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EPC and financing projects need President support

Dear sir,

Please draft a letter so that we can try to sign to you.


You should understand that we are the most serious and experienced EPC+financing from China during last 30 years in 124 countries and regions. And this is why we are so prudent to write official letter until we are fully informed, but until now we do not see any value from your end.

If you believe you have connection and the connection can help you deliver projects, why not continue. But you should be aware that agents for big project EPC+financing need investment of time and costs. So before you decide to continue, you should check your ability. We welcome these with ability to deliver job.

If you believe Spain has financing, then go with them, just waste time, tomorrow a big Spain company as agent for 500 million Project will visit Beijing to talk on EPC+financing with us.

Here is copy of mail from our agent to arrange visit to Beijing for 2 billion USD project of EPC+financing by team of 8 people including President cabinet. The agent has visited Beijing for three times to meet me, and he will pay all the expense for the visit of 8 people.

If you listen to my guide and you have the capability and will, then you will win, be patient, I am serious.


Thank your suggestion and valuable remarks my friend.

plz be noted that the leader of delegation(Mr.Sxxxx) have full supporting from president to finalize the issue in Beijing.

what we are looking(our delegation and your EPC) is reach to final contract successfully, right?

so the most important is to proof your EPC what we are going to do in our side.

the organizing of this issue is to let every things officially even is supported from president.

the procedure of our work will be like that:

1-Finalize technical negotiations of projects with EPC in Beijing and prepare MOU for signing.

2-Back and sign the MOU with each minister and EPC represented by Mr.Ba.

3-Visit President with involved ministers and show the presidential supporting of projects to EPC.

4-finalize the final agreement to be sign in Feb in the ceremony together with that 5 billion USD project.


the above schedule has been arranged by the cabinet of President and on behalf of president himself.  

we will let EPC staff very satisfied in our achievement and works, plz don't be worried for the support of President.


On the other side, and because the official invitation letter not original, the consult of China in embassy didn't agreed to issue the visas to the delegation, he request to let EPC send the letters to Chinese embassy by fax and speak with him by phone if possible.

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