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Document list for applying Financing from Eximbank China


Dear Sir:


In a cold day, we arranged a meeting through my local friend who has very good connections with top officials from Eximbank China.
Our main purpose is to check if your projects for agricultural equipments and fishing landing ports project are qualified to applying financing from China.
Before our meeting, we are informed by many Western media that China Eximbank only supports projects that can bring oil/gas to China. But our projects are only for agriculture and fishing in a Western African nation with little oil/gas or mineral sources. This is our concern.
During the meeting the General Manager and his officials for Western  African nations told us that their basic terms are to check whether projects are beneficial to the nations' people's well being, and they can pay back with fund with guarantee, oil/gas/mineral are not must for applying and approving financing.
They also told us that they are ready to provide 6 billion USD for the specific country.
So they asked us to prepare documents they needed. And we are very happy to continue our projects in the mentioned nation for around 1 billion USD.

We are looking for Agents or consultants who have close connection with Presidents, Ministers for infrastructure projects or Equipments and material procurements, these projects or equipments are shortlisted by its nation for priority development and for the well being of its people. If you are interested, we are ready to communicate for EPC and financing from Eximbank China.

Here is:   

Document List for Equipment Supply or Project EPC Contract for

Application Buyer’s Credit from EXIM Bank of China

1.    Buyer's credit loan application mentioning that MoF has intent to borrow fund for certain projects signed with Chinese EPC or suppliers and sovereign guarantee or bank guarantee will be issued. (Ministry of Finance issued to EXIM China)

2.    Commercial contract (between employer and Chinese EPC), 15% advance payment to be paid to Chinese EPC or suppliers.

3.   Feasibility study of the captioned project (prepared by Employer)

4.   Thorough introduction of the Borrower, as well as the registration certification, audited financial reports of recent 3 years. (Prepared by employer and MOF, but when borrower is MoF, no need)

5.   Thorough introduction of the Guarantor, as well as the registration certification, audited financial reports of recent 3 years. If the government will act as the Guarantor, the financial situation of recent 3 fiscal years is needed (prepared by CHINESE EPC OR SUPPLIER, but when guarantor is MoF, no need)

6. Thorough introduction of CHINESE EPC OR SUPPLIER, as well as the registration certification, audited financial reports of recent 3 years. (prepared by CHINESE EPC OR SUPPLIER)

7.   EIA report (prepared by employer, but for Equipment purchase, maybe there is not required)

8.   Support letter issued by the Economical and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China to the country where projects are located ( prepared by CHINESE EPC OR SUPPLIER)

9. Support letter issued by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products (prepared by Chinese EPC or Supplier.)

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With My Best Regards,

yang chun lin

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Here is the sample reply:


Dear sir,


In China, these producers are almost not possible to get financing from Eximbank China, only reputable EPC and financing company such as our company can have the chance to get his projects or PO financing through Eximbank.


To my experience, you need a EPC contractor to handle all the needed equipments, and financing issues.


And here is my reply to your basic questions:  

1.      What is the minimum purchase order or EPC Contract Value to

Chinese Copmany to get financed by EXIM Bank China ?

A: we usually work with at least 50 million USD projects or equipment PO.  

2.      Whether the above reputable Chinese Manufacturers (Careddi, SD and Zhangiiang ) can be included in the Purchase Package or EPC Package that will be applied for Financing ?

A: all famous Chinese producers can be included into our EPC financing package. To our information, SD is our sub contractor, actually we are talking a 4mw Waste to Energy project for Slovakia, and 100mw in Iran with SD as supplier.

The other two producers are not in our consortium, if your projects are positive to us, we will evaluate the other two companies to check their qualification to be our sub contractors, if not, we can find more reputable to replace them.


3.      What will be the average interest by EXIM Bank ?

A: your projects are not government projects, so you can only apply Buyer's Credit, the rate is usually libor+ 500BPS, but you know Greece seems in financing rating struggle, maybe the Eximbank will need more rate, and also term is usually 5-10 years.


4.      How many years will concern as average the Loan What will be

the Loan  Period by Exim Bank?

A: 5-10 years, some times with our help maybe extended to 15 years. Construction period is the grace period.

5.      What will be the approximate period after the provision of the provided information (included in your email) for the evaluation for get Financing by Exim Bank China .

A: usually three months, possible two months with our facilitation. 

6.      Are the Photovoltaics Projects included in the List of Projects that get Financed by Exim Bank China ? Is there any list of EPC Contractors or Manufacturers of PV Panels , Inverters and associated equipment that could be financed by Exim Bank ?

A: yes, here is one of our supplier, who supplied 39mw solar panels to Czech.


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