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108.25MW Used Gas Turbine Power Plant for Sale from China


As a leading Chinese power plant EPC contractor and supplier, we have been offering EPC contracting services from China to the world market for more than 20 years. The business scopes include power plant equipments supplying, erection, installation, commissioning, training, spare part supply, operation and maintenance.

1. General Introduction

The Plant was put into production in 1990, and now has a operation time of about 40,000 hours, it is served with good maintenance and still in very excellent condition.

It is in very good condition. In 1990 the 108mw gas turbine power plant was installed for peak load function, it has never been put into full load operation due to two reasons: 1. for peak load, lack of full supply of natural gas. We can let the potential buyers conduct test, the output before dismantle (now stop of operation) can attain about 90MW.

Here we have a 108MW used gas turbine power plant in store for sale. The Plant was supplied and installed by John Brown Engineering Ltd. from English as EPC, other equipments were supplied by German, Japan, Holland, with the most advanced technology for the 80-90’s. The gas turbine driven power plant is of combined cycle type with heat conversion rate at 45%.

The equipments for sale include the whole set of power plant: natural gas purification station, two units of 9 stage central centrifugal natural gas booster and auxiliaries, two units of gas turbine and auxiliaries, two units of waste heat recovery boiler and auxiliaries, one unit of steam turbine generator, three sets main transformer and station transformer, combined distribution system and 110KV step up substation, and domestic chemical treatment system, whole power plant and station control systems.

2. Main Technical Data:

Gas Turbine:

Two units


John Brown, England


MS6001-B Type,






Single cycle: 3675KW


Combined Cycle: 36650KW

Control System

No: 1, and 2 unit, by TS3000 digital control system


Over: speed, temperature, vibration, stop




Intake and exhaust silencers

Critical RPM

First stage: 1653-1877Rpm (34+-1% SPD)


Second stage: 3256-3980Rpm (69.5+-6.5%SPD)

Revolving direction

Counterclockwise (from view of intake)


Natural gas 11833Square NM per Hour

Single cycle

Efficiency: 31.3%

Combined cycle

Efficiency: 45%






 Three units


BDAX 7-265 ERH





Rated Current




Power factor



3000 RPM

Insulating Class



Alternative Brushless BX530-32



Recovery Boiler

 Two sets


Standard Fasel


 Waste heat recovery boiler 63.75-40/455



Steam Turbine

 One unit


Mitsubishi, Japan


10CL-16, Single cylinder, condensing, axial exhaust


37500KW, Max. 37500KW

Main intake pressure

4020 KPaA

Main intake temp.

450 C degree



Exhaust pressure


Revolting direction

Counterclockwise (from generator view)





Natural Gas Purification Station

1 set




Including: 3 units of separator, 4 units of purification, 4 units of filter, one unit of vertical separator, and others auxiliaries



9 stage gas Booster

2 units




Insulating Valve, HV108, 109, gearbox, 6KV motor, lube system, sealing, cooling, fueling system, fuel recycling, air system, instruments.



Water treatment system






Whole plant

Bristol Babcock Controwave

Booster control

Bently?3500 series

Gas turbine

Mark-IV for turbine one, TS-3000 for turbine two


Bristol Babcock Controwave

Steam Turbine

Trident from Triconex1, 7200, 9000 series from Bently,



Spare pare for combined cycle.


3. Preliminary Quotation for the whole power plant: Exw. 18 millions USD.

We can supply from dismantling, packing, shipping, installing, commissioning, spare parts, training, even operation and maintenance.  


Other Used Gas Turbine Generator Power Plant From China

Used PG6531B and  PG6581B Combined Gas Turbine Generator for sale with indicative price

Main Equipments Information  Thermoelectric Co., L
Thermoelectric Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 and began to run in 1998. The equipments started to run by single cycle power generation in September, 1999. The waste heat boilers were finished in April, 2003 and by then the equipments started to run by combined cycle power generation. The working sets in the steam turbine changed from extraction condensing turbines into pure condensing turbines in March, 2004 and the capacity of the steam turbine was expanded from 10 MW to 15MW after the technical innovation in May, 2004. Until now, the gas turbine has worked for 8031.4 hours and has been fired 748 times while the steam turbine is 5720.7 hours and 426 times.
All the equipments have run safely and steadily until now. The output of the gas turbine is 37 MW and the steam turbine is 14.5 MW under regular working condition. (At the standard atmosphere when the temperature was at 15?and the relative humidity at 60%). We practiced a medium maintenance for the gas turbine in May, 2006 and found that all the parts in the heat channel were in good condition except for some regular cracks in the first nozzle. We sent the gas turbine to Shenyang province for repair as soon as possible and in the 300 hours post-repair performance, all runs good through bore-scope inspection. We check yearly for the whole sets of the machines.
1. Gas Turbine sets
Mechanical Parts:
1. Gas Turbine
Type: PG6551B   No.:  140510    Turbo Serial No.:  AD17988
Manufacture: European Gas Turbine
2. Compressor
Type: Heavy-load Axle Flow Type   Series: 17   Pressure Ratio: 11.8
Air Flux: 500×1000kg/h
3. Turbo
Type: Axle Flow Type   Series: 3    Intake Temperature: 1104?nbsp; 
Exhaust Temperature: 542?/DIV>
4. Start-up Diesel Engine Set
Type: 12V-71   Patten: Two-stroke   Power: 460KW
5. Hydraulic Torque Converter
Type: E7wat    Patten: Single Pump Wheel-Turbine with hydraulic ratchet cover plate sets
6. Auxiliary Gearbox
Type: AA51DA    Structure: Multi-axle Drive
7. Fuel Pre-station
Manufacture: Rotring Engineering
8. Water Cooling Station
Patten: Closed Cycle, Water Cooling    Type: BRBO 50   Cooling Area: 60m2
9. Washing Station
Type:RE-Clean HPI 961
Manufacture: Rotring En, , gineering
10. CO2   Extinguishing Station
Type:Rotring Engineering
11. Load Gearbox
Type:TRL 65 CV?/DIV>
Electric Parts
1. Generator
Type:T600C       Stator Type:T190-240    Rated Capacity?5.647MVA
Rated Volts:10500V  Rated Current?510A     Insulation Grade:F
Type:TKJ 70/10         Patten:Brushless Excitation  
Phrase Process?        Connection:△ 
Frequency?00Hz       Rated Volts?52V
Rated Current?22A DC  Rated Output Power?32KW
2. Generator Outlet Breaker
Type:VA 8031/12-2 PMA275    Patten:Vacuum Switch
3. Auxiliary Distribution Transformer
Manufacture:AEG    Capacity?00KVA
4. Excitation Transformer:Dry-type: 10.5KV/2*160V
5. Gas Turbine Control Panel
Type:Mark V    Patten:Controlled by Triple Redundant Microprocessor
6. Generator Maintenance & Excitation Regulation
Type:Integrated Circuit
7. DC System
2 Chargers: Type H3300
92 Batteries, NI-CD Battery  Type:SCM211  Capacity: 211AH
2. Steam Turbine Sets
Mechanical Parts?/DIV>
1. Steam Turbine
Type:N15-3.6/445         Manufacture:Ha’Erbing Steam Turbine Factory
Rated Power?5000KW     Rated Speed?000RPM
Intake Temperature: 445?nbsp;   Intake Pressure?.6Mpa
Rated Steam Flow: 66T/H
2. High-Pressure Fuel Pump   1 Set
Type?50AYII150×2B   Motor:YB355S3-2   Rated Power?20KW
3. Circulating Water Pump   3 Sets
Type?600L-25A  Motor:YL355-6  Rated Power?00KW
4. Auxiliary Circulating Water Pump    2 Sets
Type?00L-35A    Motor:Y280S-4   Rated Power?5KW
Closed Circulating Water Pump     2 Sets
Type?SH-13  Motor:Y250M-2  Rated Power?5KW
5. Condenser
Type: Bisect, Dual Channel, Surface Type      Condensation Steam Amount: 50000Kg/h
Condensate Bump?N6×2   Motor:Y200L2-2   Rated Power?5KW ,Total 3 Sets
6. Water-ring Vacuum Pump     2 Sets
Type?BE12030  Motor:Y250M-6  Power?7KW
7. Cooling Tower
Type:FBL(Ⅱ?1500×3    Manufacture:Zhejiang Lianfeng Group Corp.
Fan for Cooling Tower: LF-60II  Motor:YDT280S-4/6  Total 3 Sets
8. Main Steam Valve
Type:T104.301Z     Automatic Switch-off Type:T104.302Z 
Manufacture:Ha’Erbing Steam Turbine Factory
Electric Parts
1. Generator
Manufacture:Nanjing Steam Turbine Group Co., Ltd
Rated Power?5000KW   Rated Volts:10.5KV    Insulation Grade: F/B
2. AC Brushless Excitation
Manufacture:Nanjing Steam Turbine Group Co., Ltd
Type: TFLW70-3000   Rated Volts: 235V   Rated Current: 297A
Permanent Magnet Generator
Type: TFY2.85-3000C 
Excitation Regulation:MAVR
3. Waste Heat Boiler
1. Waste Heat Boiler Body
Type :Q393/542-66-3.82/450          
Pattern:Non-afterburning Horizontal Type,
Single Pressure & Self-de-oxygenation & Natural circulation Waste Heat Boiler  
2. Waste Heat Boiler’s Main Parameters
Rated Overheat Steam Pressure?.82±0.05Mpa
Rated Overheat Steam Temperature:450±5?/DIV>
Rated Evaporation: 66t/h,  Max Medium Voltage Continuous Evaporation?6.7t/h
Steam Tank’s Rated Working Voltage: 4.22Mpa
3. Gas Turbine Smoke Exhaust Parameter (Under ISO Working Condition)
Fume Flow: 511t/h, Fume Temperature: 542?/DIV>
4. Feed-water Pump
5. Fume Damper
  Type:YD10.89   Subassembly Manufacture: Hangzhou Boiler Factory
Hydraulic Station:HGT007-32-01  Subassembly Manufacture: Hangzhou Boiler Factory
  Centrifugal Fan:C9-19/5A  11KW  Manufacture:Hangzhou Five Star Fan Factory
4. Auxiliary Boiler 2 Sets Manufacture: 703 Institute
1.Boiler Type:SHS25―3.82/445―Y   Evaporation?5 t/h
Burner Type:  Pressured Mechanical atomization   Type: CGL901.10 /6 Sets for Each Boiler
Distribution Box: 1 Set
2. Water Feed Bump 3 Sets  Type: DG36?0×10  Manufacture: Shenyang No.1 Pump Factory
Motor:Y315S     Manufacture: Jiamusi Motor Factory  Power?10KW
3. Induced Draft Fan: 2 Sets   Type: Y4?3.12D  Manufacture: Shanghai Fan Factory
  Motor Type: Y280M-4   Manufacture: Jiamusi Motor Factory   Power: 90 KW
 4. Induced Draft Fan  2 Sets   Type: 9-26 12.5D  Manufacture: Shanghai Fan Factory
Motor Type:Y280M?    Manufacture: Jiamusi Motor Factory   Power: 75 KW
5. Electric Equipments
1. Power Transformer   Manufacture: Changbian Group
1?#Main Transformer:Type: SF8-50000/110
2) 2# Main Transformer?Type: SF9-20000/110
3) 2#Auxiliary Transformer:Type:SC-1600/10
4) 3#Auxiliary Transformer:Type: SC-1000/10
2. Breaker
1)SF6 Switch:Type: LW6A-110?nbsp; Total 4 Sets    Manufacture:Pinggao
2)Handcart Vacuum Switch:Type: KYN1B-10  Total 7 Sets  
Manufacture:Changzhou Senyuan Electric Company
6. Main Thermal Control Equipment
1. DCS System
FREELANCE2000 System   Manufacture:ABB Company
2. DEH System
 505EControl System   Manufacture:WOODWARD Company
Individual HPU Oil Supply Unit 
3. Steam Turbine Monitoring and Security System
BENTLY3300 Steam Turbine Safety Monitoring   Manufacture: BENTLY Company
SG8000 Steam Turbine Safety Monitoring System 
Manufacture:Ha’erbing Tuobing Automatic Project Company
C10-3.43/0.981 Exhaustion Turbine Turning Gears System
Manufacture:Xinhua Control Technology Develop Center Ha’erbing Branch  
4. Chemical Water Control System
GE90-30PLC System           GE FANUC
Entering Interface Software 2.0 Version    Beijing Yakong Company
7. Chemical Water Control System
1. Pretreatment System
  Primary Pump 3 Sets   Type: IS150-125-250  Motor:Y180M-A  18.5KW
Service Pump 2 Sets   Type?BXG100WFB-A
Clean Pump 2 Sets?nbsp; IS100-65-200
2.  Desalting System   Manufacture: Xishan Electric Boiler Auxiliary Machine Factory
Cationic-Exchanger 2 Sets         Size: φ=2500 Hca=2500
De-carbonization Device  2 Sets   Size: φ=1400 Hf=2200
De-carbonization Fan 2 Sets       Type: 4-72-12
Middle Bump 2 Sets            Type: IH100-65-200
Anionic-Exchanger  2 Sets     Size: φ=2500 Ha=2500
Mix-ionic Exchanger  2 Sets    Size: φ=1600 Hca=500 ha=1000
3. Desalting & Regeneration System  
Manufacture: Xishan Power Plant Boiler Auxiliary Machine Factory
  Acid Unloading Bump    Type: 50FSB-20L
  Alkali Unloading Bump   Type: 50FSB-20L
Acid Tank Type:  V=20M3
  Alkali Tank Type:V=20M3
Regenerate Pump   2 Sets   Type: IH80-65-160
4. Desalting Water with Ammonia System
Ammonia Measure Bump   2 Sets    Size: Q=38L/h P=1.4Mpa
Ammonia Tank   Size: φ=350×500
5. Phosphate System
Phosphate Measure Bump   3 Sets   Size: Q=16.09L/h P=6.4MPa
6.  Chemical Water Supplement System
Desalting Bump 2 Sets  Type: CZ50-315  Motor Type: Y250M-2  Power: 55KW
7. Auto Sampling System
Vapor Centralized Sampling Device (High Temperature)  Type: SQZ-A-00
8. Oil Unloading System
Dead Oil Unloading Bump   2 Sets   Type: W7.2ZK-43Z2M1-W73 (Twin-screw Bump)
Manufacture: Tianjin Industrial Bump Factory
Anti-explosion Motor YB225M-4, 45KW
9. Oil Processing System
Light Oil Processing Machine 1 Set   Type: OSB35-02-066/40
Manufacture: Westfalia Separator Company
Two units of Used GE PG9171E Gas Turbine Power plant for sale
There are two units of Used GE PG9171E Gas Turbine Power plant for sale.
GE turbine model: PG9171E Gas Turbine made by GE, equipped with dry type low emission combustion system.
And the two units of generator were supplied by China GE Joint Venture.
Operation data:
1# gas turbine generator set was installed and put into operation in April 2006, total operation hours is 18824 hours, total ignition times 86 times, total start times is 67times, and emergency shutdown times is 15 times.
2# gas turbine generator set was installed and put into operation in August 2006, total operation hours is 15937 hours, total ignition times  71times, total start times is 66 times, and emergency shutdown times is 7 times.
The power plant is still on site, without dismantling, all related equipments as mechnical and electrical systems are on site too, the should be bought as whole sale.
Floated time on street for sale: Jan, 12th, 2010

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