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Dear Sir,

As strategy of our company is to consortium with top/best Chinese equipments supplier the world market.  We act as supplier, EPC contractor and also financing facilitator by integrating our Chinese top/best equipments including from Chinese Joint Ventures with world famous  brands such as GE, MAN, MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Siemens.

Epc services including: engineering, procurement and construction, commissioning, training, spare parts supply and even operation and maintenance.

Financing support including help our big projects apply Eximbank financing against EPC or purchase order, advance payment, and sovereign guarantee or bank guarantee. If some project or procurements can not meet our Eximbank China requirements, we as EPC/supplier can offer deferred L/C, or buyer's credit and other solution to your specific financing demands.

Now we are contracting with our Top/Best gas turbine generator producers or gas engine generator sets to supply to the market.

These gas turbine gensets of gas engine generator sets can be configured for single cycle, combined cycle operation; the fuel can be biomass gas, biogas, gas from  municipal solid  waste through gasification system, coke oven gas, coal layer gas, gas from industrial plant exhaust. we can offer completer EPC for the gasification and generation projects.

we are sorry to inform you that due to sanction, we can not supply our Hyundai gas engine generator sets to Iran. But they can be delivered to other non embargoed nations.

So the projects we have talked during the past for Iran market by using Hyundai gas engine generator sets, we have to use our Chinese top/best equipments for gas power projects. there are solutions:

1.  500kw-600kw gas engine generator sets: this is China’s Number One gas engine generation sets, with speed of 100rpm, heat efficiency can be as high as 40%, so it can be configured as continuous generation or standby generation. most of the key parts are co developed with world famous labs and producers, with world advanced level of quality, high automation function. The gas can be natural gas, coal layer gas gas, coke oven gas, biomass gas, gas from industrial process with low heat value. And the gas engine gensets have been installed in the world market during the last 30 years, in USA, EU, South East Asia, Middle East, South America. Power plant capacity ranges from 100kw to 30mw.

For more:

2.  10mw gas turbine generation sets: this is China’s number one gas turbine genset developed by its own technology, and improved with world advanced technology. and it has been installed in China for power generation and other industrial application. the good news is that it has been installed in Iraq and other Middle Asian nations. The turbine efficiency can be as high as 28%. In order to increased its efficiency, it can be designed as combined cycle, The unit output of a combined cycle 10mw gas turbine generation set is 16MW, and the set’s generation efficiency rate is 40%.

For More:

3.  2mw gas turbine generator sets: the 2mw is modified as gas turbine power genset from Ukraine air fighter’s  turbine. and turbine efficiency can be at 23%, to increase its efficiency, combined cycle or co generation power plant can be delivered.

This gas turbine generation sets have been installed for more than several hundreds in China and the world market for the last 30 years.

for more:

So if you still wish to set up gas turbine power projects in USA or EU embargoed nations such as Iran, Sudan..., please do contact us, we can be supplier, EPC contractor, and also financing facilitator to help you solve your financing problems for your projects.

Other Best/Top Equipments from China:

Genuine GE Gas Turbine and Spare parts:

MAN HFO diesel Generator and Spare Parts:

Big Project Financing from China Eximbank:

With My Best Regards,

yang chun lin/Leda Greenpower/CEO

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D-803, Shengshijiayuan, Road 98, Jianguo,  Beijing 100022, China


10MW Gas Turbine Generator for Single or Combined Cycle power plant


1. Brief introduction of 10MW gas turbine

10MW gas turbine is co-developed by Our Group on the basis of gas turbine design and manufacturing. It is the first new type of medium power gas turbine with fully independent intellectual property rights in China. Its gas generator is derived from “Kunlun”aero-engine which is self-designed and developed by China, and the design of power turbine adopts much advanced and mature technology. There applied technology is compatible to that of the international reputable gas turbine producers, such as GE and Siemens.

We began to build a cogeneration demonstrative plant of unit 10MW in the second production factory of Zhongyuan Oil Field in 2002, which realized interconnected generation and was placed in operation on July 28, 2003. The successful delivery of the unit filled in the blank in the field of light gas turbine 12MW development of our nation.

In 2012, we have delivered to Iraq, Middle East Asian nations, and other Chinese power station or oil fields.


2. Main technical parameter of unit (under ISO condition)


Heat performance of unit

Base load

Peak load

Rated generating power(KW)



Heat efficiency of unit



Heat rate KJ/KW.h




Performance of gas turbine

Base load

Peak load

Air flow at the compressor inlet (kg/s)



Compressor boost ratio



LP rotor speed (rpm)



HP rotor speed (rpm)



Power turbine speed (rpm)



Gas flow at power turbine inlet (kg/s)



Gas temperature at power turbine outlet (K)



Rotation direction of power turbine rotor

CW(viewed from the direction of air-inlet)

CW(viewed from the direction of air-inlet)

Pressure at exhaust scroll case outlet (105Pa)



Flow speed at exhaust scroll case outlet (m/s)



Area of exhaust scroll case outlet (m2)




2.3 AC generator

Rated power


Rated speed


Rated voltage


Rated power factor





higher than97%

Cooling method

Upper water cooling

Rotation direction

CW (viewed from excitation)


2.4 Gas turbine first overhaul period

Gas generator

no less than 6000 hours

Power turbine

no less than 40000 hours

3. Main components of unit

3.1 Gas generator and power turbine

10MW gas turbine is composed of gas generator, power turbine and other auxiliary systems.

Gas g, enerator mainly consists of compressor, combustion chamber, turbine and other auxiliary sections. Compressor has LP and HP compressors in structure, consisting of 7stages HP and 4 stages LP compressors. The annular combustion chamber features small dimension, lightweight, high combustion rate and low contamination, consists of 15 heads, 15 fuel nozzles and 2 igniters.

The turbine also has LP and HP turbines in structure. It has 1 stage HP and 1 stage LP turbine respectively. Power turbine has 2 stages.

3.2 Reducing gearbox

The function of reducing gearbox is to reduce the power turbine speed from 4700rpm to 3000rpm to drive the generator. The big and small gears in gearbox are arranged up and down in the same vertical plane and the center distance of high- and low-speed shafts is 540mm. The max. load is 15000kw.

3.3 AC generator

Thermal energy is changed into mechanical energy through the gas turbine, and then transformed into electric energy through generator and merged into electric power network at last. The generator is a brushless excitation generator and adopts closed cycle air cooling, which rated power is 15000kW, power factor is 0.8, output voltage is 6.3kV, frequency is 50Hz and speed is 3000rpm, cooling of the motor is upper water cooling. The generator consists of rotor, stator, pedestal, cooling air intake and exhaust duct and water cooler. Rotor has driving end and excitation end, and two gliding gears support the two ends, main lubrication system supplies oil lubrication and cooling during starting and running.

4. Auxiliary systems of unit

4.1 Lubrication system

Two sets of independent lubrication oil system are equipped on the gas turbine, that is, lubrication system of gas generator and lubrication system of generator, gearbox and power turbine (main lubrication system). The function of the lubrication system is to supply enough clean oil with appropriate temperature and pressure to the bearings of gas generator, generator, gearbox and bearings of power turbine during starting, normal running and stopping of the unit.

4.2. Fuel supply and regulating system of natural gas

The function of this system is to supply certain temperature natural gas with stable pressure in order that gas generator can burn with an applicable gas flow to supply the energy for the unit. It consists of two parts: the first one is fuel regulating system, which is made up of fast cut-off valve, electromagnetic evacuation valve, fuel control valve and control device etc. forming an independent skid enclosure, which is installed on the pedestal of gas turbine cell. The second one is fuel supply system which consists of general valve, filter, independent-type pressure regulating valve, evacuation valve, flow meter, sensor of temperature, pressure and flow as well as gas pipe etc. The upstream terminal of this system is the outlet of natural gas compressor and the downstream terminal is the inlet of gas generator fuel regulating system.

 4.3 Main technical data of fuel supplying system

(a) Max. flow at base load                          4880Nm3/h

(b) Max. flow at peak load                          5300Nm3/h

(c) Natural gas pressure range at regulating system inlet   1.3~1.5MPa

(d) Natural gas inlet temperature of supplying system     30~70 C Degree

(e) Natural gas contaminant:

The diameter of hydrocarbon drop not more than 8µm;

The diameter of solid grain not more than 3µm;

No moisture that can form ice

4.4 Air intake and exhaust system

4.4.1 Air-inlet filter silencing system

The function of the air-inlet filter silencing system is to filter ventilating air entering into gas generator and the enclosure of gas turbine cell, prevent dust absorbed and lower the noise sent out from the front part of gas generator.

4.4.2 Main parameter of air intake system

(a) air flow at air intake of gas turbine       62.45kg/s

(b) ventilation amount of enclosure            6Nm3/s

(c) permissible pressure loss                 1000Pa

(d) final dust amount                 less than 0.5mg/m3<, /SUP>

(e) initial drag of air filter                     250Pa

(f) Max. pressure differential of air filter         700Pa

(g) back blowing compressed air flow       0.3Nm3/min

(h) back blowing air pressure               0.6-0.8Mpa

4.4.3 Structure of air intake device

The device mainly consists of filtering device, silencer, back blowing system, duct and air intake pressure-stabilizing chamber. It has a huge volume and is mounted on the steel support in front side of unit enclosure. This belongs to overhead arrangement.

(a) Air intake filtering device

Air intake filter is a case structure welded by steel plate. It has good seal and high strength structure. There are equipped 196 high effective filtering elements and Venturi tube fixed on steel support in the enclosure. The profile dimension is 6450mm×6450mm×3400mm.

(b) Silencer

The silencer is diaphragm type structure. Its features are light in weight, small dimension, low cost, simple manufacture and good silencing effect. The profile dimension is 3200mm×2200mm×2500mm.

4.4.4 Exhaust system

The function of the exhaust system is to exhaust the gas from exhaust scroll case of gas turbine into atmosphere. It consists of expansion joint, silencer, chimney, support and etc. The support is fixed on the cement foundation by bolts. The height from ground to rainproof cover is about 20m.

4.5 Cleaning system

The cleaning system operates through the water solution with certain composition ratio of cleaning agent sprayed from the nozzles on nozzle ring of gas turbine at suitable pressure, temperature and flow condition. The system consists of clean water tank, cleaning agent tank, corrosion-proof liquid tank, solenoid valve, filter of centrifugal pump, shut off valve and hose to form into an independent skid enclosure. The off-line cleaning is adopted on this unit (that is, perform cleaning when the gas turbine is not operated).

4.6 Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system

This system consists of thermo induction fire detector, carbon dioxide cylinder control valve, drive steel cylinder, fireproof flap, control cabinet, pipeline and sprinkler head etc. Control cabinet is mounted in the central control chamber; assembled carbon dioxide cylinder is mounted in the steel support of air intake device.

4.7 Ventilation and heat systems of enclosure

Gas turbine cell and generation cell in the enclosure is closed, its walls and roof is made from thermal-protective and silencing material. It is necessary to have an air-cooling device to ensure the temperature in the enclosure not too high during the unit running. The ventilation of gas turbine cell is finished by directly inducing air filtered by air intake device through air inlet in the enclosure roof to absorb the heat in the cell, then the air exhaust to atmosphere through two outlets in the rear of the cell roof. It is required to remain negative pressure not more than 1000Pa (100mmH2O), temperature is at 60 C Degree or so in the cell. When the temperature is more than 60 C Degree in the cell, two fans work at the same time to ensure the temperature not more than 100 C Degree in the enclosure.

  When the unit stops running and the temperature of enclosure drops to 5 C Degree, the temperature switch is shut off and heater begins to work. When the temperature is more than 15 C Degree, the heater stops working.

4.8 Hydraulic starting system

The function of this system, on one hand, it provides the start power for gas turbine, and on the other hand it runs the gas generator during water cleaning. It consists of oil tank, oil pump, oil pump assembly, motor, and oil filter etc. The profile dimension of hydraulic station skid enclosure is 2250mm×2300mm×2100mm.

4.9 AC and DC electrical system

  This system consists of power cabinet, power distribution cabinet, motor control center, accumulator and charger, etc. The function of motor control center is to supply alternating current to AC motor, heater, illumination and control system for various purposes. DC system supplies DC power to emergency oil pump, emergency lighting and control system. Charger is used to charge accumulator. All of these devices are mounted in the central control chamber.

4.10 Control system

The control system of the unit is mounted in an independent enclosure, forming a central control chamber; its concrete position can be designed on the basis of site conditions.

5. Scope of Supply of Single 10MW Gas Turbine Generator Set

5.1 Gas Generator and Power Turbine

5.2 Decelerator Gearbox

5.3 Auxiliary Equipments

5.4 Lubrication Oil System

5.5 Natural Gas Feeding System and Regulator

5.6 Air Intake and Exhaustion System

5.7 Cleaning System

5.8 Carbon Dixon Fire Extinguish System

5.9 Enclosure Ventilation and Heating System

5.10 Hydraulic Starting System

5.11 DC&AC Generator

5.12Control System


6. Supply Scope of Combined Cycle of 10MW Gas Turbine Generation Set

Combined Cycle of 10MW Gas Turbine Generation Set is comprised of 10MW gas turbine generation set, heat recovery boiler, steam turbine generation set and other required auxiliary equipments.


6.1 Main Parameters of10MW Gas Turbine Generation Set(ISO condition)

6.1.1 Gas Turbine                   

Rated Power(KW)

No Less than 11500

Heat Efficiency


Heat Consumption KJ/KWh


Air Intake flow of Compressor(kg/s)


Boosting Ratio of Compressor


LP Rotor Speed(rpm)


HP Rotor Speed(rpm)


Power Turbine Speed(rpm)


Air Intake Flow of Power Turbine(kg/s)


Temp. at Exit of Power Turbine(?/SPAN>)


Revolving Direction of Rotor of Power Turbine

Clockwise(View from Air Intake) /SPAN>

Pressure at Exit of Exhaust Scroll(105Pa)


Velocity at Exit of Exhaust Scroll(m/s)


Area at Exit of Exhaust Scroll(m2)


Gas Generator

No Less than 6000 hours

Power Turbine

No Less than 40000 Hours


6.1.2 AC Generator

Rated Power


Rated Speed


Rated Voltage


Power Factor



Higher than 97%

Cooling Type

Up side water cooled

Revolving Direction

Clockwise from view of Exciting


6.2  Heat Recovery Boiler                               

Pressure of HP Steam MPa:


Temp. of HP Steam  C Degree:


Flow of HP Steam t/h:


Pressure of LP Steam MPa:


Temp. of LP Steam C Degree:


Flow of LP Steam t/h:


Boiler Exhaust Temp.  C Degree:



6.3   Steam Turbine Generation Set

Steam Turbine Rated Power kW:


Rated Steam Flow t/h:


Rated Intake Steam Temp. C Degree:


Rated Intake Steam Pressure MPa:


Exhaust Pressure KPa:


Output Voltage of Generator kV:



The output of high pressure steam from the heat recovery boiler is 20.6t/h, dual pressure boiler is adopted. Low pressure steam is used in the deaeror. Steam turbine is for single pressure condensing type.

The unit output of a combined cycle 10mw gas turbine generation set is 16MW, and the set’s generation efficiency rate is 40%.


7. Sample Quotation in USD valid in 2006

7.1 Single Cycled 10MW Gas Turbine Generation Set







Gas Turbine Generation Set




Gas Generator




Power Turbine




Control System








7.2 Combined Cycle of 10MW Gas Turbine Generation Set






Gas Turbine Generation Set




Thermal System




Heat Recovery boiler



Medium Pressure Boiler


Bypass System




Steam Turbine Genset








Fuel feeding system




Water Supply and treatment




Cooling water system




Fire Protection




Inplant Waste water treatment




Electrical system(including plant transformer)




Other Equipments








8. Service and Warranty

8.1 Onsite supervision for commissioning is available at cost undertook by the buyer for air ticket, accommodation and boarding, as well as daily allowance. We can offer six months of onsite operation and maintenance work and also training buyer’s personals for the whole set. But due to security reasons we do not provide technicians or supervisors to plant site’s country areas, we can invite the employers?personals to China for training at the buyers?fee.

8.2 For defaulted gas turbine can be returned for repairing.

8.3Warranty period of the gas turbine, gearbox, generator and gas turbine’s main auxiliaries is one year.

8.4 We can also offer onsite installation and commissioning services at competitive quotation on the condition that we are sure of the local security for our onsite personals.

- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-WASHER FNC 010840450 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-SPLIT PIN FDD 32020 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-SHIELD RPR 17064 24/1 2013
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- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-NUT FGC 53625 24/1 2013
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- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-HELICOILS RFR 330950000 24/1 2013
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- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-GASKET KCX 022216820 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-FLANGE JUD 000020515 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-CALIBRATED PIN RPQ 02315 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-BEARING RCQ 34751 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-3RD STAGE SHROUDS SMO 38760 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts-10TH STAGE CLOSING STATOR BLADE SMR 7955972 24/1 2013
- GE 10-1 Gas turbine spare parts SHOE SMT 49018 23/1 2013

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