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Diesel Generator Proposal

Power Plant Proposal
Required Information for Power Plant Project design and quotation

Home > Equipments > HFO Diesel generator & Marine HFO Engine > 8x 4.1mw MAN 9L32/40 hfo power plant proposal


8x 4.1mw MAN 9L32/40 hfo power plant technical proposal

Part of the hfo diesel generator power plant technical proposal:

Power  Generation  Project
Project name:            
Date:  Dec, 2008
Product type :  Stationary power plant
Engine configuration:  8×SXD-MAN 9L32/40




?/A> General

The proposed stationary 8 x 4.1MW diesel power generating plant is for base load application and intended for electricity production operation in parallel with public supply system.
The diesel engine is connected with the generator via flexible coupling. The fuel for DG sets can be either diesel oil or heavy oil.
The mechanical auxiliary equipment of the DG will be grouped into functional modules to facilitate installation and operation.
Single bus design is used for its electrical design i.e. the power generated from 8 DG sets will be output to the bus. Power supply for the equipment in power plant itself will be taken from the bus through 11kV/0.4kV transformer. No additional standby generating sets are needed.

Main data of the power plant

The power plant mainly consists of 8 sets CLF4100/11000 diesel generating sets manufactured by Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.(SXD).
Rated power of each DG set under rated speed and ambient conditions:
- Electrical power (60Hz)                            4000kW
- Apparent power                                              5000kVA
-Power factor                            0.8
The DG set can output power efficiently under the following ambient conditions:
- Ambient temperature                                  5?5?/DIV>
- Elevation                                                 ?000M
- Relative humidity                                        ?5%
- Water temperature at air cooler inlet       45?/DIV>
The DG sets can output rated power continuously and are capable of temporary 110% overload for 1 hour in every 12 operating hours under the following conditions:
Ambient temperature                                           25?/DIV>
Atmospheric pressure                                          100kPa
Cooling water temp. at air cooler inlet                  25?/DIV>

Derating of DG output

The output and fuel oil consumption rate are to be corrected according to relevant technical documents of the diesel engine manufacturer when the service condition on site does not conform to the standard conditions specified in ISO3046-1995.

Water requirement

HT water and injector cooling water

Normal condition
Total hardness (CaCO3 in ppm)
Total salinity
Density of acid ion ( SO2-4)
Silicon dioxide
Residue on evaporation

Quality of Light Fuel Oil (LFO)

Viscosity, min.
cSt at 40?/DIV>
Viscosity, max.
cSt at 40?/DIV>
Density, max. (at 15 °C)
Conradson carbon res. max.
% mass
Sulphur, max.
% mass
Vanadium, max.
Sodium, max.
Ash, max.                                  
% mass
Water, max.                                  
% Vol
Water before engine, max.
% Vol
Flash point, closed Pensky-Martens, min.
Pour point, upper max.
Aluminium + silicon, max. 
Total sediment potential, max.
% mass


Lube oil characteristics

Lube oil for engine lubrication and rockerarm lubrication:
Viscosity: SAE40
Total base number (TBN): ?0
Please consult recommended lube oil specifications of the engine manufacturer for specific lube oil to be used.
Lube oil for governor and turbocharger:

Codes and standards

The plant will be designed and manufactured according the following codes and standards.
Mechanical system: Relevant ISO and GB standards
Electrical system: IEC standards.

?/FONT>.  General layout

This 8 x 4.1MW diesel power generating plant will occupy an area dividing into four sections i.e. main DG building, cooling water station, tank area and heavy fuel treatment station.

Main DG building

The main DG building consists of three rooms i.e. switching room, DG room and auxiliary room.

DG room

The elevation of the DG room is approx. 16m equipped with a 7 ton bridge crane for maintenance and lifting of components. 8 DG sets are laid out in parallel transversally.

Auxiliary room

The auxiliary room is on the engine side of the DG room . Auxiliary equipment such as oil pumps, water pumps, heat exchangers, air compressors, air bottles and some pipes will be installed in the room and the air intake and gas exhaust pipes as well as HT water expansion tank will be installed at the top of the room.

Switching room

Switching room is located at the generator side of the DG room. There are specific rooms for high voltage, central control, switching gear and transformer.

Cooling water station

A fresh water pond will be build in the Plant. Low temperature water circulating pump, central plate heat exchanger and LT water circulating pump. Plant water treatment facilities are located in the water treatment room. There is a water pump room for distinguish pump and pumps for daily life and production.

Tank area

Fuel oil storage tanks in the tank area will be built together comprising two or three 1,000m3 fuel oil storage tanks and eight 40m3 light diesel oil service tank. The capacity of the fuel oil tanks can enable the operating of 8 DG sets for15 days.
Position for slag oil is reserved in the tank area. Transfer pumps for light diesel oil and heavy fuel oil will be installed inside the tank area.


?/FONT>. Diesel generating set

CLF4100/11000 DG set consists of one set of MAN 9L32/40 diesel engine as prime mover, one generator, excitation system and AVR, control and monitoring system, protection system and various auxiliary equipment. The diesel engine and the generator will be installed on separate foundation block and connected through flexible coupling. The DG set features reliable running, prolonged TBO and easy maintenance.

Specification of DG set

Type                                                      CLF4100/11000
Rated power                                                 4100 kW
Rated voltage                                        11kV
Rated current                                        268.8 A
Number of pole pairs                             5
Power factor                                                 0.8 (lagging)
Rated frequency                                   60 Hz
Rated speed                                                 720 r/min
Phase                                                    3 phase
Excitation                                               brushless excitation
Dry Weight                                             84 ton
※External dimension(L×W×H)                    11,640 x 2,710 x 5,120 mm
?The dimensions and weight may vary depending on the generator make and type.

Main data of diesel engine

9L32/40 engine is a four stroke, single action, direct injection, gas turbocharging, intercooler medium speed high power diesel engine.

4 stroke, V-type, direct injection, gas turbocharging, air intercooled
N0. of cylinders     
Rotating direction
clockwise (view from PTO)
Cylinder bore      
320 mm
400 mm
Swept volume      
32.17 dm3
Compression ratio     
Type of combustion chamber
direct injection
Injection method
mechanical drive, single body injection pump
Starting method
compressed air starting
Max. continuous rating (MCR)
Continuous service rating (CSR)
Overload power (1h out of 12 h)
Rated speed
 720 r/min
Mean effective pressure   
Max. explosion pressure   
Min. stable speed      
250 r/min
Firing speed
80 r/min
Exhaust temp. at cyl. outlet
510±50?(difference between any two cylinders ?0?
Fuel oil consumption  
185+5?nbsp; g/kw.h (Lev= 42700kj/kg?/DIV>
Lube oil consumption        
?.0 g/kw.h
External dimension           
7800 x 2695 x 4385 mm(L×W×H?/DIV>
Weight (dry) 
51 ton

Main data of generator

Type                                                      TFW4000-8
Rated power                                                 4000kW
Rated voltage                                        11kV
Rated speed                                              720 r/min
Rated frequency                                  60Hz
Power factor                                                 0.8 (lagging)
Efficiency                                               96%
Insulation                                              Class F
Protection                                             IP23
Cooling method                                     Air cooling
Excitation                                               Brushless excitation
Lubricating method                                Complex lubricating
Bearing lube oil                                      N46 (GB443-89)
External dimension                               

Performance of DG set

Steady state voltage deviation                             ±2.5%
Transient voltage regulation                                within +20%?-15%
Voltage recovery time                                                 ?.5 second
Voltage fluctuation                                               ?%
No-load voltage setting range                              95% --105% rated voltage
The distortion rate of sinusoidal waveform
of line voltage at no-load rated voltage.                     ?%
Steady state frequency deviation                        5%
Transient frequency deviation                             ±10%
Frequency recovery time                                     7 second
Frequency fluctuation                                                 ?%

?/FONT>  Mechanical auxiliary system

The proper function of the DG-set is dependent on the mechanical auxiliary systems. The proposed systems have been optimized for the this particular plant. The function of the systems are to provide the engine with fuel, lubricating oil, starting air, cooling water and charge air at required quantity and quality as well as to dispose of exhaust gases in a proper manner.

Fuel oil system

The main function of the fuel oil system is to supply the Diesel engine with fuel oil of the necessary amount, pressure, temperature, viscosity and quality during all loads and environmental conditions.. The power plant is using Light Fuel Oil as the main fuel.

1. Fuel oil storage system

Diesel oil transfer pumps are to be equipped to facilitate unloading of fuel oils. The diesel oil transfer pump is for delivering diesel oil to the diesel oil daily tank for starting ,running and stop operations of the DG sets.
Main facilities in the fuel oil storage system are
Strainer                                    8 sets                  
LFO transfer pump               4 sets                  
LFO delivery pump                  2 sets                  
LFO daily tank                      8 set                   
LFO storage tank                    2 sets                  
Light fuel oil daily tanks are all equipped with level indicator and level switches for alarm and control.

2.  LFO feeding unit                                           4  sets

The function of the feeding pump unit is to pump fuel oil from the storage tank to the day tank. It provides the engine with filtered fuel of correct quantity and pres­sure. It consists of feeding pump, fine filter, flow meter, booster pump, and control system. Its function is to supply fuel oil to diesel engine at an appropriate viscosity, pressure, flow and cleanness. Transfer pumps and other components are built on a steel frame, which forms one compact unit. Every two DG sets share one unit
Main facilities are as follows:
Electric feeding pump                                       2 sets                  
Electric booster pump                                       2 sets                  
Duplex strainer                                          2 sets                  
Duplex fine filter                                         1 set                   
Pressure drop indication and alarm                  1 set                   
Control panel                                                1 set                   
Connecting pipe, valve, flanges                    1 set
Steel base frame                                              1 set                   

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