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Service for Power Generation and Transimmion Project

For every projects or supplying, the contractor will promise the employers or buyers that they will provide excellent serivces during the construction of projects, we promise that too. From the conception stage to final takeover by the employers. These services include, not limited to, design, consulting, financing, inspection&test at works or site, comissioning, and final test. Every is ok, and then the whole projects are taken over to the owners.

But our services do not stop here, following up service will be provided to the buyers to help them achieve higher availability, reliability, low operation costs and in time spare supply and training, even operation and maintenance service to get high efficiency from the projects or products.

Life long spare parts

All of the products, systems, equipments are produced in China, we have consortiumed with producers in the whole China nation, and through our hand pick of critical equipments, they are cost effective to the buyers. Through more than 50 years of self innovation and transferring from western nations, China producers can offer low cost and enough spare parts for years and the life span the projects.

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance cost is very high, and should be considered when choosing contractor or suppliers. For example, a 9x2mw diesel generator power plant will consume 12 millions of Us Dollars of HFO per year, which is almost the same as the initial investment of the plant.

China's producers and universities have trained millions of techncians and engineers, they are deployed to work around the world, but the labour cost for Chinese engineers are much lower than westerns, so the operation and maintenance workforce from China is very cost effective. This is another most important weapons for China. 


We usually provide onsite training, or our engineers will work on site to offer daily training to the owners staff, until the owners' staff can operate and maintenace the whole project by them self. Or we can let the owners staff come to China to be trained, they can not only be trained but also experience the progress in China and its hospitality. 

The Whole Nation Offer Service to Owners

China is turning from planned to market, but the whole nation's producers, contractors and designers work as a unit. So this is why some westerns do not understand why China becomes stronger, in simple, unification of the whole nation as company. 



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