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Diesel Generator Proposal

Power Plant Proposal
Required Information for Power Plant Project design and quotation

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We can be your EPC contractor, equity partner and supplier for your MAN, Wartsila, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, ZGPT HFO power plant
If you are going to work with us for power plant project by using MAN, Wartsial, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, ZGPT hfo diesel generator power plant, Please find one or several local partners who are willing to joint hand with us as IPP/PPP for MAN, Wartsial, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, ZGPT hfo diesel generator power plant from 10mw to 100MW, we can start from smaller one and then enlarge to bigger power plant. Our side can supply:
1.       Equity investment in the PPP/IPP as a joint venture, investment can be from million USD to 20 million USD, or we can provide upto 30% of the total equity investment as shareholder, balance of the equity should be supplied by foreign local partners.
2.       Financing from Chinese bank in the form of commercial loan or buyer’s credit (we are very experienced in our big project financing ranging from 100 million to billions USD during the past years for power projects, most of them are through concessionary loan from China Eximbank ). Here is a sample of letter of intent for one of our Kenya 80mw hfo power plant project in which our consortium act as minor IPP equity holder, EPC, and financing loan facilitator
3.       MAN, Wartsial, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, ZGPT hfo diesel generator power plant to the IPP power plant.
4.       Apply with Chinese bank for 70% of the contract value as buyer’s credit loan;
5.       Apply with Chinese policy insurance company of Sinosure for the 70% of the financing for the project. Here is a sample Letter of Intent issued by Sinosure for our Kenay 80mw hfo power project.
4.       EPC for the power plant with Chinese EPC and MAN, Wartsial, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, ZGPT support for the hfo diesel generator or duel fuel power plant of  oth oil and gas fuel.
5.       Operation: we will support with full time technicians and managers in the power plant to achieve performance, reducing total cost, availability of over 8000 hours per year.
6.       Maintenance and spare parts: we will supply with spare parts from MAN, Wartsial, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, ZGPT world spare parts supply chain with quality and competitive price.
Local PPP/IPP partners should provide:
1.       Locate Land for the power plant with local or federal government;
2.       Get the PPA (power purchase agreement) with the power authority
3.       Coordinate with water, fuel, gas and other needed documents for the EPC and power plant operation and maintenance.
4.       Clear foreign exchange and custom formalities
5.       self fund for equity financing in the joint venture (at least 15-30% of the total EPC contract value).
6.       provide bank guarantee acceptable by Chinese banks to the 70% the EPC contract valuce as buyer’s credit loan for the power projects. 
As EPC, IPP, financing facilitator, supplier, O&M contractor, and spare parts supplier, we can supply you quality equipments and services with much lower price to help you and your partner reduce your costs for projects.
And to our experience and information, the used HFO sets from China is not easy to locate now, most of the used HFO or low speed/middle speed hfo generator sets have been sold during the last three years. Only these in bad condition are left. So we can design to your low cost or budget hfo power plant with quick dilvery to replace these demands for used heavy fuel oil generator sets. Mitsubishi or Hyundai HFO gensets are of the same specifications of MAN (licensed to them), but price is lower and delivery time is quick. We have set up cooperation with the brands too.
Our plant runs on the more affordable alternative: HFO,  also known as No.6 Oil. Bunker Fuel or Low Pour Fuel Oil. HFO usually trades at aroundhalf the price of LFO, and is generally taxed less.

Licensed Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Diesel Generator Sets in 1mw-10MW from MAN, Hyundai and Mitsubishi

Brand new MAN HFO diesel generator sets are made in China under license from MAN, the available models: MAN 9L32/40 (4.1mw), MAN 12V32/40 (5.5mw), MAN 8L32/40 (3.5mw), and also 8350kw MAN 18V32/40. Now the lead delivery time is about 6-8 months, and then every month delivery 3 units. The MAN hfo diesel genrator sets have been installed in the world for power genration by using diesel and heavy fuel oil as fuel for base load generation and continuous generation. These HFO diesel generator are licensed by MAN to our producers.

Here is technical proposals of MAN hfo diesel diesel generator sets and power plant:

1. 8x4.1mw MAN 9L32/40 hfo diesel generation power plant

2. 6x5,5mw MAN 12V32/40 hfo diesel generation power plant

3. 3x3.5mw MAN 8L32/40 hfo diesel generation power plant

4. 8x8350kw MAN 18V32/40 Hfo diesel generator power plant technical proposal.

5. 10 units of 5.5MW MAN 12V32/40 HFO diesel generator plan with Quotationon and technical proposal

6. 3mw-9MW MAN 18V 32/40 HFO diesel generator sets

7. 10x6790kw MAN 14V32/40 HFO Diesel Generator plant proposal

8. 3x2MW DG HFO Diesel Generator plant proposal

9. 2x2MW DG HFO Diesel Generator plant proposal

- The Technical Program of 50MW HFO MAN 9L32/40 Power Generating Plant 10/6 2010

- 50MW power plant Summary 10/6 2010

- 9L32/40 Technical parameter for Generator Sets 9/6 2010

- The Technical Program of 100MW HFO MAN 9L32/40 Power Generating Plant 9/6 2010

- 18V32/40 Technical parameter for Generator Sets 9/6 2010

- The Technical Program of 100MW HFO MAN 18V32/40 Power Generating Plant 9/6 2010


- Technical Response POWER GENERATOR SETS 28/5 2010

- 32-40 Exhaust gas emissions 28/5 2010

- 3X8L32-40 POWER PLANT LAYOUT MAP 28/5 2010

- scope of supply 27/5 2010

18V2000G65 MTU Technical parameters of diesel generator sets 26/5 2010

- The Technical Program of 60MW HFO Power Generating Plant 26/5 2010




- MAN HFO SPARE PARTS 5229970182 20/4 2010

- We are planning to be independent power producer with MAN HFO sets 2/4 2010

- Schedule of Rates of 10MW power station 30/3 2010

- Schedule of Rates of 6MW power station 30/3 2010

- MAN/7L16/24 MAN(50HZ,380V) 30/3 2010

Hyundai HFO diesel generator power plant and generator sets.


- Quotation on 1425KW ZGPT-HYUNDAI 6H25/331425KW hfo diesel gensets and MTU Diesel genset 3/11 2010

- HYUNDAI 6H25/33 diesel generating sets in the heavy fuel oil power station 13/10 2010

- 6H32/40 HYUNDAI Technical parameter for Generator Sets 12/10 2010

- 7H32/40 HYUNDAI Technical parameter for Generator Sets 12/10 2010

-8x8293kW  Hyundai 18H32/40V HFO diesel generator power plant proposal

-8x5.5mw 12H32/40V Hyundai hfo diesel generator plant proposal 31/8 2010

Mitsubishi HFO Diesel genrator sets and power plant proposal:

- Mitsubishi 18MARK-30B Series of 5180kw to 8100kw hfo diesel generator sets 24/11 2010

- The 49MW Mitsubishi 18MARK-30B HFO Power Station configuration description 24/11 2010

China Heay fuel oil diesel power generator from 1mw to 2mw

Chinese Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Diesel generator sets are provided by us as both prime diesel power plant  and standby power plant for the power plants and other infrastructures. The heavy oil diesel power plant can be installed by single unit or combined together by more than one unit of HFO diesel generator set for higher capacity such as 10x2MW, 16x1MW, 8x2MW, 20x2MW. Also we can supply small unit capacity of Heavy oil diesel generator, but our main focus are on larger capacity of 1MW or 1000kw, 1.5MW or 1500kw and 2MW or 2000kw fueled by heavy fuel oil.

  • Advanced equipment for HFO diesel generator

The heavy oil diesel generator is equipped with stationary diesel engine, brushless synchronous generator or alternator and high or low-voltage control board. It is equipped with protective equipment against overload, short-circuit, over-voltage, insufficient voltage protection device, and alarm system giving warning in the event of low lubrication pressure, over-temperature of cooling water and oil.

  • Low oil consumption of lube and heavy oil 

Most of the heavy fuel oil diesel generator types are of  medium speed series diesel  engine. The design and manufacture of this product has incorporated the foreign and domestic advanced technology for high and medium speed diesel engine. These diesel generators have  the advantage of lower fuel consumption, steady performance, durable and convenient operation. Apart from used in power plant, the engine is also suitable to be used as the main and auxiliary engine for ocean fishing ships, passenger transport ships, freighter and work boats. They are produced by the most famous diesel generator producer in China.

For power plant, it can be used in the steel, cement, light industry, and other lower consumption industry or even power supply for household.

The diesel generator  can be fueled by diesel oil and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)

  • Key parts imported from Western producers

By drawing both inner self innovation and international major players?technical strength, we have procured major equipments for FO diesel generator from international main part producers. The diesel generators including diesel engine and alternator we reommended are designed and manufactured entirely by China, or Chinese supplier of parts,  not under license. Main parts installed on the diesel generator are imported from foreign manufacturer for diesel generator as follows: 

Turbocharger: ABB (Sweden), Governor: Woodward (USA), After cooler and lube oil cooler: GEA (Germany) 

The diesel generators with HFO or heavy oil as fuel we recommended enjoy the largest occupancy on the China market and the manufacturer is the largest supplier for middle speed diesel engines and generators in China. They have been installed in the most critical weather condition such African for years and thousand sets are running there. 

The benefits of the diesel generator with HFO capacity: 

Reliability and extended service life due to low speed, not like high-speed engine such as cummins, mtu, etc.; 

Lower operating costs due to heavy fuel oil (HFO) capability; 

Environmental friendly; Turnkey plant and after-sales service.

When compared with MAK, MAN, Wartsila and other middle speed famous bands, we are very competitive in cost effectiveness.

Here we have choose three models for your detailed securitization.

1. Technical Specification of 1MW or 1000kw diesel generator

2. Technical Specification of 1.5MW or 1500kw diesel generator

3. Technical Specification of 2MW or 2000kw diesel generator

4. Some pictures of the diesel generator sets.

  • China power EPC contracotor or turnkey contractor

We have finished diesel power plant as EPC contractor or turnkey contractor for more than years, from design, procurement, supplying, erection, commissioning, training and final operation and maintenance.

  •  And we also can provide you 1MW set of bio diesel oil generator for power plant based on our heavy oul diesel genset.

HFO Diesel Generator Power Plant Reference Record (Partial)






Engine type



Operating mode

Current state


18MW HFO Power Plant for Zijin Longxing Tuva Mining Project





Equipment supplier

Contract being executed


Sierra Leone Kono HFO Power Plant




Kono, Sierra Leone

Equipment supplier

Contract being executed


Sierra Leone Lungi Airport HFO Power Plant




Lungi, Sierra Leone

Equipment supplier

Contract being executed


Kenya Athi River 81MW HFO Power Plant





Equipment supplier

Contract being executed


Bangladesh Bosila HFO Power Plant,






Contract being executed


Bangladesh 2X108MW HFO Power Plant






Contract being executed


Liberia Project






Contract being executed


Liberia Project






Contract being executed


Pakistan 4X4MW HFO Power Plant






Tender Acceptance Letter received


Iraq 100MW HFO Power Plant





Equipment supplier

Memorandum of Understanding signed


Karbala Project




Karbala, Iraq

Equipment supplier

Tender Acceptance Letter received


Sierra Leone Makeni HFO Power Plant




M, akeni, Sierra Leone

Equipment supplier

Tender Acceptance Letter received







Tender Acceptance Letter received


Brazil Project






Tender Acceptance Letter received


Guinea Konakry HFO Power Plant






Tender accepted, expecting acceptance letter

Questions and Answers

Dear sir,
Smaller unit such as 3x8.75MW, or 4x6.5mw hfo power plant will predominant over the one bigger unit of 25mw hfo power project:
1. Lower primary investment: a. Lower equipment cost; b. Lower cost for civil work and installation due to less weight of single genset (1/3); c. Shorter construction period.
2. Easier for delivery, installation, removal, transfer, field replacement and expansion.
3. The whole plant has lower fuel consumption and higher heat if the surplus energy of waste gas is utilized plus gas turbine.
4. Suitable for power supply with high load, such as sudden load-up and un-load, function of peak regulation for power grid to ensure stable and reliable power grid, but if one 25MW genset fails, it shall lose 1/4 capacity for a 100mw hfo power plant.
5. The 32/40 genset model is the usual type, with strong commonality of spare parts, easy purchase and lower cost. At present, most power plant of above 50MW usually use this genset type.
6. Attachment is the 100MW power plant layout drawing, it’s need around 50,000 Sq. Metres
For a 2x3mw Hfo diesel generator power plant:
Dear sir,
a) About the HFO tank, instead of 500cbm, I would like to have 2000cbm. Indeed, the distance from Bujumbura up to the nearest sea port Dar-Es-Salaam is 1600km, so we need a big stock.
A. it will be add $350,000 with my experience, but I can’t offer final quote for 2000CBM now as we are in Chinese new year holiday now, so the quotation just as reference. You also can do it by yourself, we will design it for you, or supply you materials.
b) In your quotation, there is taxes and duties on your equipment: all the project is exempt of taxes and duties including your power plant.
A. our quotation does not include taxes and duties, if you can be exempted or not, you should apply with your custom.
c) All administration authorization is on my charge.
A. You means you will do?4 SUPERVISION?in price list by yourself? If this is the case then I can reduce $80,000 for it, or other tasks you can understake, please mark them out so that we can recalculate the scope of supply and quotation of the 6mw hfo power plant.
d) Can you add to your quotation spare parts needed for one working year?
A. roughly $200,000
You know final scope of supply and specification will greatly factor the final price, so this is why we strongly suggest you visit China to clarify, maybe two days enough.
Replies on 4x3mw MAN or Hyundai hfo diesel generator projects:
performance bond:
A: usually we do not attend tenders directly, so we do not wish to provide performance bond.
retention clause
and possibly a warranty bond
A.  we can offer warranty guarantee, but the details will be talked face to face.
What cost would that be for the duration of plant build/testing and commissioning and run up ?
A. EPC cost as your reference: cost:$400,000;  2.civil work:$1,900,000;  3.all equipment(including commissioning):9,600,000;  4.installation:2,980,000; (less than before); 5.maintanence of one year(spare parts200,000+labor cost150,000)
For 6mw hfo diesel generator power plant:
I need clarification about  3X8H25/33, what does it mean exactly?
A: 3X8H25/33 is means 3 units 8H25/33 which is our engine model.
About the 4 fuel tank, could you add civil work in you offer? I need also some details (specification).
A: Regarding the civil work of fuel tank, it is hard for me to quote now, because I don’t know local labor cost, materials, etc. we can design for you and send engineer to guide this work. But I will try to offer a rough budget ASAP for you reference.

Is your Company member of China Chamber of Commerce? If so, in which department? This is because the China Eximbank has asked me to request in the China Chamber of Commerce a recommendation for importing different items including your power plant.
A: we have handled billions of USD financing projects, this is the first time we are asked to handle such issues. It is not mandatory to be member of the China Chamber of Commerce to be financed by China Eximbank of other bank. If you can meet our terms which should be done by your side, then we will handle our Chinese side.
I am xxx Vice President Special advisor for international business, xxx is the China’s largest power EPC contractor, and ZGPT is xxx’s subcontractor for big power plant such as 100mw to 500mw, for small one, ZGPT can be supplier or EPC contractor by itself. So do not worry about too much, and do not let these non-expertise misguide to deadlock. Attached for one project to be by xxx, I am handling 5 billion USD port and Agric project, 1 billion navy basis with 100mw hfo plant project, 1 billion vessel project, all are EPC+financing.
Q & A for the 100mw MAN hfo power project:

1- What are the missing items to have a running power plant.

A. missing items mainly include civil work and island transportation of equipments, we can provide guidance for these work.

2- Testing, commissioning, start up and test run should be on your side.

A. yes, our quote include above item.

2- Can we ship the engine separately from the alternator to reduce weight and assemble genset on site?

A. yes

3- What is the total weight of engine alone, and alternator alone.

A. engine is 76.3 tons and alternator is approx 50 tons, the total weight of genset with common base frame is approx.141 tons

4- What is the delivery time?.

A. We ship all equipment include engine, fuel circuit, lube oil circuit and other units after 6-7 month fob China ports, and EPC period of 100MW is about 12 month( include transportation), however, the detailed delivery time depend on our order and customer’s requirement, which will be confirm when we negotiate the contract.

For MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Volvo diesel generator sets, please visit:

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·list of available of 6x12MW MAN Diesel Genset  ·or other capacity of diesel generator power plant. ·3x10MW Wartsila Used Diesel Power Plant ·6-10MW Man B&W,Sulzer, Deutz Used Diesel plant ·226MW Used Sulzer 16ZAV40S Diesel Generators ·2x11.5MW Used Sulzer Genset ·3x10.5MW used Wartsila VASA 12V46 generator sets

·list of available of 6x12MW MAN Diesel Genset  ·or other capacity of diesel generator power plant. ·3x10MW Wartsila Used Diesel Power Plant ·6-10MW Man B&W,Sulzer, Deutz Used Diesel plant ·226MW Used Sulzer 16ZAV40S Diesel Generators ·2x11.5MW Used Sulzer Genset ·3x10.5MW used Wartsila VASA 12V46 generator sets

  8x8735kw MAN 18V32/40 HFO Diesel power Proposal

  8x 4.1mw MAN 9L32/40 hfo power plant proposal

  10x5.5MW MAN 12V32/40 HFO diesel plant proposal

  3mw-9mw MAN 18V32/40 HFO Diesel generator

  6 units 5.5mw MAN 12V32/40 hfo diesel plant

  3x3.5mw MAN 8L 32/40 hfo diesel generator plant
- 2x1.5mva containerized MAN HFO diesel generator sets 10/6 2014
- Offer for 3x3MW Diesel-engine power plant 10/6 2014
- Technical Proposal and Offer of 30MW HFO Container Power Plant 19/12 2013

  1MW diesel generator 

  1.5MW Diesel Generator Set

  2M Diesel Generator Plant

  Sample Diesel Power Plant Proposal 9x2mw

  Diesel power Plant List

  Used Diesel Generator
- 2 units of MAN B&W 18V28/32A 4.5mw, 2 units of BLACKSTONE 12V 6500kw used hfo diesel genset 8/1 2010
- Auxiliary/Special tools for HFO Diesel Genset 26/3 2008
- China Used HFO Diesel Generator of BV12M640-4# 26/3 2008
- China Used HFO Diesel Generator DEUTZ BV16M640-3# 26/3 2008
- China Used Deutz BV16M640 HFO Diesel generator-2# 26/3 2008
- China Used Deutz BV16M640 HFO Diesel generator-1# 26/3 2008
- 4xMAN 18V40/45 Used HFO diesel genset 11/3 2008
- 3x10.5MW Wartsila Used HFO diesel generator 11/3 2008
- 5x12mw 5x10mw MAN Used HFO Diesel Sets 11/3 2008
- 2x10.5MW SULZER 2x8.8MWMAK 8M60 Used HFO sets 30/1 2008

  Diesel Generator Pictures
- 17x1mw diesel generator in Nigeria 15/11 2006

  Bio diesel generator power plant MW

  Sample Pack List for 10x2MW HFO diesel power Plant

- Quotation on Cummins 50kW Diesel Generator 11/12 2013
- Quotation of Perkins MTU 1MW and 1.5MW Diesel Generator Set 29/3 2013
- 3000kva diesel generator set specification and quotation 24/2 2009
- technical parameters of 2500kva diesel generator set 19/2 2009
- Cummins Diesel Generator of GF-640 Price List 17/2 2009
- 2000kva Cummins Diesel Generator quotation 12/12 2008
- 250kw Cummins Diesel Generator Price List 11/12 2008
- 150kw Cummins Diesel generator 5/12 2008
- 900kw Cummins, Perkins, Jichai Diesel gernator 1/12 2008
- 400kw 800kw Perkins Diesel Generator 12/11 2008


- Series N210 diesel engine 12/12 2018
- 8MW Gas Power station quotation details Caterpillar G3520E 10/8 2015
- Quotation for Caterpillar 12CM43 10MW HFO Based Power Station 3/6 2015
- Quotation of MAN 18V32/40 HFO Power Plant 100MW 25/5 2015
- 20 units of 20 MAN 9L21/31 containerized hfo power project data 8/4 2014
- HFO 5% sulphur content power plant needing desulphurization system 8/4 2014
- Proposal of 120MW Diesel Generator Set Power Plant 26/3 2014
- Configuration Analysis sheet for 60MW HFO Power Plant 18/3 2014
- Technical Proposal and Offer of 152MW HFO Power Plant for Ecuador 5/3 2014
- Technical Proposal and Offer of 24X1350KW HFO Container Power Plant in Indonesia 11/12 2013
- Mitsubishi engine S16RPTA parts fuel filters cartridge 32562-20300 9/10 2013
- Prices on Wartsila spare parts for Lube Oil Purifier SA-851 176599383 13/9 2013
- Quotation for YANMAR DIESEL GENERATOR ENGINE 4ESDL Liner 725320-01830-C 11/9 2013
- Specification for 1700KW DIESEL GENSET 6/9 2013
- Quotation and specification for 1000KW Diesel Generator set 5/9 2013
- Quotation and specification for 500KW diesel engine coupling set 3/9 2013
- Beraens BMV-N Recond Connecting Rod for the vessel 30/8 2013
- Technical Proposal and Offer of 4x2.5MW HFO Power Plant 5/7 2013
- Offer for A complete power plant with gas turbines 235 MW 50Hz 13/6 2013

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