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Top Chinese IPP to invest in hydro, solar, wind, biomass power projects as main shareholder

Dear Sir,


Today is the final day of 2010, in which we have been honored to get your continuous support to us. Here we wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks and wish you happy new year, more cooperation opportunity in 2011.

In order to increase our competitiveness and provide more comprehensive support to your business, even these business we neglected during the past, we are negotiating with our strategy partners of China Independent Power Producer.


Yesterday, I visited China Datang, one of China's top 5 IPP under State Council State Asset Committee (the same level company of Sinomach), to my estimation, it owns 1/10 China's total power capacity. Now my classmate works there in the Renewable energy company under Datang, The renewable energy company was just listed in HK stock market.

They are positively seeking renewable power projects in the world, such as wind power projects, hydro power plant projects, solar power projects, biomass power projects or other kinds of renewable power projects.

The investment basic strategy is:

1.      The Chinese IPP should be main shareholder over 51% of the total projects;

2.      A special purpose vehicle company for the invested projects should be set up, with the local joint venture partners have strong economical and political influence in the project host nations, such as entities from government departments such as Ministry of power or energy or other power full private companies.

3.      Each projects should have capacity over 5mw, even 1000mw power projects.

4.      The host name should provide them PPA, land, and other government approval documents under the help of local partners.

5.      The host name should have friendly investment environment and preferential policy, and esp. political stability to reduce long term risk for the millions and billions USD investment.

Our Leda Greenpower Beijing is drafting cooperation agreement with them so that we can promote their business in the world.

For big projects, President and other key ministers' support from project host nations is indispensible. so please check your business and personal connection with them so that we can negotiate our IPP to work on your renewable power projects in these power projects host nations.


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