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Leroysomer Generator, Siemens High-voltage Generator, Marathon Generator
Introduction of Generators
The generator set is the power generating equipment that can convert other energy (chemical energy of coal and fuel, hydro-energy, nuclear energy, wind energy as well as solar energy) to electrical energy to provide the needs of production and life.
1. General of generator
onvert mechanical energy to electrical energy. It is mechanical equipment that uses electro-magnetic induction and electro-magnetic force to achieve the energy transfer with the magnetic field as coupling field. The generator as used is the synchronous generator. When the generator runs at the speed of 1500/min, it can provide 50Hz, 400V/230V, three-phase AC electrical power.
2. The principal model of generators
This is the analogue equipment that shows the working principal of AC generator, like the right picture. Drive the rotational wheel at a uniform speed with hand or other methods to drive coil to revolve in magnetic field, then it will produce induced current.
3. Classification
Basic type: revolving armature type and revolving magnetic type.
Structure: rotor and stator.
Generator divides into DC generator and AC generator.
AC generator divides into synchronous generator and asynchronous generator (asynchronous generator is less used. )
AC generator also divides into single phase generator and three-phase generator.
The following is the diagram of single bearing
4. Advantages of PMG generators
?nbsp; Withstand short circuit current under fault conditions, all ship equipments have this requirement;
?nbsp; Insusceptible of load changes, such as the waveform deviation caused by non-linear load;
?nbsp; Build strong voltage on start-up independent of the residual magnetic field;
?nbsp; The frequent start of large motor with respect to voltage making ability of load;
?nbsp; Provide the independent electrical power to AVR, separate AVR to transition of power distribution system
5. AREP introduction of Leroysomer patent
Self-excitation: Shunt excitation, automatic regulating excitation AREP, and PMG excitation for AREP. AVR—Automatic Voltage Regulator is installed on the generator, with the function of sudden load and buffer. The voltage regulating rate is accurate because AVR is not affected by non-linear load. AREP automatic excitation system can provide three times of forced shunt branch current than rated current in order to support the generator bearing for 40,000 hours under the local short circuit.

Introduction of Leroysomer Generator

I. Introduction of France Leroysomer Company and Fuzhou Leroysomer Company
France Leroysomer Company has been the forerunner of electrical machinery industry since its establishment in 1919. The
five main business includes generator, frictional horsepower driver, industrial motor control, gear box as well as electrical components. The power range is 1KVA?5000KVA, with the prime mover of diesel engines, gas engines, hydraulic turbine and
wind-driven turbine. Leroysomer Company has more than 470 sales and service offices all over the world to offer clients with safe instant and quality service.
Leroysomer Fuzhou Generator Co., Ltd is a held enterprise by American Emerson Electrical Company, with the operation in charge of Leroysomer France Company. The Fuzhou company is located in Fuzhou, with the area 1,0000 square meters.
Leroysomer Generator Technology (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd manufactured AC generators and refreshed technical parameters completely according to the design and craft standard of France and Leroysomer North American Company. Generators, manufactured by Leroysomer Fuzhou Company, are all directed and confirmed by domestic and foreign experts from design technology, craft, materials and quality control, having achieved ISO9001 Certification issued by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in 1999.
     The generators, manufactured by France Leroysomer Company and Fuzhou Leroysomer Company, have been widely used in high-level civil construction companies, railroads, ships, telecommunications, military, oil and refrigerated containers, with a variety of domestic or foreign brand diesel engine package.
The standard products manufactured by France Leroysomer Company and Fuzhou Leroysomer Company are LSA42.2/43.2/44.2/46.2/47.2/49.1/50.1/51.2, with power ranges 10?800KW. What’s more, the company can provide power frequency (50Hz&60 HZ) generators and medium frequency (40HZ) generators in OEM cooperation in the long term.
You will get the support world-wide spare parts and service of Leroysomer if selecting LSG generators.
II. Advantages of Leroysomer generators
Match well with various power system
LSG generators has the excellent matched performance with regards to electricity, torque, mechanical structure characteristics as well as dynamic mechanical indicator. Like electrical voltage regulator series: The load regulating module of R438, R448 and R449 can release the impulse of changes of transient load to engine. The structures of generators have single bearing and double bearings, with excellent inter-changeability of standard interfaces.
2. Adaptability in various environments
The standard protection class of LSA generators is IP23; insulation class of winding is H; high-strength winding protection (wet winding technology) ensures generators normal operation under environments at 95% relative humidity, such as engine room in ships.
 -Convenient inlet and outlet filter;
    -Special protection of winding under severe environments;
    -space heater;
    -stator thermo-scope;
    -IP42-44 strainer.
3. The optimized winding design can ensure  better performance
There are various winding forms to adapt to different voltage requirements under various occasions regardless of 50Hz or 60Hz.
     LSA generator stator winding standard is 2/3 winding design, with excellent performance under deviation load conditions.
Generator terminal box size is ample, convenient for installation and maintenance.
Generation AVR can be connected from terminal with side and front panel. It can simply re-connect generator terminal lead to change output voltage, convenient to install current transformer and easy for parallel use of generator, with requirements of monitoring and protection.
Leroysomer can provide the excellent generator brushless excitation system
-Shunt self-excitation system applies to three-phase or standard single-phase generator;
-AREP and Shunt+PMG excitation system applies to the special requirements of short circuit capacity requirements.
 AREP excitation system is a powerful system with self-developed and own patents of Leroysomer. By adding two auxiliary windings on generator stator wingding, it can ensure the compact structure, fine start performance and short circuit capacity.
6. Reliable AVR
    AVR of R series is self-developed by Leroysomer, transistor control can guarantee to provide qualified voltage regulating rate even under distortion load conditions. The precision rate of voltage can reach ±0.5?at steady-state operation at constant speed. AVR of R series (except R230) has many standard performances, which can add varied modules to achieve parallel operation (add current transformer, power factor regulating module and R726 voltage matching module) and three-phase monitoring (R731). After solid epoxy resins, AVR can resist variety of vibrations and harsh environments.
AVR Excitation system?/B>AVR
self-excited (standard configuration)
winding (selected configuration)
self-excit, ed (standard configuration)
winding or PMG (selected configuration)
self-excited, winding or PMG (selected configuration)
self-excited (standard configuration)
winding or PMG (selected configuration)
winding  (standard configuration) or PMG (selected configuration)
winding (selected configuration)
1.R230 is not for generator parallel operation; R438/R44 with regulating current transformer can be for generator parallel operation.
2.About non-linear load, the additional winding system or PMG excitation systems is suggested if starting asynchronous motor or short-circuit current maintenance capacity with special requirements.
Other performance data as follows:

Insulation class
A.V.R. model
Number of terminal lead
Voltage steady regulation rate
Winding pitch
Recovery time
Protection class
Telephone harmonic factor
Over-speed capability
Telephone interference factor
Waveform deviation rate

Introduction of Siemens High-voltage Generator
I. Company introduction
    Siemens Company, headquartered in Berlin and Munich, is one of the largest electrical engineering and electronic companies. Since its founding, sustainability is the outstanding characters of Siemens Company, which means a long economic success, environmental consciousness as well as social responsibility as an enterprise. In 2005 (by 30th, September), the company owned about 461,000 employees, with 75.445 billion Euros sales, 3.058 billion Euros net income, and 80% sales from German abroad. Creativity is the principal step. In order to maintain the leading technology, the company invested 5.2 billion Euros for research and development in 2005. In 2004, the research staff from Siemens totally achieved about 8,800 inventions, rising by 7% more than last year, of which 2\3 had applied for patent.   
?)The proprietary technology and production license of Germany Siemens 1FC6 brushless three-phase synchronous generators;
?)GF series diesel generator sets;
??0kV?10kV distribution transformer, power transformer, rectifier transformer, furnace transformer and combined transformer;
?)High-voltage switchgear, low voltage control cabinet, rectifier cabinet, capacitor cabinet and ZBW series outdoor combined transformer substation;
?)Medium and small high & low voltage motor, mini-motor;
?)Medical instrumentation includes hospital bed, obstetric table, operating bed, and nursing crash truck;
?)Tooling molds and fixtures;
?)Electro-magnetic wire, flatten copper wire, enameled wire, naked flatten copper wire and double fiber-glass covered wire.
For applying CAD auxiliary design, the company manufactures the products with advanced technology, fine equipments, strict monitoring as well as high standardization. The products are widely used in various sectors of national economy, such as engineering machinery, power source, mobile power station, electrical system, nonferrous metals smelting, AC & DC driven system, electro-magnetic control and automatic control. The products of Jiali series has achieved one time of National Emphasizing New Product Award and many times of Ministry Prize and Provincial Prize for the qualified quality and excellent performance. The company has also passed ISO9001 Quality Certificate and 3C Certificate as well as Shipping Certificate, whose products sell 29 provinces, Ethiopia, Nepal, Iran, Vietnam, and Indonesia both home and abroad.
Jiali Company has always followed the operation idea of “honest Jiali, creating fine product?and insisted the quality ideaof “improving quality, ensuring reliability?as well as achieved “Jia in quality, Li in it? Jiali Company, well received by reputation, became well-known enterprises sector.
II. Characters of Siemens high-voltage generator
Siemens high-voltage generator is steady voltage brushless synchronous generator with self-excitation and self-regulation. The excitation power of main generator (rotation magnetic field type) is from rotating-armature exciter, and the rotors of exciter and main generator are insta, lled at the same shaft. The components of excitation system and automatic voltage regulator (AVR) are installed in generator. The excitation power of exciter is provided by excitation system and auxiliary winding on, stator of main generator. The generator is driven by internal-combustion engine, gas turbine, steam turbine, hydro-turbine and electro-motor as well as diesel engine of any brand all over the world.
Features        Simple connecting mode;   Applies salient rotor;  Easy to install the monitoring rotating rectifier;   H and F insulation class; resist the interference of harmful electrical equipment, machinery and climate;                                        
 5MVA capacity and 13.8kV voltage, satisfying varied requirements of users;
Protection class can reach IP55;  Separated high-voltage termin, al box and low-voltage termi, nal box, , increasing the safety of products;   PMG is installed on exciter, ensuring generators reliable excitation under various conditions;   Single-bearing or double-bearing structure;  Applies flange sliding bearing or rotating bearing;                  
According to customers?requirements, the cable can be connected to main terminal lugs and auxiliary terminals through terminal box left or right. There are 6 terminal lugs in outlet box with regards to customers?requirements.
Technical Parameters    Provide generators of 3150V, 6300V, 10.5kV and other voltage grade.  Voltage control range can be set by potentiometer within ±5% rated voltage. Steady voltage regulation rate is ±0.5% rated voltage from non-load to full load (COSΦ=0.8-1, speed fluctuation rate is ±3% rated speed. )  As rated load of COSΦ=0.8 (lag) is added, the generator transient voltage regulation rate is 15-20%UN, the actual value has relation with its power, the voltage recovery time is 0.3-0.8s, and the generator also has relation with power.                                                              
Applies to parallel operation with other generators. The damper winding can make sure generators long operation in 20% unbalance load. Any phase current is less than rated current, and it can’t ensure voltage regulation rate and power of selection meter.  Generator can bear 1.5 times rated current for 30s; 110% rated load for 1 hour every 6 hours over-load operation without overheat damage.  Short-circuit current can ensure 3 times rated current for 3s at most in three-phase steady short-cut.  Insulation class: For H class; Temperature rise class: F class (If temperature rise is assessed by B class, the capacity of selection meter must be reduced to 85%.)      From non-load to rated load, the inter-phase harmonic capacity is less than 2%, when power factor is in symmetrical load between 0.1 and 1.                                                       Generator with non-linear load capability: 6 impulse load transfer can’t exceed 85% rated load, while 12, 18, 24 impulse load transfer can’t exceed 90% rated load.             
Generator can bear 1.2 times rate speed.
Performance of Marathon Generator
I. Introduction of USA Marathon and Shanghai Marathon Company
Founded in 28th April, 1996, Shanghai Marathon-Genxin Electric Co., LTD is a joint venture company, invested by Shanghai—Gexin Electrical Machinery Plant and USA Marathon company, specialized in generator manufacturing.
The company is specialized in manufacture, sales and maintenance of the generator, engine and generator set, with the generator power range 5KW-1000KW. The company also manufactures ordinary generator mating with engines, marine generator, and special generator of world first-class DVR digital regulator excitation system with PMG as well as the switchgears. Application range: mating with different types of domestic diesel engines, i.e.: 95 series, 135 series, 130 series and 150 series, import diesel engines, i.e.: Cummins, Steyr, DEUTZ as well as MTU as the general power or emergency power. The generator is also applied to special use, such as generator set of telecommunications system, controlled silicon and rectifier load. The electric motor is the standard high-efficiency 15HP - 75HP Neina motor, mainly used for export.
      The products are welcomed by the majority of customers for beautiful appearance, light weight, small size, favorable price, multi functions, reliable quality as well as excellent service. The new, attractive and reliable Marathon generators are transferred to the country, especially in such major engineering projects as Jiangyin-Yangtze River Bridge, Second Artillery Missile Force, logistic supply ship, air-conditioned train and refrigerated container as well as canteen truck—the key project of Shanghai government. The business has made a great progress, with the products expanded into domestic market, and meanwhile re-sold to America, UK and Southeast Asia. It has become the first domestic small and medium sized generators entering the USA market. In 1999, the company was authorized as export-oriented enterprise by Shanghai Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, while in 2000, it was authorized as advanced high-technology enterprise again.
   In 1998, Shanghai Marathon-Genxin Electric Co., LTD has passed the investigation of quality certification ISO9002 and Products Quality Certification. Now they have passed quality certification ISO-9001 2000. The company, based on quality, international advanced products and creative spirit, manufactures the perfect products, meeting the requirements of users.
II. Features of Marathon generator
Magna Max DVR  generator, explored by USA Marathon Electric Company, installed with PMG excitation system and originated DVR2000 digital regulator, is a new product combined with traditional generator and modern technology, an AC generator product advanced in technology.
Magna Max DVR generator and other imported as well as domestic diesel engines are installed to make up stationary or mobile power station. It is also installed with other motors to form special electrical power. For small volume, light weight and simple operation, it is widely used in different conditions.
Because of the unique design, advanced structure, excellent performance as well as reliable operation for Magna Max DVR  generator, specially used as non-linear load electrical power, it is the first chosen and ideal generator of computer, communication center, commercial building, hospital and airports.
B、Excellent electric performance
Steady voltage regulation rate ?.25%
Transient voltage regulation rate ?20%?15% (60% In, cosΦ?.4 1lag?
Voltage regulating range?0%.
The waveform distortion rate (THC) of line-line voltage?%
The steady short circuit current 300% In, 10 seconds.
Large stability range of non-linear load application
Strong start motor ability.
C、Unique structural design
1.PMG (permanent magnet generator) excitation system can provide 300% rated short-circuit current for 10 seconds, without problems of low remanence voltage to voltage buildup. Regulator of electrical power, provided by PMG, is used for division between regulator of electrical power and load under non-linear load, which increases the applicability and voltage stability of non-linear load, as well as the actual ability of sudden load and start motor.
2.The whole salient rotor structure is to make rotor core and damper winding combined by casting aluminum. The magnetic field winding adopts thermosetting epoxy to be filled, having higher machinery and electrical strength.
3.Brushless excitation mode with the maintenance-free DVR2000 digital regulator and fine precision rate of voltage reaches 0.25%. The standard characteristics contain voltage regulation, stability regulation, voltage\frequency under-speed protection regulation, three-phase effective value monitoring, parallel operation, over-excitation protection, over-voltage protection and EMIR (electromagnetic interference restrain).
DVR 2000 digital regulator adopts full-sealed structure with the features of humidity resistance and vibration insulation.
DVR2000E provides the communication connections between PC computer and palmtop computer compatible with IBM.
DVR2000E(C) paralleled with mains supply: Marathon generator installed with DVR2000E(C) voltage regulator can be paralleled with the infinite power grid. There are two optional control modes under the parallel operation, one is power factor control mode, and the other is reactive power factor control mode.
    If power factor control mode selected, the adjust range of power factor is ?.8 (lag) ?0.8 (lead). The user can fix a setting value according to the need, take ?.8 for examples, DVR2000E(C) can calculate the active power and reactive power according to the monitored generator output voltage and current. Then, DVR2000E(C) can adjust DC excited current automatically to make power factor maintain at the setting point.
If reactive power factor control mode selected, the adjust range of reactive power factor is from 60?evaporation to 60% absorption. The user can fix a setting value according to the need, take 60?evaporation (?0? for examples, DVR2000E(C) can calculate the active power and reactive power according to the monitored generator output voltage and current. Then, DVR2000E(C) can adjust DC excited current automatically to make reactive power factor maintain at the setting point.
The operation is very simple for parallel operation of infinite power grid and generator by use of DVR2000E(C). After parallel operation, the active power is adjusted manually, while the reactive power is adjusted automatically.
4.Generator outlet box is located in the end, internal space wide to install kinds of components; connecting in all directions.
5.Exciter and PMG generator as well as rotating rectifier are all installed on the outside of bearing cap, located in outlet box, easy for inspection and maintenance.
6. Class H or class F of insulation.
7.Generator protection for the whole structure, blind window and shutter for protection, use of safety fan, fine ventilating, cooling, small difference heating, low temperature rising.
8. Generator is divided into single bearing and double bearing structures.
Single-bearing generator is installed with different SAE flange interfaces and flexible coupling.
Double-bearing generator could provide different flange interfaces according to customers?requirements, easy to supply.
9.Provide anti-condensation heater on request of customers to guarantee the excellent performance of insulation.
10.According to customers?requirements, select and install components (switching value) to prevent stator winding hotter.
D、Service conditions
The environmental temperature is not more than 40?
Altitude is not more than 1000 meters.
If the service conditions do not fit in with the above environment, the output power must be modified according to instructions.
E、Voltage, frequency, speed, power factor and operation mode
Rated voltage : 400V (480V, 60H)
Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Rated speed: 1500r/m or 1800r/m
Power factor: 0.8 Lag
Operation mode: Continuous
According to the requirements, the generator can be installed with 10 or 12 outgoing lines. (It shall be specified in the order) It is applied to:
50 Hz: 190-208V/380-415V
60 Hz: 208-240V/416-480V

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