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Home > Equipments > Engineering Machinery > China track Bulldozer > China SD8 Track Bulldozer 


China SD8 High Elevated Sprocket Track Bulldozer 

China SD8 Bulldozer is elevated sprocket, track-type bulldozer. Its undercarriage system is elastic suspended, elevated sprocket, hydraulic direct drive, and hydraulic controls. SD8 dozer can be equipped with S-blade, single shank ripper. Main structure uses high strength plate and is suitable for working in stony, worse earth condition. The cab is installed Rops device and comfortable seat. It is ideal for contraction machinery and equipment for mine, field and power plant site construction. 

SD8 is elevated sprocket, track-type bulldozer. Its undercarriage system is elastic suspended, elevated sprocket, hydraulic direct drive, and hydraulic controls. SD8 dozer can be equipped with S-blade, single shank ripper. Main structure uses high strength plate and is suitable for working in stony, worse earth condition. The cab is installed Rops device and comfortable seat.

Main specifitions

Operating weight (not including ripper)      40000 ㎿/FONT>

Ripper weight                          4300 ㎿/FONT>

Engine flywheel power/RPM              246 kw(335HP)/1900r/min

Track ground contact length               3280 mm

Ground pressure (without ripper)           105 kPa

Track contact length                     2200 mm

Overall dimensions (L × W × H)           

                       8090 × 4172 × 3952(with single shank ripper)

Gradability           latitude30  °    transverse 25 °

Ground clearance                        485mm

Theory travel speed  (km/h)      

1st gear forward 0-3.9              1st gear backward 0-4.8

2nd gear forward 0-6.8             2nd gear backward 0-8.4

3rd gear forward 0-11.9            3rd gear backward 0-14.8

Dozing operating rate (moving distance 40m )      452m 3 /h

Diesel engine specifications

Model                     NTA855-C400 (BC ⅿ)

Type                      water cooled, single line, four strokes, turbocharged, 6-cylinders, diameter 140mm

Rated speed                1900r/min

Flywheel power             246kw(335HP)

Torque storage coefficient     24.5%

Start mode                 24v electric starting

Torque converter

Power separating, hydraulic-mechanic drive, single stage torque converter is used in SD8 elevale sprocket bulldozer.

Transmission assembly

It integrates center drive, transmission and speed changing control valve into one component. It can be assembled or disassembled as assembly or as a part. It is very convenient to service. Transmission is multi-stage planetary drive to realize modular assembling and disassembling. Gear the shift can be changed among 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear forward or reverse rapidly, through multi-functional control valve.

Steering and braking clutch

Steering and braking clutch are adjustment-free, oil-type, multi-disc clutch. The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulicaly, constant meshed type. Steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, non-constant engaged clutch. Steering and braking acts simultaneously, operated manually to realize steering slowly, sharply and braking. The braking of entire machine can be realized through the pedal. Braking rod is designed to keep the undercarriage system in braking condition and guarantee the machine not to slip on slope when starting the engine.

Final drive

Final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism. It is mounted at outside of steering and braking clutch. Combined sprocket segment is very convenient for assembling, disassembling and service.

Undercarriage system

SD8 dozer utilizes elastic-mounted undercarriage. The track is triangle shape. The sprocket is elevated. Through floating function of continuous auxiliary suspension device, the machine can travel near obstacle on the ground to improve travelling stability and comfortable of the driver. Ground contact area is increased. Performance of traveling and traction is raised.

R.o.p.s cab

The cab is hexagonal thin wall box-type structure. Glass is mounted at six sides with wide viewing range. Pulling and pushing glass is mounted at back side. Air conditioner can be installed according to the requirement of customer. The structure of Rops is rigid. It can protect the driver efficiently when the bulldozer is in special condition. Adjustable operator ?s seat bias to right 15 ° and fuel tank, engine hood, track are tilting, the driver can has a good front and rear sighting range.

Implement hydraulic system

Implement hydraulic system can control lifting, lowering and tilting of the blade. It also can control the moving of ripper. It mainly consists of oil pump, cylinder, valve group, oil tank line and controlling parts. Implement pump is two group vane type pump. The main specification is as following:

Front pump                   Displacement   129ml/r

                            Rated pressure   21MPa

                            Rated speed     2000r/min

Rear pump                   Displacement    56ml/r                 

                            Rated pressure   21MPa

                            Rated speed     2000r/min

Rated operation pressure of blade lifting system    17.5MPa

Rated operation pressure of tilting system         18.3MPa

Hydraulic system of tractor

It is composed of oil pump, transmission control valve, steering and braking control valve, sequence valve, torque converter outlet relief valve, filler and oil line, etc. Main pump is three group gear pump. The main performance is as following:

Lubricating pump                 Rated displacement     90    ml/r

                               Rated pressure         0.4    MPa

                               Rated speed           2000   r/min

Working pump                   Rated displacement     115    ml/r

                               Rated pressure         3.1    MPa

                               Rated speed           2000   r/min

Oil draining pump                Rated displacement     160    m/r

                               Rated pressure         0.5    MPa

Rated speed           2000   r/min

Maintenance filling capacity

Fuel tank                                753L

Water tank and diesel engine cooling water     125L

Camshaft case of diesel engine               47L

Bevel gear case hydraulic system of tractor     167L

Final drive (one side)                       23L

Rear seat buffer spring case (each side)         30L

Pivot lubricating                           13L

Implement system oil tank                   89L


Type          Height         Width         Capacity

s-blade         1765mm       4172 mm        13.0 m 3


Type                   single, adjustable hydraulic ripper

Rippering angle          45 °

Max. penetration      1150mm

Max. lifting height     830mm

Blade type

Ground contact length(A)

Overall Lenght(B)

Blade height(C)

Overall height(D)

Blade width(E)

Track center distance(F)

Penetrating length

Lifting height

Blade capacity

Straight tilting blade(s-blade)

(with ripper)










Straight tilting blade(S-blade)

(with traction machanism)


China Track Bulldozer

China T140-1 Bulldozer is track-type model which utilizes semi-rigid suspension, mechanical drive and hydraulic control. It can be used in road building , hydro-electric construction , field modification, port and mine development and other constructions such as powr plant site. 

T140-1 Technical Specification

China T140-1 Bulldozer is track-type model which utilizes semi-rigid suspension, mechanical drive and hydraulic control. It can be used in road building , hydro-electric construction , field modification , port and mine development and other constructions .

Overall dimensions (L X W X H) 5486 X 3762 X 2940mm

Operation weight 17.0 t

Horsepower 103.0 kW

Max.drawbar pull 137.5 kN

Ground pressure 65.0 kPa

Min. turning radium 3.9 m

Min. ground clearance 355 mm

Gradient: longitudinal 30 ° , transverse 25 °

Working efficiency within 40 meters: 169 m 3 /h

Blade capacity 4.05 m 3

Diesel engine


Model 6135Ak-3S

Type Water-cooled , single row, vertical ,4-stroke-cycle

Diesel engine with “ω combustion chamber

Number of cylinders-bore X stroke:6-135 X 150 mm

Type of fuel pump B series fuel injection pump

Piston displacement:12 L

Rated rotation speed:1800 r/min

Rated horsepower:114 kW

Oil consumption rated horsepower

Fuel consumption: < 238 g /kW · h

Engine oil < 3.4 g /kW · h

Max. torque ( < 1260r/min) < 726 N · m

Mode of cooling closed circulation water cool

Mode of starting 24V electric starting

Air cleaner horizontal two - stage filtering


Model WD615T1 -3A

Type Straight line with water cooled and pressure boost, direct injection

Cylinders number-Bore diameter X travel distance:

6-126 X 130mm

Highest rpm at unloading: 2000 ± 50rpm

Idle rotation speed: 700 ± 50rpm

Piston total displacement: 9.726L

Rated rpm: 1800r/min

Rated power/rpm 115kW/1800rpm

Fuel consumption at rated working condition: <218g /kW · h

Oil to fuel consumtion rate: < 0.8%

Max.torque/rpm: 780N · m/1200-1300rpm

Smoke degree at rated point: < 1.5Rb

Noise (at rated working condition): < 114dBA

Admissible altitude: 4000m

Main clutch and transmission

Main clutch: normally opened, multi-plate, powder metallurgy friction plate and hydraulic booster control. Transmission:normally meshed helical gear drive, coupling sleeve shift and two lever operation .The transmission has five forward speeds and four backward speeds .

Forward Backward

First speed 2.5km/h First speed 3.53km/h

Second speed 3.55km/h Second speed 4.96km/h

Third speed 5.68km/h Third speed 7.94km/h

Forth speed 7.53km/h Forth speed 10.53km/h

Fifth speed 10.61km/h

Steering and braking

Steering clutch: Multiple-disc oil powder metallurgy disc compressed by spring. hydraulic operated. Brake is oil two direction floating band brake operated by mechanical foot pedal.

Final drive

Two stage gear deceleration ,Duo-cone floating seal ,combined carrier roller to facilitate service.


Inner and outer beam of track roller frame are rectangular section ?/FONT>?FONT face=Arial>?frame .Track roller , carrier roller, idler are mounted with long life well sealed Duo-cone floating ring seal.

Track roller (each side):

Singe flange 4

Double flange 2

Carrier roller(each side): 2

Idler (each side) 1

Type of track: single grouser combined

Tension mode of track: hydraulic

Pitch: 203mm

Number of shoes(each side) 38 pieces

Width of shoe 500mm

Length of track on ground 2570mm

Sealed and lubricated track Δ

The pitch , numbers and width of track shoes are the same with the general track.

Implement hydraulic system

It is consists of implement oil pump,hydraulic tank and various valves , cylinders , filters and oil lines .

Pump type:gear pump

Pump model:CBF - E 100A (reverse )

System flow:180 L/min

System pressure:11.77 MPa

Single valve:used in angle blade

Used in coal pushing blade Δ

Directions valves Four positions , five way spool valve

Positions of valve Raise, lower, floating, hold

Number of cylinders - bore x stroke 2 100 X 905mm

Double valves:used in angle blade and ripper

Ripper and direction valve three positions , five way spool valve

Positions of valve Raise, lower , hold

Number of ripper cylinders - bore X stroke: 2 125 X 325mm

Double Valve used in straight blade Δ

Tilting direction valve three positions,Δ five way spool valve

Positions of valve left tilting, right tilting, hold

Number of cylinders-bore X stroke: 2 100 X 801mm

Number of cylinders(straight blade)-bore X stroke: 1 150 X 165mm

Three valves used in straight blade and ripper Δ

When the bulldozer companied with tilting blade is equipped with ripper, a set of outside valves can be installed outside of inner case of hydraulic control tank.


The cab is equipped with adjustable seat and electric fan with the character of low noise and excellent viewing area .

The following cabs can be selected by users .

1 . Cab with air-conditioner

2 . Conopy with RopS

3 . Simple structure canopy

Service refill

Fill location Capacity(L)

Radiator and diesel engine water 60

Lubricating system of diesel engine oil 25

Flywheel house, main clutch oil 35

Transmission, bevel gear case oil 90

Final drive (each) oil 24

Implement hydraulic system oil 85

Fuel tank oil 230

Idler, track roller,carrier roller oil 0.35 each

Blade specifications

Blade Angle Straight Coal pushing

Width 3762mm 3297 mm 4240mm

Height 1037mm 1170mm 1350mm

Max. digging depth 400mm 400mm

Ground clearance 1000mm 915mm 1000mm

Tilting angle 9 ° 8.5 °

Blade capacity 9m 3

Ripper specifications

Number of shank 3 1

Length 1580 mm 1580 mm

Width 2020 mm 1220 mm

Height 1236 mm 1236 mm

Max. penetration 550 mm 550 mm

Max. clearance 510 mm 510 mm

Note:Δ indicate optional parts.

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