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Diesel Generator Proposal

Power Plant Proposal
Required Information for Power Plant Project design and quotation

Home > Equipments > HFO Diesel generator & Marine HFO Engine > 1.5MW Diesel Generator Set


Technical specification of 1.5MW diesel generator power plant set from China

2.1.1 ISO Conditions
.   Air temp. to turbocharger inlet       27 deg. C
.   Atmospheric pressure                    750 mm Hg
.   Relative humidity                    60 %
.   Water temp. at charge air cooler inlet 27 deg. C
2.1.2 Site Conditions (Assumed)
.   Air temp. to turbocharger inlet     45 deg. C
.   Atmospheric pressure              750 mm Hg
.   Relative humidity                    60 %
.   Water temp. at Cooling tower outlet  32 deg. C
2.2 Rating of the D.G.set 
2.2.1 Under above mentioned site conditions
                 Rating at   Alternator Rating at
                 engine      efficiency alternator
                 crankshaft             terminal(MCR)
                    KWm       ( % )     KWe   KVA
(0.8 pf)
Nominal   1765         90.7      1500   1875
Note : COP rating will be 90 % of MCR



Technical particulars for the diesel engine are as follows:
.  Number of cylinders              8
  .  Arrangement of cylinders      In Line
.  Bore (mm) X Stroke (mm)       300 X 380
.  Type            4 stroke, single
                           acting, direct   
                charge air cooled
.  Rotational speed           500 RPM
.  Mean effective pressure       16.5 Bar
    at rated power & speed
.  Mean piston speed             6.33 m/sec.
.  Rotation as seen from      Clockwise
           coupling side.
.  Swept volume per cylinder     26.875 litres
.  Combustion chamber volume 2.067 litres
.  Compression ratio             13:1
.  Avg max. combustion pressure   130 bar
    (at rated power/speed)
3.2 Power rating
3.2.1 Rated power under ISO Conditions mentioned in       2.1.1
.  Maximum continuous rating (MCR)      2400 HP
   at engine crankshaft
.  Corresponding rotational speed  500  RPM
3.2.2  Under the following limiting ambient conditions :
. Air temp. at turbocharger inlet    45 deg. C
. Water temp. at charge air cooler inlet32 deg. C
Deration to power applicable for engine 0 %(nil)
Beyond the abovementioned limiting conditions, deration to power as per ISO 3046 will be applicable.
Rated Power under site conditions mentioned in 2.1.2                                         
.   Maximum continuous rating (MCR)     2400 HP
at engine crankshaft
3.2.3     The engine should be capable of accepting a sudden load as per the guidelines in ISO-8528-5-1993(e). As per this standard, the maximum sudden load increase stages are
         Baseload %     Sudden load   increase to %
1st Stage   0%          40               40%
2nd Stage      40%         30               70%
3rd Stage      70%         20               90%
4th Stage      90%         10              100%
During each of the above-mentioned stages of sudden   loading, the transient speed drop will be restricted to a maximum value of 10% of the rated speed.

3.3.1 Fuel
Each of the engine offered should be suitable for operation on Fuels:  HFO / DO.(max. viscosity  700 cst at 50 deg.C.)
Fuel consumption:
The hourly rate of fuel consumption per Metric Horse Power delivered at the crankshaft flange at rated power & speed (after running in of the engine & for engine with driven raw water, fresh water & lube oil pumps) is     148.00 gms, when engine operates at Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR).
FUEL CONSUMPTION (with 3 driven pumps)
                      G8300ZD10       Consumption at                  
         (500 RPM)           engine Cr.shaft
          100% Load 148.00           
SITE  -----------------------------------------------
                75% Load       150.00          
          50% Load       158.00         
The values are subject to a 3% tolerance and apply when burning fuel with a net calorific value of 10,200 KCal/Kg minimum.
3.3.2 Lubricating Oil:
Oil sump capacity (ltr)
The engine is equipped with a dry sump attached to the bottom of the crankcase. The lube oil for the engine is stored in a separate tank positioned away from the engine. This arrangement offers much more reliability than the wet sump arrangement & also increases the time between oil changes.
The total oil capacity of this lube oil tank is 1500 ltrs.
Lub oil consumption
The average lube oil consumption is 1.6 gm/kwh          (+/-0.2 gm/kwh) at MCR at crankshaft for a well-run engine.
Continuous centrifuging is essential for lube oil when operating on Furnace Oil.

3.4.1 Starting air circuit  Equipment fitted on the engine:
Compressed air starting equipment including:
-   One rotary distributor
-   One air starting valve in each cylinder head
-   Connecting air piping on the engine  Equipment delivered loose:
-   One air compressor air
-   One air bottle of 500 ltrs (30 bar) capacity. This capacity is enough to start the engine 7 times without intermediate refilling of the receiver.
- Complete interconnecting piping with flanges, fasteners, valves, non-return valves, bosses, supports, etc as necessary.
3.4.2 Lube Oil Circuit:  Equipment fitted on the Engine:
     - One engine driven lube oil supply pump
-   One engine driven lube oil draw pump
-    One pressure regulating valve
-    One lube oil thermostatic valve (option)
-   Complete interconnecting piping with flanges,                      fasteners, valves, non-return valves, bosses,                          supports, etc as necessary.  Equipment delivered loose:
-    One tank for lube oil (1500 ltrs capacity) with interconnections to the engine
-   One electric motor driven lube oil-priming pump (option)
-   One manual lube oil-priming pump
-   One lube oil separator for continuous lube oil purification
-   One lube oil cooler
-    One centrifugal lube oil filter (FLL75 bypass type)
3.4.3 Cooling Water Circuit
The engine cooling is achieved by open cooling water circuit.
Drawn by the water pump from the reservoir, the cooling water flows to the air cooler, and to the injector cooling oil cooler if provided and to the lube oil cooler, and then enters the inlet water main pipe and the turbocharger. The cooling water is discharged out through the outlet water main pipe. Between the inlet water main pipe and the outlet water main pipe there is a thermostatic valve with a sensor at the engine outlet water main pipe, which by-passes part of the outlet water to the inlet of the water pump to keep the water temperature to be not too low. Finally the water is cooled in a cooling tower. Equipment fitted on the engine:
-   One engine driven water pump 
-    One water thermostatic valve
-   One water-cooled charge air cooler  Equipment delivered loose:
-   One cooling tower (civil construction)
-   One dosing arrangement for water system (for    each D.G. Set).
3.4.4 Fuel Circuit
While starting or stopping the engine DO (Diesel Oil) is used as fuel. When the water temperature at inlet to engine is more than 60 deg.C and the HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) is heated to the required temperature, the fuel can be changed from DO to HFO through a 3-way fuel valve.  Equipment fitted on the engine:
-   Individual fuel injection pump for each cylinder  with fuel rack & linkages.
-   Individual injector fitted on each cylinder head.
-   High-pressure injection pipes
-   Main fuel rails for feeding and return.
-   High-pressure pipe connection for each cylinder  Equipment delivered loose:
1)              One HFO separator
2)              One fuel viscosity control unit (booster)      consisting of:
Two electric motor driven fuel feed pump (one for working, one for standby);
Two electric motor driven fuel booster pump (one for working, one for standby);
One duplex type coarse filter;
One pressure-regulating valve;
One steam heater for HFO;
One flow meter for HFO;
One 3 way fuel changeover valve;
One viscosimeter & temp controller;
One emergency pressure safety valve;
One duplex type fine filter;
one mixing vessel with safety valve;
One pressure-regulating valve in fuel return;
- Complete interconnecting piping with flanges, fasteners, valves, non-return valves, bosses,    supports, etc   as necessary up to Day Tank.
3.4.5     Air intake & Exhaust system  Equipment fitted on the engine:
-   Lagged set of exhaust manifold with expansion   bellows
-   One ABB turbocharger.
-   Exhaust outlet connection with expansion bellow.  Equipment delivered loose:
-   One exhaust silencer
-   Insulation /lagging/cladding for exhaust ducting                                
3.4.6 Compressed Air Circuit for Over-speed Protection  Equipment fitted on the engine:
-   One pneumatically operated safety valve in the     engine fuel pipe shuts off the fuel in case of engine over-speed.  Equipment delivered loose:
-   See
3.4.7 Control and measuring instrument:  Equipment fitted on the engine:
-   One  YT111 type hydraulic governor.
-   One servobooster with piping for governor
-   Exhaust gas pyrometric system with thermocouple                       for   each cylinder for turbine inlet & turbine                      outlet with pyrometric duct.
-   One engine barring arrangement (manual) with                     safety arrangement for detecting engaged barring                   gear.
-   Arrangement for manual stopping of the engine                  with safety arrangement for detecting locked hand                   stop control.
Note: All electrical equipments installed on the engine are electrically wired up to one or more terminal strips attached to the common baseframe. Connections for remote pressure detection are also grouped together on the baseframe.
3.4.8 Miscellaneous equipments.  Equipment fitted on engine:
-   Individual cylinder head for each cylinder,     each containing two inlet and two exhaust valves   (with valve rotators).
-   3 nos of explosion relief valves on crankcase.
-   One flywheel & coupling arrangement with                     necessary fasteners.
-   One common baseframe for engine & alternator   with coupling guard, fasteners, anchor bolt etc.
The system is designed for max 380 cst fuel at 50 degree C since this is the most commonly available fuel. If fuel of higher cst is to be used, then please furnish the specifications of the fuel for proper designing of the system. In this case there will be change in certain auxiliary equipment specifications and a corresponding increase in price.

4. Complete electrical system includes

1)              Alternator
2)              Control Panel for Generator
3)              Local control desk
4)              Air Circuit Breaker panel
5)              Control panel for gen-set auxiliaries

1.  Alternator

Alternator is self-excited, brush less type and IP 23 enclosure. Alternator is fitted with bearing temperature detectors.

Technical data of Alternator

- Rated KVA                        1875 KVA
- Power factor                          0.8 lag
- Max. Alternator output at site               1500 KW
- Duty                             Continuous
- Rated speed                         500 RPM
- Output voltage                      400 V
- Efficiency at 100% load and 0.8 PF            90.7 %
- Direction of rotation                     anticlockwise
- Number of poles                        12
- Rated frequency                        50 Hz
- Over-speed                          20% for 2 minutes
- Overload capacity and duration              10%, for max. 1 hr in every 12 hrs
- Insulation class                       F
- Enclosure                        IP 23
- Temp. rise class                       F
- Excitation and AVR type                Brush-less, AVR
- Connection                          Star



Alternator design considers harmonics in load.
2.  Control Panel For Generator


2.1   Function

Control Panel provides necessary Monitoring, Control and Protection functions for the DG set. It is located in the DG control room.

2.2   Major Components

1)              Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
2)              Generator Protection relays(SIEMENS?/FONT>
3)              Automatic Voltage Regulator
4)              Meters, indicators, hour counters
5)              Push buttons, selector switches
6)              Engine Frequency Monitoring Unit

2.3   Metering Devices

7)              Analog Engine RPM meter
8)              Ammeters (3 nos.)
9)              Voltmeter with selector switch
10)         Frequency meter
11)         PF meter
12)         Analog Excitation fundamental ammeter
13)         Analog Excitation harmonics ammeter
14)         Counter for running hours

2.4   Generator Protections

15)         Differential
16)         Voltage controlled over current
17)         Under / Over voltage
18)         Under / Over frequency
19)         Earth fault
20)         Very high Alternator bearing temperature
21)         Reverse power
22)         Field failure
23)         Master trip

2.5   Status Indications

24)         Low lube oil priming pressure
25)         Breaker engaged
26)         Engine start permission
27)         Unit ready for excitation
28)         HFO operation not possible
29)         PLC failure
30)         Ready for excitation
31)         DG breaker ON
32)         DG breaker OFF
33)         DG breaker Tripped

2.6   Alarm Indications

34)         Low lube oil pressure
35)         Low water pressure
36)         Low fuel pressure (in booster control box)
37)         Low start air pressure
38)         High lube oil temperature
39)         High water temperature engine inlet
40)         High fuel temperature engine inlet (in booster control box)
41)         Alternator bearing temperature high

2.7   Trip Indications

42)         Very low lube oil pressure
43)         Very high lube oil temperature
44)         Very high water engine outlet temperature
45)         Engine over speed
46)         Emergency stop
47)         Speed sensing failure
48)         Alternator fault
49)         Differential
50)         Under / over voltage
51)         Under / over frequency
52)         Voltage controlled over current
53)         Earth fault

2.8   Controls possible

- Engine speed raise/low
- Engine start  
- Engine normal and emergency stop 
54)         Excitation ON / OFF
55)         Excitation Raise / Low
56)         Excitation adjust
57)         Breaker control
- Fault indication
- Lamp test
- Reset

3.   Local Control Desk


3.1   Function

Local Control Desk (LCD) is provided for monitoring Pressure and Temperature parameters of the engine. Also starting, stopping and speed control of engine is possible in local Control operation mode. It is located near the engine.

3.2   Major Components

58)         Pressure gauges, switches
59)         Temperature indicators or scanner
60)         Scanner for Engine exhaust temperatures
61)         Push buttons, indicating lamps, selector switches
62)         Flasher

3.3   Pressure Gauges

63)         Lube oil filter inlet pressure
64)         Lube oil filter outlet pressure
65)         Lube oil cylinder head inlet pressure
-  Fuel engine inlet pressure
-  Starting air pressure
-  Water engine inlet pressure
3.4   Pressure Switches
66)         Lube oil engine inlet pressure

3.5   Temperature Indicators / scanner

67)         Lube oil engine inlet temperature
68)         Lube oil engine outlet temperature
69)         Water engine outlet temperature
70)     ,     Water engine inlet temperature
71)         Exhaust gas temperature for each cylinder
72)         Exhaust gas temperature for turbocharger
73)         Water temperature for each cylinder

3.6   Misc. Indications

- Engine RPM indicator
- Common engine alarm
- Engine start permission

3.7   Controls possible from LCD

- Local / remote mode
- Engine start / stop
- Flasher off
74)         Engine speed raise / low
75)         Emergency stop

4.   Control Panel For Gen-set Auxiliaries


4.1   Function

Various DG set auxiliaries are fed and controlled through the Control Panel for Gen-set Auxiliaries. This Panel is located in DG control room.

4.2   Major Components

76)         MCCB for incomer
77)         Contactors
78)         MCCB / FSU
79)         Push buttons, selector switches, indicating lamps
80)         Voltmeter, ammeter

4.3   Outgoing Feeders

- Lube oil priming pump
- Cooling tower fan
81)         Air compressor
82)         HFO separator module
83)         Fuel booster module
84)         DO transfer pump
85)         HFO transfer pump
86)         Standby
87)                Standby

4.4   Controls possible from GACP

88)         Motor / Feeder ON
89)         Motor / Feeder OFF
90)         Auto/ Manual (for specific feeders)

4.5   Fabrication Details

- Approx. Dimensions        2200 mm(H),800mm(W),800mm(D)
- Protection class          IP 52
- Fault withstand capacity       35 kA for one second
- Frame and base         3 mm CRCA sheet
- Doors and side covers        1.6 mm CRCA sheet
- Paint shade            Light Gray
- Cable entry            from bottom
- Bus bar              Copper bar

6.     Air Circuit Breaker panel


6.1   Function

Air circuit breaker is used to deliver the generated output power to the consumer.

6.2   Major Components

1)              3 pole fixed type electrically operated Air Circuit Breaker
2)              Metering / Protection CT and PT
3)              Kw / Kwh meter
4)              Meters, indicators
5)              MCB

6.3   Metering devices

6)              Ammeter with selector switch
7)              Voltmeter with selector switch

6.4    Indications

8)              ACB ON
9)              ACB OFF
10)         ACB trip

6.5    Controls Possible

11)         Local / Remote control selection
12)         ACB ON/OFF

Scope of supply includes.
5.1 -  One set of spare parts
5.2  - One set of tools for engine maintenance
6.1 Engine testing:
The engine will be run-in at the test bench at our workshop before delivery. Subsequent test of 3.5 hours will then be carried out as per following schedule.
.   1/2 Hour at 50  % COP
.   1/2 Hour at 75  % COP
.   2   Hours at   100 % COP
.   1/2 Hour at 110 % COP
For these tests, engine will be coupled to a hydraulic dynamometer and run on DO as fuel.
6.2 Alternator testing:
Following Routine tests will be conducted on the alternator at our workshp.
6.2.1    For generator armature, generator field, exciter armature and exciter field.
.   Measurement of resistance
.   Measurement of insulation resistance
.   High voltage test
6.2.2 Phase sequence test and voltage balance check.
6.2.3 Open circuit characteristics
With generator line voltage recorded against exciter field current.
6.2.4     Short circuit characteristics
With generator line current recorded against exciter field current.
6.2.5     Voltage regulation test
Conducted with AVR in the circuit with reactive loads.
6.2.6 Control panel test
Standard routine tests as per the relevant ISO standard.
The Scope of Supply includes supply of Technical documentation for the supplied equipment.
-   Operating instructions for engine, alternator.
-   Maintenance manual for engine.
-   Spare parts catalog for engine.
-    Documentation for auxiliaries and electrical system.
-    Test reports/certificates for engine, alternator & control panel
1)              For detailed scope please refer to the scope of supply checklist submitted with this offer.
2)   There might be minor modifications in the specifications of equipments mentioned in this document at the time of detailed engineering.

8.1.1 Fuel
The fuel of desired specifications shall be provided by the PURCHASER.
In case steam is to be used for fuel heating, a boiler for generating steam to heat HFO in bulk storage tank, settling tank and daily service tank and the fuel piping will have to be arranged.  The capacity of the boiler will depend on the storage capacity of bulk storage tank and piping lengths.
8.1.2 Lubricating Oil:
Lube oil selected from the approved list of lube oils is to be made available by the purchaser in the lube oil tank.
8.1.3 Water
The PURCHASER should make available DM water.
Approximately 1500 ltr/hr of water is required for make up for each DG set.
8.1.4 Air
It will be purchaser's responsibility to ensure that the temperature near the engine does not exceed 5 deg C above the ambient.  Necessary data of heat radiations shall be provided on request.
A ventilation system can be provided for the powerhouse
Quality of air required inside powerhouse is as follows
Dust content<0.5 mg/Nm3 of which
90% Particles are < 5 microns size
99% Particles are < 10 microns size
100% Particles are < 20 microns size
8.1.6 Electricity
All the auxiliaries for the D.G.Set are suitable for running   on 400VAC/3PH/50HZ supply.  Power   for   these auxiliaries is to be supplied by the purchaser.
Fuel, Lube oil, cooling water, grease, Jacket water chemicals etc. required   for   normal operation.
The civil works of the power station is NOT in Supplier scope. We will provide the following drawings and technical information, which will assist your civil consultant in designing the foundation and powerhouse.
-   General assembly drawing.
-   Powerhouse layout.
-   Foundation plan.
-   Schematic piping diagram.
Detail design of the foundation should be made based on the soil bearing capacity at the site by the Purchaser.
It is purchaser?responsibility to obtain all statutory approvals and any other sanctions from the local authorities.

Statement: Any reference to the OEM, part number or other OEM, information is for the purpose of identification only and does not imply that the part was manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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