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China National Electric Wire&Cable Imp./Exp. Corporation

China National Electric Wire&Cable Imp./Exp. Corporation (Chinacables), one of 50 subsidiaries of Sinaomach. Sinomach is the largest equipment manufacturing and engineering group in China, derived from the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. For details, please refer to: is the main arm of Sinomach in electric, power plant, transmission contract or turnkey or EPC business, it has been playing actively in the world electricity or power generation, transmission turnkey market for more that 20 years as: 

1.China main contractor or EPC contractor for power generation plant projects

As a Chinese turnkey contractor for power plant projects, we can provide complete services from Engineering , Procurement, Construction, Erection, Test, Commissioning, Project Funding/Financing, Operation Maintenance to spare parts supplying.


Thermal power plant, geothermal power plant, green energy fueled power plants, or power generation project from China equipments and services, the power plant capacity ranges from 2mw to 200mw.


Gas turbine generation power plant with unit gas turbine set from 2mw gas turbine, 10MW gas turbine, 42MW gas turbine 135MW to 375MW gas turbine per unit with local Chinese or GE technology. Most of them are combined generation plants, some are co-generation power plant.


Power plant or electric power plant fueled by gas engine generator set from unit capacity of 500kw gas engine generator , and 700kw gas engine generator made by our China technology.


Diesel generator set power plant with capacity of 1000kw to 2000kw or 1MW to 2MW as standby power plant or prime power generation set by China manufacturers with critical parts from world players.


Hydroelectric turbine powered power plants by China supplier who supplied to Three Gorges Hydraulic Power plant.


Wind turbine powered power plant or wind farm as green energy plant or generation.


Our quality, service and experience can be proved by our power generation plant reference lists.


Other kinds of power plants: hydroelectric power plant, coal fired power plant, geothermal power plant (green energy power pant), thermal power plant, steam power plant, steam gas turbine and combined cycle power plant, boiler efficiency plant power, cooling plant power, electric power plant, combined cycle power plant, oil fired power plant, biomass power plant, gas turbine power plant.


2. China contractor or EPC contractor for power transmission and distribution projects in World Market for more than 20 years


Electric power or electricity transmission lines projects, with services critical equipments as transformers, breakers, XLPE cables from China.


Substation for power distribution projects with electric equipments as panels, switchboard from China.


The contract services are almost as the power plant project from design to final commissioning.


Our quality, service and experience can be proved by our transmission and substation project reference lists.


3. supplier of equipments related to the power generation, transmission and distribution industry

These equipments for power plant and power or electricity transmission projects are made by China manufacturers. We have integrated advanced technologies transferred from advanced world manufacturers and more than 50 years of self innovation. So the quality is very high with competitive quotation.


Turbines: steam turbine, gas turbine, water turbine, wind turbine of proven China technology.


Generator: turbine generator, turbo generator, alternator for power generation by China producer.


Diesel generator set: capacity over 1MW or 1000KW to 2MW diesel generator set, generation set, diesel electric generator, prime diesel generator, standby diesel generator from China


Used diesel generator set: from 2MW to 12MW per units from world famous suppliers such as GMT/Wartsila, Caterpillar, Sulzer, Man, MTU, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Zgoda Sulzer, Halberstadt, Pielstick, Perkins, MWM, MAN-Mirless-Black Stone or famous China producers.


Transformer: China high capacity of MVA high voltage of KV transformer of both oil immersed or dry transformer. The have been installed even in Germany power plant


Geothermal heat pump: China geothermal heating pumps for heating and cooling, water source heating pump.


Gas engine generator set: designed by China and European companies.


Other equipments are breaker, switchgear, cable, wire, valve, pump, boiler, cooling tower.

If you are interested in cooperating with China partner, we can provide you a list of finished projects in the industry of power generation, transmission and distribution, in which our company acted as epc/main contractor as well as equipments supplier.

We are here to invite buyers, partners and local market agents to contact for business cooperation. And you are welcome to contact us at: 


4. Financial or fund support for any projects in the forms of governmental preferential loans, export buyer's credits and seller's credits.

China Import-Export Bank, a state policy bank with an international credit rating compatible  to China sovereign ranking, offer preferential loans, concessional loan or credit, export buyer's credti and export seller's credit to Chinese eligible companies to export machinery and electrical equipment or contract large construction project in the global market.

      Chinacables is a subsidiary of Sinomach, it is qualified to apply the financial supports from China policy banks to offer credits to its foreign projects such as power plant, transmission contract projects as epc contractor or Chinese supplier.

    Chinacables can also unit or consortium with member companies from Sinomach to use these China preferential loans and fund and credits to support foreign projects in not only power generation, transmission, but also projects as railway, road, agriculture, telecommunication, metallurgical projects, port, or even plants.

    For all these China or Chinese government preferential and concessional loan, credit and fund, we need the buyers in foreign countries to present us governmental sovereign guarantee or reputable bank guarantee.



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China Electric Turnkey Contractor and Supplier



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