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GE Inspection

GE's Inspection Technologies business provides technology-driven inspection solutions that deliver productivity, quality and safety. They design, manufacture and service ultrasonic, remote visual, radiographic (X-ray) and eddy current NDT equipment and systems, which offer specialized solutions that will help you improve productivity in your applications in the aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, automotive or metals industries.

Inspection Scopes / Borescopes

Optical devices consisting of a tube with an objective lens on one end and an eyepiece or, more commonly, a video monitor on the other. Designed for inspecting areas that are inaccessible by other means.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Determines the thickness of a sample by very precisely measuring how long it takes for a sound pulse that has been generated by the transducer to travel through it and reflect back.


Flaw Detectors

Uses ultrasonic technology to pass sound waves through metals, composites, plastics, and ceramics to detect hidden flaws such as cracks, voids and softness which can lead to failure.


Hardness Testers

Class of instruments that measures the resistance of a solid material to permanent indentation, scratching, cutting or bending when force is applied.


GE Inspection Technologies Products

GE XL Go Videoprobe Borescope Inspection System - 3m / 6m x 6mm 

Now Combining portability with performance, the XL Go delivers sharp, clear digital images on a system designed to meet inspection needs across a wide range of industry applications.

The system's high-output white LED and crystal-clear VGA LCD give inspectors the sharp, detailed images needed to ensure accurate inspections. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to save still images or record motion video to the internal flash memory or removable USB ThumbDrive.

GE DMS 2 Thickness Gauge 

The DMS 2 is the solution to your test problems dealing with corrosion inspections- even, and especially, when it comes to handling demanding and critical test tasks - for example on coated components or at high temperatures.

GE Dynapocket Hardness 
The DynaPocket hardness tester offers easy, on-site hardness testing on solid, non-transportable components and even on positions difficult to access. A direct readout of the hardness value is digitally displayed on a large LCD screen. The DynaPocket also offers conversion of the hardness value for hardness scales HL, HV, HB, HS HRB, HRC and N/mm2.


MIC 10-DL Hardness Tester 

The MIC 10 portable hardness tester weighs less than 11 ounces and operates on 2 standard 'AA' batteries to provide easy transporting and on-site testing. Operation based on the UCI Principle allows testing in any direction.

A selection of interchangeable probes are available having loads from 0.3 to 10.0 kg to vary the indentation size from one that can not be visually detected to a larger indentation required for testing coarse grain materials.

GE DM4 Thickness Gauge 

The DM4 and DM4DL are smart, simple-to-use ultrasonic thickness gauges that offering accurate ultrasonic thickness measurement in a small lightweight package.

Compact and ergonomic, the DM4 and DM4 DL provides comfortable one hand use. Operator fatigue is virtually eliminated since the instruments weigh only 9 oz. (255g) and all keys are easily accessed with the thumb.

GE DMS Go+ Portable Thickness Gauge 

The well-established and proven ultrasonic thickness gauge DMS Go is available with joystick operation or as the new DMS Go+ with arrow-key operation. The DMS Go and the new DMS Go+ are both ultra-portable and ultra-powerful thickness gauges.

Both units have a small protected hand-held housing with the biggest A-Scan display in its class and features which are essential for inspections based on common codes and standards.

The new DMS Go + is the youngest member of the DMS Go family equipped with an arrow-keypad and the latest industrial electronics to provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data.

Apart from the different operational devices the joystick or the arrow-keypad, the operation and the menus of both instruments are the same. The accessories are inter-changeable with both instruments. And even the stored instrument settings of the DSM Go can be used with the newDSM Go + and vice versa.

The DMS Go+ uses the same operating platform and hardware as the state-of-the-art USM Go+ portable flaw detector. Both DMS Go and DMS Go+ thickness gauges can be easily converted into comprehensive flaw detectors with a simple software upgrade.



GE Inspection USM GO plus.pdf

GE Inspection MVIQ Brochure_210x285_180727_V5.pdf

GE Inspection Krautkramer USM36.pdf

GE Inspection GEA32605B Mentor XL Lv Spec Sheet_R2.pdf

GE Inspection GEA32604A Mentor XL Vu Spec Sheet_R2.pdf

GE Inspection GEA31352_Mentor_Visual_iQ_Spect_Sheet_English.pdf

GE Inspection DMS Go plus_GEIT-20219EN.pdf

GE Inspection Corrosion Thickness Gauges DM5.pdf

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