power Plant 14/6 2013
- Supplying of gas engine generator of 12V190-1000rpm-600kW:for high content hydrogen coke oven gas 5/6 2013
- quotation for 500kw, 600kw, 1000kw biogas gas engine generator sets 17/5 2013
- Technical Specification of 700kW 1200kW High Power Gas Generator Set 2/4 2013
- Cummins Marine Generator Set (35KW-800KW) 27/2 2013
- Deutz Diesel Generator Set (22KW-2000KW) 27/2 2013


  China top conveyor belt for power, mining, port
- China Top Mining Machine For grinding mill, jaw fine crusher, sand making machine hammer crusher 3/6 2013
- Belt Convey Equipment quotation 11/5 2012

- Solar cell module production process 27/12 2010
- Phono Solar sales Overseas engineering Successful cases 20/12 2010
- Phono Solar product schematic 17/12 2010
- Phono Solar Production factory schematic 17/12 2010

- 500KW 1000KW Natural Gas Gensets CHP with cover and heating system for end users in the building 30/8 2013
- Technical Specification of SD 700kW 1200kW High Power Gas Generator Set 2/4 2013
- SD Biomass Generator Set Model 500GFZ1-PwG(500KW/50Hz/400V) Quotation 25/10 2012
- SD 200 KW Biomass Generating Set Quotation 20/9 2012
- Natural Gas Compressor Fittings Flame Arrestor Quotation 4/9 2012
- 10x500KW Straw gasification and Generating set equipment and material list quotation 23/8 2012
- 2x500KW Straw gasification and Generating set equipment and material list quotation 23/8 2012
- 270 tons of garbage gasification engineering equipment estimate table 17/7 2012
- SD 400 KW Natural gas generating set quotation 17/7 2012
- SD 180 KW Natural gas generating set quotation 12/7 2012

- CNPC 1000KW H16V190ZLT1-2 series gas generating set technical features specifications and quotation 6/11 2012
- CNPC 2000KW 9L 26/32 series gas generating set technical features specifications and quotation 31/10 2012
- 4x1200KW H16V190ZLT1-2 Gas Generator Quotation 23/10 2012
- 1.5MW 12V190ZDT Gas Generator Quotation 7/9 2012
- The 10MW H16V190ZLT1-2 High Speed Machine Gas Power Station Quotation 17/8 2012
- The 10MW 12V26/32 Medium Speed Machine Gas Power Station Quotation 17/8 2012
- The 6X500KW Gas Power Station Quotation 9/8 2012
- CNPC the 26/32 series gas generating set technical features and specifications 18/7 2012
- The 3MW CHP Gas Power Plant Quotation 10/7 2012
- 20MW BH12V190ZL The Gas Power Station Quotation 4/7 2012

- gas gensets 1.2 MW gas power stations 22/3 2022
- Quotation for 12MW Biomass Power Plant (24X500kw) 26/4 2012
- Famous Brand SD 100kw 4190 biogas genset quotation 26/4 2012
- Quotation of Coal Fired Power Plant 3x130t-h-3x25MW-60hz 16/1 2012
- Technical proposal and quotation on 1x75MW Fibre and Coal Fired steam turbine Power Plant 6/1 2012
- Technical proposal and quotation on 1x50MW Fibre and Coal Fired steam turbine Power Plant 6/1 2012
- Technical proposal and quotation on 3x25MW Fibre and Coal Fired steam turbine Power Plant 6/1 2012
- Spare parts for power plants 4 18/1 2011
- Spare parts for power plants 3 18/1 2011
- Spare parts for power plants 2 18/1 2011
- Spare parts for power plants 18/1 2011
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/CIVIL WORKS 15/9 2009
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/COMMUNICATION 15/9 2009
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/WATER SUPPLY 15/9 2009
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/WATER SUPPLY 15/9 2009
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/instrument and control system 15/9 2009
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/ELECTRICAL SYSTEM-2 10/9 2009
- Technical Documents 1x200 MW COAL FIRED POWER PLANT/ELECTRICAL SYSTEM-1 10/9 2009

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