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Commercial loan upon 30% self fund and bank guarantee

We prefer sovereign guarantee, if sovereign guarantee is not ready, we can try other kinds of guarantee for our commercial loan and our EPC services.

For the commercial loan, they employer should have at least 30% of our EPC contract price's self fund, and then provide bank guarantee provided by world famous and reputable banks or bank consortium which are acceptable by our lending bank. And upon these self funding, and bank guarantee, the employer should buy insurance premium from our government designated foreign trade policy insurance company named as Sinosure.

We should be exclusive EPC for your mentioned projects, with EPC contract and other needed documents we will apply commercial loan from our Eximbank and related Ministries and also Sinosure for insurance premium.

So you are suggested to provide project feasibility study and technical requirements documents for us to check if we can work on them, and at the same time, you should check by yourself if you can get these 30% self funding and bank guarantee. if these factors are positive, we two sides would invest time and money on these projects.


EPC and commercial and concessionary loan for power project and book.

Apart from our G-G concessionary loan for big infrastructure projects, which is usually at 2%
of interest rate, 20 year for term grace periods.
But concessionary loan needs sovereign guarantee which will be provided by national Ministry
of Finance representing one's government, and the total quota for each nation from Chinese
Eximbank is very limited. Approval time is very long and decided by a lot of factors.

During the last 30 years, we have finisehd so many concessionary or soft loan financed projects
in the world from power, port, railway, water and indutrial projects.

Now we will to extend our EPC services and our financing ability to work for both government
and private owned projects, esp. for big projects with investments over billions USD, we are
cooperating with Chinese banks and insurance companies to offer EPC services and commercial loan
to these foreign projects in the field of infrastructure projects as power and others.

The foreign employer should have at least 30% of its own self fund contribution, and can let its bank
to issue our financing of commercial loan with bank guarantee acceptable to our lending banks.

We will arrange application for your projects with our lending banks and China's policy insurance
company of Sinosure.

The commercial loan is of: interest rate Libor plus around 3%, 10-15 years of term.

please locate these projects from your government or private sections, and provide us with documents
such as feasibility study, Environment report, technical, financial and commercial requirement docu-
ments. For documents lists: For these
 projects, we should be exclusive EPC contractor if you need our financing services of both soft
loan and commercial loan. 

Please find or locate projects:
1.       Projects are ready, better with feasibility study or other documents; land will be ready, other required sources such as fuel/water鈥?be ready.
2.       Employers have at least 15% self fund with sovereign guarantee,  or 30% self funding with bank guarantee issued by reputable bank or consortium
3.       We should be Exclusive EPC through negotiation.
In order to achieve the above, you should have very close connection with high profile government officials of these projects host nation, such as project related Ministers, Minister of Finance, even with President.

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We are now promoting big power projects, such as coal fired, GE gas turbine plant, MAN HFO power plant
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