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10kw-4000kw diesel generator sets with Volva Penta, Cummins, MTU, Perkins Technology

As strategy, we are supplying you the TOP Producers equipment with most attractive price to the world thanks to our reputation and experience. Now we are choosing MTU Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Volvo Diesel Generator sets and Their Spare Parts with shortest delivery Time and lowest Price from our consortium members. If you have enquiries for diesel generator sets of power projects by these DG sets, please send to:

China Largest Diesel Generator Manufacturers

Located in Wuxi National New High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, which is the hot area of the world manufacturer in China, our diesel generator manufacturer owns the largest production scope of modern diesel generator  manufacture facility in Asia or at world large, covering an area about 50.000 square meters, with a assembly workshop of 12.000 square meters.

10Kw-4000kw Diesel Generator sets

It devoted itself to the research, manufacture and maintenance of superb diesel generator sets in the past decade. Range from 10KW to 4000KW, our producer’s products cover types for general and special users. With their superb quality and exquisite manufacture technique, the diesel generator sets have won widely acclamation from both competitors and customers all around the world. Also, environment protection is always  an important concern for our producer, which is one standard of ISO14000 environment management system that few companies in diesel generator set manufacturing industry strictly implement.

Diesel generator Technology from Volvo Penta, Cummins, MTU, Perkins

Our producer has long-term cooperation with world leading companies like VOLVO PENTA, Cummins, MTU, Perkins, Newage AVK SEG Group etc. in the field of diesel engine. As VOLVO PENTA ’s logistic and technical service centre and Newage AVK SEG’s Stamford generator manufacturing center find their way into Wuxi New High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, and MTU fuel injection diesel engine manufacture base sets foot in Suzhou Industrial Park, Our producer finds itself have more geographical advantage in cooperating with these world-famous companies and have long-term relationship with them.


Reference Lists od diesel generator for foreign nations, esp. African
50 units of 1000 KVA Containerized Generators for Africa


After receiving order of Containerized Generators Project for UN Peace-Keep Force, our producer got another big order for Africa: 50 units of 1000KVA Containerized Generators for Humanitarian Project.

This order must be completed within 45 days due to its tight delivery schedule, which show the powerful strength and compellent quality of our producer as an important international generator manufacturer of the world.

50 units of 1000KVA Containerized & Soundproof Gensets arrived African Airport after an urgent air-express, which opened a new page in air-freight history for  a large amount of big generating sets in China.

All tasks of installation, paralleling, commission with center monitoring system and voltage transforming system should be completed within 25 days, finally work as a 50 MVA Diesel Generating Power Station.

Reference list before by 2006 as one of the earliest DG producer: 
project rated power quantity year
中水二处安哥拉项目(China Hydropower. Angola project) 68-300kw 8 2006
中水十三局安哥拉项目(China Hydropower. Angola project) 50-400kw 15 2004-2005
联合国维和部队(UN Peace-keeping forces) 400kw 60 2006
中非论坛非洲国家(some African Countries) 800kw 50 2006
恩菲国际巴新项目(ENFI Intl. Papua New Guinea Project) 70-170kw 9 2006
中冶集团MGC镍钴项目(China Metallurgical Group Company Ni-Co Project) 87kw 2 2006
中机公司刚果(金)水厂项目(China Machinery Congo water treatment project) 800kw 2 2006
埃塞俄比亚项目(Tekeze hydropower plant project in Ethiopia) 800KW 1(unit) 2006
江苏油田海外项目(Jiangsu oil field overseas project) 100-300KW 4台(unit) 2005
塔里木油田尼日尔项目(Tarim oil field Niger project) 50-200KW 4(unit) 2006
长庆油田也门项目(Changqing oil field Yemen project) 68-200KW 4(unit) 2004
北京市政赤道几内亚项目(Beijing Municipal administrative Equatorial Guinea project) 544KW 1(unit) 2005
俄罗斯酒店项目(Russian hotel project) 300KW 2(unit) 2005
缅甸沙纶基纺织厂(textile project in Burma) 260KW 1(unit) 2003
中国体育国际公司援毛里塔尼亚(International Aid project to Mauritania) 120KW 1(unit) 2003
中国轻工业公司援塞拉里昂(China light industrial corporation aid project to Sierra Leone) 104KW 1(unit) 2003
缅甸虎头水泥厂(Myanmar Tiger-Head Cement Factory, BURMA) 400KW 5(unit) 2001
缅甸仰光饮料厂(Myanmar Rangoon Beverage Company, Burma) 400KW 1(unit) 2001
缅甸某木材加工厂(A Timber works in Myanmar) 160KW 1(unit) 2002
仰光永胜公司(Rangoon Evervin company) 200KW 1(unit) 2002
北京远东风能设备有限公司(Beijing bergey windpower  co.,ltd) 82KW 1(unit) 2004
古巴卫生部(Ministry of health.Cuba) 110-200KW 19(unit) 2005
古巴卫生部(Ministry of health.Cuba) 460KW 2(unit) 2004
刚果民主共和国人民宫(People’s Palace,Congo) 260KW 1(unit) 2004
巴基斯坦社泊科瓦电站(power plant project in Pakistan) 160-400KW 11(unit) 2005
老挝万荣水泥厂(a cement works in Laos) 300KW 1(unit) 2003
老挝中国大使馆(China Embassy in Laos) 50KW 1(unit) 2003
希望集团朝鲜生产基地(Hope Grope product base in DPRK) 200KW 1(unit) 2003
尼日利亚(Nigeria project) 240KW 1(unit) 2003


- Volvo TWD1643GE 500kw Diesel Generator 9/5 2008
- China Diesel generator Cummins MTU Deutz quotation 7/5 2008

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