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More Financing Supports to Foreign Nations Brought by China New President Visit First Visit


Now our Chinese new President just started his first visit to Russia, and other three African nations, this will enforce cooperation between China and other nations, including African nations and other developing nations.


One of the main cooperation is through China's EPC and financing support. As one of the top EPC contractor for infrastructure projects such as power projects, transmission projects, ports, railway, airport, water supply and treatment projects, agriculture projects as well as equipments, we are inviting our partners and agents to locate projects needing Eximbank China financing and EPC contractor. Please check the basic terms to work with us:


1. you must have very close connections with President, Minister of Finance, Minister of related business, or you can get their support to you and the projects/business.


2. 15% advance payment will be paid to our EPC contractor after contracts signed (for government-government soft/concessionary loan, 100% financing is possible).


3. sovereign guarantee can be issued by Ministry of Finance to our Eximbank China financing for the balance financing.


4. Contract should be signed through exclusive negotiation with our EPC contractor.


If you have such projects and connections, please contact us at:


Of course we also supply top equipments from China with best quality and quotation, payment can be 20%-30% advance payment, balance by defer L/C one year.


Genuine GE Gas Turbine and Spare parts:


MAN HFO diesel Generator and Spare Parts:


Big Project Financing from China Eximbank:


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