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Sample letter of intent for buyer's credit loan from Bank of China

            (here is the name of foreign IPP of employer)
From:  Corporate Banking Department
Bank of China Limited, Zhejiang Branch
Re: Kenya 80MW Power Plant Project
Dear Sir/Madam
We refer to the captioned project which your esteemed company is now discussing with one of our most important clients. Zhejiang Zhonggao Power Tech Co.Ltd.
We are pleased to express our Interest in considering providing you an Export Credit Facility insured by Sinosure to assist the commercial contract to be entered between your good company and Zhejiang Zhonggao Power Tech Co.. Ltd. The major financial conditions we propose now are as follows:
Type of Loan:              Export Buyer's Credit
Lenders:                     Bank of China Limited or Bank of China Limited together with others elected financial institutions
Guarantee:                  Repayment Guarantee issued by the acceptable banks /or as required by Sinosure
Amount of the Contracts'      About USD 100 Million
Credit Amount             70% of the total contracts
Interest Rate:               Six-month LIBOR plus margin.
Availability period        1 year
Repayment period:      6 years
Credit Insurance.            Comprehensive Insurance Policy issued by Sinosure with Bank of China Limited as beneficiary.
And some other customary terms to be discussed.
Please be kindly advised that the above terms and conditions are our preliminary proposal. They are not legally binding upon us, and are still subject to the internal approval of our bank. Bank of China Limited is solely responsible for explaining the meaning of this Intent and reserves the right to n any changes to it whenever we think necessary.
Yours faithfully.
Corporate Banking Department
Bank of China. Zhejiang Branch

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