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Dear Sir,

As one of our main business is to hand pick the Top 5 producers in its related field to be our sub contractors or consortium memmbers, we are now cooperating with the world 3rd largest drilling bit producer to promote the world market. So here we are Seeking World Market Distributor or Agent for our famous Bits in Oil & Gas Industries.

China's no: 1 drilling rock bits producer: Kingdream Public Limited Company

Kingdream Public Limited Company is a National First Class Enterprise, National Key Hi-Tech. Enterprise and the largest in Asia and world advanced oil and gas drilling bit manufacturer. The former of the company, Jianghan Rock Bit Plant, was set up in 1973. Kingdream successfully introduced advanced drilling bit manufacturing technologies from abroad in 1980s and it became a listed company in 1998. Headquarters of Kingdream is located in East Lake New-Tech. Development Zone of Wuhan. The company has two rock bit manufacturing bases (Qianjiang Rock Bit Division and Shanghai Branch Company) and several subsidiaries including Chengde Kingdream Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Market-oriented, Kingdream cooperates with many research institutes and universities on purpose of combining ‘production, study, research and application;continuously pushes forward technical innovation and product research and development, develops self-dominant intellectual property rights and actively constructs technical system with its own intellectual property rights. Kingdream currently has 110 patents granted in China and 11 patents granted in foreign countries including USA, Russia and Iran, etc. and also owns 115 proprietary technologies.  

Kingdream has set up a perfect marketing and service network, which is spread over every major oil field in China and covers all five continents of the world. The company has set up 18 domestic service stations and 6 overseas offices. Domestic market share of Kingdream’s main product, roller cone bit for oil well drilling, has been kept above 60% for many years and the international market share has reached 10%, and the company’s products have been sold to 31 countries and regions in the world including USA, Canada, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Sudan, etc. 

Kingdream continuously pushes lean production and enhances technical reconstruction and new process application. The company possesses 341 sets of world-advanced machineries such as Sharmann machining center and FMS flexible manufacturing system, etc., which ensured manufacturing technology of Kingdream is at the leading position in China and advanced level in the world. At present, the company has formed the manufacturing capacity of 9 standard series and 1400 types of rock bits. Kingdream’s products are licensed under API Spec. 7 successively for many years, its quality management system is certified to ISO9001 and the company also passed the HSE certification. 

Kingdream always regards technical innovation as the core, product quality as the key and customer satisfaction as criteria. Kingdream has been highly recognized by customers for many years owing to its solid strength, outstanding reputation, strict quality control and excellent customer service and the company has been successively awarded the honors of ‘National Advanced Unit in Patent System;‘National Advanced Quality-Benefit Enterprise;‘National Advanced Enterprise in Product Quality and After-Sale Service;‘International Market --Top 10 Chinese (Petroleum Machinery) Brands;and ‘China’s Fifth Session Most innovative Enterprise;etc. 

To promote continuous development of petroleum industry with innovative technologies and excellent products is Kingdream’s unremitting pursuance. Entering new growing phase and facing new developing opportunity, Kingdream shall expedite the pace of making the company bigger and stronger with technical innovation as support. The company shall vigorously engage into other businesses relating to various petroleum equipments while making the existing rock bit business still better, so that Kingdream shall eventually grow into the petroleum equipment manufacturing base of Sinopec, a first class rock bit manufacturer in the world, and a modern group company of petroleum equipment manufacture and service that is famous internationally.

Company Main Products 

Roller cone bits for

MD high speed motor bit

MINI-MD cone bit for slim hole drilling applications

SUPER-MD super-high speed motor bit

HF bit for hard formations

SWT steel tooth bit with high efficiency

A series bit for air drilling

HJ metal sealed bit with journal bearing

GJ metal sealed bit with roller bearing

HA rubber sealed bit with journal bearing

GA rubber sealed bit with roller bearing

YC Series single cone bit

SKF series floating bearing O-ring seal tri-cone bit

SKH journal bearing O-ring seal bit

SKG roller bearing O-ring seal bit

SKW non-sealed bit


Diamond bits for oil (PDC bit)







Certificates of Kingdream Bits


IADC Code Classifcation Kingdream Bits





And if you have some enquiries on bits for your power project, oil, gas and geothermal projects and others, please contact:

Questions and Answers:

For the pre-qualification, we can supply needed documents and also technical datasheet for the bits.
But for test run, we have the following terms or comments:
1. for the PDC test, we should agree on the qualification performance data, to which the test is acceptable or not acceptable, then we operate the test run.
2.  For 17 1/2?PDC bit, we can not accept free test run due to the rarely usage of such bit.
3.       For 12 1/4?PDC bit, we can accept test run, if the test performance reaches the pre set data, then the employer should buy the bits at special discounted price, if not reaching the pre set data, then the test run will be free.
4.       For the 8 1/2?and 6?PDC bit, we can accept test run. But actually in near future we have 8 1/2?and 6?PDC bit to be tested in Syria, SPC can take the same result from the same test run in Syria.
5.       We have technicians there in the near future to conduct the test run.
Saga Mas 200


- Salt & Chemical Products 14/4 2011
- High Pressure Fluid Control 14/4 2011
- Pumping Unit Series 14/4 2011
- Water Treatment Equipment 17/3 2011
- Compressor Series 17/3 2011
- Stell Pipeline Series 17/3 2011
- Special Vehicles for Petroleum Engineering 10/3 2011
- Workover Rig Series 9/3 2011
- Truck-mounted Drilling Rigs 8/3 2011

  Kingdream Rock Bits Catalouge 2011



- Quotation of drill bits 3190804007-CSI 3/3 2013
- Quotation of drill bits 3190804002-CSI 3/3 2013
- LiLG for Oil Gas Drill Bit Downhole Motor 28/12 2012
- Quotation of Rock Bits 5 7/8'' IADC 517 M 26/12 2012
- insert bit milled tooth bit PDC bit quotation 13/11 2012
- Kingdream drilling bits of PDC Bits,insert bit and milled tooth bit 7/11 2012
- Kingdream drilling bits of insert bit and milled tooth bit 29/10 2012
- technical data for Kingdream bit of IADC 1-1-5, IADC 1-1-7 29/10 2012
- Kingdream Bit of insert bit, milled tooth bit, PDC bit 29/10 2012
- Kingdream bit of 3-cones milled tooth bit 29/10 2012
- Kingdream drill bit type STX-1 quotation and technical parameters 12/10 2012
- Oil industry pump Quotation 9/8 2012
- Kingdream roller cone bit quotation lADC 545 22/3 2012
- Kingdream roller cone bit quotation lADC 215 5/1 2012
- Kingdream roller cone bit quotation lADC 517M 8/11 2011
- Kingdream roller cone bit quotation IADC HA447 19/10 2011
- Kingdream roller cone bit quotation 8 1/2"HJ437G 8/7 2011
- Experience in provision of Drilling Bits and Reference from Customers 19/5 2011
- Kingdream roller cone bit new quotation 12 1/4"KM1652AR IADC M323 19/5 2011
- Kingdream roller cone bit quotation 17 1/2"GJT435GC IADC 435 and 17 1/2"KM1652AR IADC M323 18/5 2011

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