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Big thermal power plant reference as turkey projects

Some of the typical thermal power plants finished as turkey projects by one of our partners

Thermal Power Plants Turnkey Project     output Date of completion Country
Guddu thermal power plant    210MW 1986 Pakistan 
Jamshoro thermal power plant No.2   210MW   1989 Pakistan
Jamshoro thermal power plant No.3 210MW 1990 Pakistan
Jamshoro thermal power plant No.4     210MW 1991 Pakistan
Chitagong thermal power plant No.1  Bangladesh  210MW  1993 Pakistan
Chitagong thermal power plant No.2    210MW 1997 Bangladesh 
Muzaffargarh thermal power plant No.5      320MW 1995 Pakistan
Muzaffargarh thermal power plant No.6  320MW 1995 Pakistan
Muzaffargarh thermal power plant No.4      320MW 1996 Pakistan
Chitagong thermal power plant No.2     210MW 1997 Bangladesh 
Kuching thermal power plant No.1      50MW 1997 Malaysia
Kuching thermal power plant No.2  50MW 1997 Malaysia
Kuching thermal power plant No.1 Phase 2   Malaysia  55MW 2004 Malaysia
Kuching thermal power plant No.2 Phase 2    Malaysia  55MW 2004 Malaysia
Muhah Power station project 2x135mw 2010 Malaysia
Diesel Power Station Rahad      2x6600KW 2002 Sudan
600km Rosieres-Khartoum third Transmission line 600km 2008 Sudan
Vedanta Co-generation power plant 2x23mw 2006 India
Cujarat Cement works 4x23mw thermal power plant 4x23mw 2008 India
Labuhan Angin Coal fired power plant 2x115mw 2008 Indonesia
Garri# 4 Spong Coke Plant 2x50mw 2008 Sudan
Salah-aldeen oil/gas fired power plant 4x300mw under construction Iraq 
Cooling System for power plant 14 units 2001 Iran
Shand Azerbaijan thermal power plant# 1-2 2x325mw 2005 Iran
Iraq Gas Turbine Generating set     6x37MW 2000 Iraq 
AL-Hiswa Power Plant     1x60mw 2005 Yemen
Silopi CFB thermal power plant 135MW 2010 Turkey
CFB power plant Biga  2x135MW 2010   
Okitipvapa Ondo state Gas Turbine power plant      335MW 2004 Nigeria
Power substation at Oktipvapa, ondo state()    3x150MVA 2004 Nigeria
Recently 200MW-600MW thermal Power Plant Achievement Turnkey Project 
EREN  Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant,   (1+1)X600MW 2011 Turkey
Mukah () Coal Fired Power Plant Project,   2x135MW   Malaysia
Biga Circulated Fluidized Bed () Power Plant Project ,  2x135MW   Turkey
Puttalum  Coal Fired Power Plant Project,       3X300MW   Sri Lanka
Hongsha   Subcritical power station  3×600MW   Thailand


CENTRAL THEMOELECTRIA SUL60HZ coal fired plant 2x350mw 2009 Brazil

Nigeria 2x42mmw GE gas turbine plant 2x42mw Nigeria
Nigeria 3x42mmw GE gas turbine plant 3x42mw Nigeria
Sri Lanka 2x350mw Sri Lanka

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